All About Vitamin A Cream (Retin A Cream): Cure for Acne & Fine Lines W/O Side Effects

Hey guys welcome back to WishtrendTV it’s your sister Eunice and Jihyun We’re so excited it’s our first time that we’re filming together right? I’m really excited for our team work today So if you guys have missed out our last videos On Do’s and Dont’s Botox-Like Serum, go
check it out And Eunice, have you noticed that we get a lot of questions on our do’s and don’ts videos? Yes of course, and especially I see in the comments these days a lot of people ask about retinol Like, Eunice what do we use retinol with, what is it good with, or what can you not use it with Or I feel like a lot of people really love it so it’s common and very popular these days I think it’s because people use it to improve collagen production and fine lines For sure, and pigmentation and acne as well So before we get started with our do’s and don’ts for retinol You have to pay attention because we’re gonna clarify some terms for you guys today So right now, this part is gonna be really important before we start the video So please pay attention It’s commonly known as vitamin A, retinol, retinoid, and retin-A Retinoid is used for cosmetics and the retinoic acid is used for ointments And tretinoin is approved by the FDA as a treatment for photoaging Retinol palmitate and retinol and retinal has retinoids in them Usually the closer you get to tretinoin you get more effects and also irritations Tretinoin is about 10 to 20 times stronger than retinol So you do get 10 times or 20 times the higher effect of it But at the same time you can get serious side effects as well Also when retinol is absorbed into your skin it turns to vitamin A derivatives, also known as tretinoin So that’s when you get to see the results This is why you can get side effect by using retinol too Yeah for sure so side effects like burning of the skin, itching, redness, or even peeling of the skin These are some of the things that you can definitely see And also if it gets severe you can even get dermatitis as well Retin-A and Stieva-A cream is the most well known creams out there which is tretinoin And we also get comments about that too And in Korea actually you can’t get tretinoin without a prescription One time a dermatologist mentioned Stieva-A cream on TV and it was sold out all over the country But also because of the side effect of tretinoin, some Koreans perceive them a little bit negatively so So I think Tretinoin is actually, the opinion of it is very different in countries right? How is it in your country? We’re really curious Can you guys comment down below how they’re portrayed, what their opinions are Because we’re very curious if you have other skincare needs you can look it up in our channel Wishtrend TV Wonderful and please subscribe to WishtrendTV and also give us some love on our Instagram ok Do number 1: Get a proper diagnosis Aright so we all have different skin types
different skin conditions So the most important thing is to consult with your doctor Make sure that you get the right diagnosis from your doctor As we mentioned in the beginning of the video Tretinoin is really awesome it has great
effects however at the same time It can have severe side effects as well so we
do want to recommend that You consult with your doctor for the proper dosage In Korea you need prescriptions to get tretinoin cream such as Retin-A apparently people in their 20s go to the doctors to get prescription but I think
it’s too early to use it in your 20s if you want youthful ageing applying
sunscreen won’t do the right job you’re right I think you can start using it in
the mid 30s or even after later on in your 30s but we do want to recommend one
more time to really consult with your doctor and make sure that you hear all
about the side effects and the as well yes but we know that going to
the doctor is not an easy thing to do for everyone and also we’re kind of
scared and worried because of the side effects or you already tried it and
you’re kind of scared to use it again because of the side effects so for
people like this we recommend you using skincare products that contain use
retinol before using – no antidote the good news is that at wishtrend we’re
actually coming up with a new product that contains vitamin A so we’re so
excited I hope that you guys are excited as well do number two moisturize because
Trent Lloyd’s peels off large flakes of that skin cells what its gonna do is
make your skin more smoother however you are more prone to see dead skin cells as
well yes so tretinoin is used as a treatment for
acne that is caused by dead skin cells that have clogged inside your pores but
at the same time some get acne after using tretinoin because of the increase
of dead skin cells clogging inside your pores so when using Trent noids it’s
really important to use a cream type of moisturizer so we do want to recommend
please don’t exfoliate but what you’re gonna do is actually use twice the
amount that you would usually use just to make sure that your skin is hydrated
and they can calm your dead skin cells also drinking your water let’s let’s
drink our water why drinking our water constantly not just you know when you’re
thirsty or not just when you’re eating but wring it constantly will help to
keep your skin moisturize which is really important especially when you’re
taking trips Cheers do number three use for night time only sunlight and UV rays
dissolve tretinoin so it’s really best to use it only at night it’s not because
of the photosensitivity it’s because trend knowing itself is
unstable when it’s exposed to sunlight so you’re right you might be wondering
is a safe to use under room lights or even lights from our phones or even LED
face masks I was very curious with that too
and yes we do some researchers and according to the researchers they do
recommend that you avoid them however it’s only experiment to under really
extreme light exposure right so if you compare that with our daily lives it can
be a little bit different however there is a possibility that we can get extreme
light exposure in our daily lives too so it’s the best that you avoid the lights
yes that’s why it’s recommended to apply tretinoin just right before you go to
bed only only if you sleep with your lights off however if you cleanse your
face hours before you go to bed however if you do cleanse hours before you go to
bed just remember to apply tretinoin right before you turn up lights do
number four apply sunscreen if you have watched our last video you will
definitely know already that UV rays cost pretty much you’re aging if you
haven’t seen that yet after this video click on it right here we recommend you
to use sunscreen because it can prevent and effectively treat poor aging not
because it can prevent side effects from tretinoin don’t number one skin type
that should avoid tretinoin we told you that you can get severe side effects too
so we’ll tell you the skin types that should avoid trend oil first is atopic
dermatitis even if you have it just on your body part not your face we do want
to recommend that you avoid it if you have facial Ixia psoriasis sensitive
skin and redness on your face do not use tretinoin yes exactly so with
all the things that we’ve mentioned right now we do want to make sure that
you avoid it because it can make your skin even worse and even if you don’t
have these skin concerns or skin conditions that we just mentioned we do
want to ask that you do consult with your doctor first don’t number two
ingredients that you shouldn’t use together
do not use Trenton Lord’s with exfoliators like H a PHA or vitamin C or
anything that has high percentage of ethanol right
using tretinoin can increase dead skin cells but you should never ever ever use
exfoliators for that all right so with the
we’ve just mentioned before please don’t use them together because it can make
your skin more worse it can make your skin more sensitive and just don’t do it
so number three areas that you shouldn’t apply to go straight to the point you
have to be extra extra careful when you’re using tretinoin surround eyes
nose and lips for the skin around your nose and nostrils we do want to
recommend that you avoid them for the tips for the parts around your nose and
nostrils we don’t want to say straight up like avoid them for sure we don’t
want to say that however it’s very sensitive so it’s more prone to get side
effects so keep that in mind so when you’re adjusting to Trent noise
we do want to recommend that you do avoid them then and the funny thing is
we do apply it on the nose area but we don’t have any wrinkles on the nose
right but what we’re kind of assuming or what we’re hoping for is actually to
help with the pores enlarged pores is due to overproduction of sebum however
tread noise it doesn’t help to control the production of civil so we do have to
keep in mind that for this purpose it’s not gonna be helpful for around your
eyes it depends on your age we wouldn’t recommend to people in their 20s but if
you do have to use them avoid using them around your eye area if you’re in the
30s you can use it with caution if you’re in your 40s and above you can
apply truck noise around your eyes just like any other areas if you don’t feel
any burns of course it depends on your skin type so make sure to talk to your
doctor first yes I think that’s the most important thing and with the lips and
the skin around your lips we do want to recommend that you don’t use it because
it’s very very sensitive and even if your skin is adjusted to it we want to
recommend that you don’t use it around that area okay so we looked into five
do’s and don’ts on retinol what did you guys think about this episode let us
know in the comments and also follow us on podcasts and you can save your data
and also listen to it like the radio we will leave a link down below
go check it out so if you have any other questions please leave it in the
comments below and we will answer them for you guys and also don’t forget to
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you guys so much and we will see you guys next time you you

