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[Music] hi guys it’s me unit and I’m back with another very special video well we’ve introduced a variety of products a lot of routines and a lot of beauty tips and tricks however I always wonder we put so much product on our face and as far as we already know that ingredients are very important to know to be honest it gets really really complicated I’m actually sometimes not really sure of the routines or the products that I’m putting on my face right and there are ingredients when you use together it really maximizes offset of each other and at other times there are products when you use together it’s really really bad for your skin so today we will be introducing an ingredient and we will go very very deep into it and any details about it we will be sharing those to mix and dole mixes for the ingredients and we have product recommendations in between so keep tuned in and one more thing we are going to actually continue with this wonderful series so if you like this video right if you give us a lot of likes if you subscribe to a strength TV we will next time be doing more videos going in depth about certain ingredients as well and today we will start with the ingredients vitamin C because I know that as many of our genders favorite favorite ingredients one more thing that we really wanted to mention before we start this video is I mean we do give a lot of skincare routines and a lot of DIYs and tips and I guess products I can use together however those tips come from our staff it goes through many testings that our staff can proudly just represent it and introduce it to you guys so sometimes or which trenders ask is it okay if we take out this product and put into this product but we are not hundred percent of which products that you may be using so you have to make sure that you sell both technical ingredients that it might go well with the routine that we already have introduced to you guys and sometimes depending on different skin types I see certain ingredients react differently at many different conditions so you always have to keep this in mind okay and we have a very special special guest today with us she’s going to be a host a new host at with Trent Evie and today she will be sharing our beauty tips together with me and with you guys so let’s introduce today y’all some guys that is here her name is playa Sam thank you for coming can you please introduce yourself hi guys I’m called Coco from Fulton Freya and I am a just ordinary University student and also a beauty creator and I have my beauty YouTube channel also with me and I’m really interested and just go crazy about when it comes to cosmetic oh because see frequently on the screen yeah I see be cute thank you guys so much please give a warm welcome to our new host play admins are you guys okay so today today I will be introducing the tones and I will be introducing the do’s so don’t go anywhere and stay tuned in let’s start with vitamin C which is also referred to as ascorbic acid I know that this is one of our favorite must-have ingredients well vitamin C or ascorbic acid is really known for its brightening effect by the Miss B actually reduces the production of melanin that’s what it is really great to fade away our acne scars or axiom or one of the other main function is exfoliation it removes dead skin cells so that it makes their skin much softer and smooth and also this helps to wash your face with the other ingredients afterwards so get much better intercept and it also produces ceramide which is an excellent excellent of excellent so great to just strengthen your skin’s barrier it’s also known as antitoxin factors so it’s great for your skin on to put on after your skin has been damaged by the Sun or even after laser treatment so basically vitamin C will help to reduce the inflammatory symptoms as much as it’s such an excellent ingredient it’s a little bit tricky at the same time because vitamin C is very sensitive to Sun rate and sheep so you probably have heard it a lot from us to always think they put the vitamin C serum in the fridge or in a shaded area or somewhere that has cooling temperature because it can be easily oxidized not just the color itself plus the effects as well and it can even irritate your skin if you use the oxidizer changed products and vitamin C is also great for after Sun care so that’s why you should use it at night time for nitrogen so if you wear vitamin C at night time in the morning time make sure that you rinse it off with water and plus use a very mouth cleansing you know a foam or cleanser to get the vitamin C off for your date to go okay those of you who don’t listen to us and you know who really really want these vitamin C ingredient in the morning thanks to then don’t forget to please overuse or sunblock okay alright so we have two favorite vitamin C serum that is on was turned off by a shrimp purified NAC 21.5 and as I mentioned before this has been in a one of the bestsellers for three years straight and this has pure 21.5% of vitamin C in just one little tiny bottle and don’t forget that this is free from on paraben and also other artificial ingredients it’s also formulated with only 10 ingredients which will give you just the focuses and it’s very concentrated so that it can give you a faster and more direct result and other vitamin C films are very very very sticky but importantly this is not sick and the next one is clear fresh lychees vitamin drop this is menu with genders of favorites and also wish hunt that favorite this contains 5% ascorbic acid it’s very very mild at all ages and all skin types including even the most sensitive skin test me you and it’s me to rejuvenate and energize just your skin with natural ingredients all right so now we’re going to be introducing you to the don’t and that will be pray out and I will be introducing into the suit let’s start with the top so I’m going to talk about the ingredients that you should not use with vitamin C the first ingredient that you should not use this vitamin C is a H a and B H a and you all know vitamin C has a lot of exfoliating ingredients inside and typically all the products inside it has highly concentrated by limousine and so you use this eh-eh-eh-eh which also has an exfoliating ingredient it’s going to be over exfoliate your skin especially people with sensitive skin it’s going to really irritate your skin not use a H a PHA with vitamin C so this product pure vitamin C 21.5 advanced serum and this product eh-eh-eh-eh clarifying treatment toner on people with sensitive skin should avoid using them in one skincare routine but still if you want