Aloe Vera Face Mask Tutorial | Using Clay, Dried Flowers + Fresh Aloe Vera | Natural Skin Care

Today we’re going to show you how to make a soothing face mask using aloe, flowers + clay. The first step is to pick one clay that you like Here we have Bentonite clay and Rhassoul clay. The second step is to pick a dry flower of your choice and you want to grind it in an herb grinder. Here we have chamomile, it’s been ground pretty fine. And here we have rose petals, they’ve also been ground pretty fine. We are showing you two different options so you have choices of clay and flowers, but the measurements will be the same and they are two teaspoons of your clay, and one teaspoon of dry flowers. We love raw aloe vera that comes straight from the plant so we’ll be using a real plant Cut it and get some Aloe out of it This is what other looks inside, look at that, some real aloe vera from the plant Well it’s a bit dense so we’ll be putting it in a blender to liquefy it a little more. This is our aloe vera gel. We’ll be putting three teaspoons in each mask or enough to make a paste And here we go! Super, natural, awesome
refreshing mask You want to make a single doses because there’s no preservatives here so the aloe will not last. But yeah, it is very refreshing
and soothing you just leave it on your face until it dries up

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