Aloe Vera Face Pack for Dry Mature Skin

Hi this is Seema Nanda founder of the Nomadic
Spalon. Professional spa and salon services in the comfort of your home, at your place
and your time. Let’s explore a face pack for mature and dry skin with aloe vera as the
main ingredient. We require aloe vera gel, rose water, and almond powder. Take one tea
spoon of aloe vera gel add three fourths of a tea spoon of almond powder and one tea spoon
of almond powder. Mix it together. Our pack for
mature and dry skin is ready. Aloe vera is a very well known healing herb. It hydrates
the skin and is very very effective in pigmentation removal. Aloe vera has lot of healing properties
and almond has almond oil extract which is excellent to nourish your skin. Apply the
pack on your face in upward strokes. Leave the pack to dry for ten to fifteen minutes.
Wash it with cold water and dab it dry. Moisturize with a deep hydrating lotion. This ritual
if performed regularly can ease a lot of tension which which is caused because of maturity
and aging of skin. Repeat it twice a week. For more questions and queries you can drop
in the message in the comments section below and we will get back to you. Thank you.

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