to use this product just use a Monday Tuesday Wednesday price like wine ii don’t is vitamin C with Nia cinnamon the estimate is type of vitamin B which helps your skin to retain more moisture because it increases the production of ceramide in your skin however is this meets vitamin C it changes the vitamin C color into yellow which will look lovely and this means that vitamin C has lost this effect and also this combination can irritate your skin again moreover vitamin C and Nia Sinhala works best and different pH levels so it’s basically doesn’t it I really recommend using these two ingredients in different skincare of teeth however you can see lots of products out there have a neo cinema and vitamin C all together however you don’t have to worry about these because the portion is well balanced so it will have no problem when using it however if you have a sensitive skin I prefer you to try it before buying it stores don’t is vitamin C with benzoyl peroxide benzoyl peroxide is typically used when treating a penis isn’t today an agent that kills bacteria on the skin surface which causes acne however in vitamin C it oxidated it will lose its effect and you will not be able to get the full effect of vitamin C also it has a possibility which will irritate your skin that is why you should not use vitamin C with benzoyl peroxide so that’s the reason why in vitamin C products are typically in dark color container and also in airtight packaging if you want to cure your scars due to ups miss you can use vitamin C however if you want to cure the agnes itself you should use the benzoyl peroxide and the last stones is do not use vitamin c with collagen as we all now collagen is really good for our skin so we eat collagen by eating pig skin or we also eat claws and pills a lot so the caution gives elasticity and also can rejuvenate your skin however if this meet vitamin C is caught so it gets hardened so we can not penetrate into your skin this space products cannot go inside your skin what’s the good happiness we should be aware that we should not use vitamin C with collagen so again try using them on different teeth I will be introducing you to the soup so vitamin E is fat soluble and vitamin C is water soluble this both enhances absorption into our skin so these two ingredients will soak deep into your skin and they both actually support each other’s antioxidant functions the vitamin C and vitamin E work really well together because they have complementary roles for our skin and both ingredients play a role as the shields of skin cells against the sunrays okay so with these two products dance Aragon is by wishtrend vitamins ended by maximizing cream now this goes so well together this has 75% sea buckthorn water instead of just using water and it includes many of natural vitamin like this and it really helps to rejuvenate your skin effectively and it also protects aging and loss of elasticity so if you want to boost the effects of vitamin C use these together now vitamin C is an excellent ingredient however it may not feel hydrating enough so we recommend highly that you use it with a moisturizer or Sarah or essence that is very very hydrate and like we mentioned before because vitamin C helps to exfoliate dead skin cells off of your face it helps to absorb the following products much better into your skin so that’s why for dry skin type it will be very very effective to use a moisturizer afterwards to just you know enhance that effect of vitamin C plus hydration so after you tone your face with the toner you’re going to use your vitamin drops and then you’re going to go ahead with your moisturizer and since cleared vitamin drops is not sticky like other you know vitamins are out there don’t worry about using a cream afterwards because both products will soak them really well to your skin the next ingredient that you can use together is Arbutin and it’s very well known already to many of us are concerned helps to prevent the formation of mallanna while vitamin C helps to remove pigmentation for mine alone so these two together have a great brightening effect if you are looking for a way to really brighten your skin tone then we highly recommend these products together removing and prevent it and one thing I want to mention is ah this is one of my favorite creams – it’s kim misuk or night zero cream and this a targeted in the two so we also suggest that you tone your skin and then use your Sarah vitamin C serum and then if you use it you can get brightening care plus you can get poor care so the next ingredient that goes really well with vitamin C is peptide if you mix peptides and if you use vitamin C together then they helped to create collagen and as you guys know peptide is a really really popular and famous ingredient these days it’s becoming many of you know beauty gurus they favorite ingredient I mean peptide by itself really helps to generate you know the skin but when it meets vitamin C it just boosts the effect okay so we recommend that you use clear vitamin shoppe and then use clear midnight blue to use activating drop I love these drops by the drop and mutual and when you use together it’s going to really really just boost the effects of each other so you’re going to reduce this first and then you’re going to use the vitamin Sarah we’re going to have actually detailed how to later too so always be on the lookout because those videos are coming up very soon okay so first when the peptide goes into your skin and the after is soaked in really well you’re going to use the vitamin serum on top of it and then when that means together it’s really really going to help with the formation of collagen and not only that but with wrinkle care and just overall elasticity and A plus tip is after the peptide and then go with the vitamin shoppe and if you use clear bloom in my calming cream then you can get you know the collagen formation in the last two city and using the brightening effects together and then you can get calming effect all at once alright so thank you guys so much for watching until the very end and thank you so much it was really good having you onboard today anyways so do you want to say something before you leave today I guess okay it was really nice meeting you guys and I’m going to share a lot of my personal Beauty information or tips or new products reviews and etcetera and don’t forget to subscribe to which transitivity because it really really means a lot to us and please like this video if you want to see more amazing videos you know going in depth and details a lot of ingredients okay okay [Music] you [Music]

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