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  • Every country has different attitudes towards Tretinoin(Vitamin A). Share us what it's like in your country! And leave us a comment if you have any questions or requests for our next topic for Do & Don’t.πŸ’šπŸ’š

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  • Tretinoin cream/gel/ointments, is a prescription product (drug) here in the Philippines. It is considered TERATOGENIC, (substances that causes birth defects when used by a pregnant) it is always advice to seek help from a physician first before applying/taking these products.

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  • Thank you so much for making this video! My dermatologist prescribed Retin-A to me, 0.05%. And I am in my mid 20s with combination skin. It definitely helped for about the first few weeks, only when used at night. But I also saw the side effects soon after and stopped using it. Then my skin became super sensitive. So, I only used it as a spot treatment for my acne. She did recommend to mix it with a cream because she understood that it dries up the skin quite a bit.

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  • In the US you need Rx for Retin A from your care provider

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  • Apply tretinoin on moisturized, dry skin.

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  • Hi WishtrendTV team, in Germany only available on prescription by doctor. However there are some skin care products available, e.g. dermatologica overnight retinol repair. These products are possible to buy at the pharmacy store or drugstore without presciption πŸ™‚ Still I am in my mid 30s and prefer to use skin care products with tocopherol, it is helping my sensitive skin a lot (especially in the cheek area).
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  • In our Do & Don't episode on vitamin A creams, we shared that ingredients with exfolaiting properties and vitamin C should not be used with such products. We'd like to clarify regarding this statement.
    Those new to using tretinoin may experience side effects, and as exfoliants and vitamin C may cause additional irritating, we do not recommend using tretinoin with the aforementioned exfoliants and/ or vitamin C.

    However, if you do not experience side effects from tretinoin and use tretinoin creams as you would a regular cream, you may go ahead and use vitamin C alongside it.

    We don't recommend exfoliating for those just starting out with tretinoin as it may cause irritation. If you don't experience any trouble with tretinoin, you may exfoliate once every 1-2 weeks as you see fit.
    As vitamin A is a difficult ingredient to use, we chose to share the safest, most fool-proof way to use it. We thank your feedback regarding this topic, and if you have any addition feedback, comments and/ or questions, please let us know.

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