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Hello friends welcome back to my channel I
am back with an amazing home remedy so many among us face the problem of pimples and
acne and to get rid of this acne we use several store bought creams which have side effects
to in this home remedy I am going to show you how to treat your acne with the help of
aloe vera and get fair clear skin video is very much informative do watch the complete
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to never miss any video let’s get started with the videos the first ingredient is Aloe Vera
gel your and using a fresh aloe vera leaf from a plant cut the sides as well as the
top and scrap the juice out of it aloe vera is very much beneficial to reduce the redness and inflammation caused due to acne and pimples and soothens the skin if you like my content
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icon from ancient ages aloevera has been used to treat skin problems like acne acne scars
it dry for the pimple and removes it out I’ve also made a video on aloe vera hair oil if
you are interested I’ll give the links the I button and description below you can check
out there… Aloe vera is also good to treat sun tan or sunburn collect the aloe vera juice
into a bowl… the second ingredient is ripe tomato press the tomato with the help of fingers
to make it pulpy at the tomato and squeeze out the juice of it tomato is also very much
beneficial for our skin it contains vitamin c glycolic acid which dries out pimples and
acne tomato also contains vitamin a c k and acidic properties which also helps in drying
the pimple out and give even skin tone if you like my videos please do share with your
friends on Facebook WhatsApp Instagram collect the tomato pulp into another bowl….Third
ingredient is turmeric turmeric has been used since ancient ages for skin benefits…turmeric
contains antimicrobial antibacterial and antifungal properties which fights out with acne causing
bacteria… To prepare this face pack take one teaspoon
Aloe Vera gel one teaspoon tomato juice and 1/4 teaspoon turmeric into another bowl and
mix really well… Aloevera contains growth factors named as auxin and gibberellins which
promotes growth of new cells… tomato contains several antioxidants and specially lycopene
is very beneficial for cell damage which protects from skin breakouts it removes dead skin cells
and enhance new growth of cells… add 1/4 teaspoon turmeric or 2 pinch turmerichere
in this remedy I am using wildturmeric if you do not have wild turmeric you can use
the local available turmeric from your kitchen turmeric contains a chemical compound named as curcumin which has anti ageing and anti-inflammatory properties and it also fights with wrinkles
sunburn acne and pimple marks mix all the ingredients really well after mixing you will
find the face pack to be jelly if you do not want your face pack to be thick just grind
the aloe vera …. apply a thick layer of the face pack onto the area of pimples leave
it for about 30 minutes then wash off with water… In this remedy I have used to
tomato juice but if tomato juice is not suitable to your skin use rose water instead
of it apply this pack weekly 3 to 4 times for better results… If you like my video
please subscribe to my channel and also watch the videos given on your screen I will be
back with an amazing home remedy Bye For now

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