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  • Please do a video on just mask sheets!!! ^^

  • Hey WishTrend, can you please do a video on how to get rid of milia? Thanks if you do 🙂

  • Can you add English subtitles?

  • How can someone be sooo pretty inside and outside? .

  • …but she's is speaking English already..derrr

  • This is my first time watching this segment. Very informative and Eunice's style is unique. 

  • Great video! I really can't miss when Eunice is filming! I love you Eunice!! ♡

  • Are these masks good for eczema skin? ^_^

  • I really want a skincare line for acne scars ;( please help

  • Thanks very much for such a tutorials and giving us information about new brands! I'm the russian blogger, specialize on korean cosmetics, because it's quite popular in Russia, but mostly mainstream brands: Holika Holika, MISSHA, etc
    After your video I bought C20 serum, so gonna test it. How much time does it need to take to see some results?
    And again, thanks for videos!

  • Hi Wishtrend! can carboxy pack slim my face? because there is carboxy cream/gel like 23YEARSOLD CXDX carboxy body shaper for slimming body, maybe the carboxy pack does that too(?) thank you

  • eunice, can you please do an indepth video on V-Line Carboxy Pack. It's the first time i heard about it,all the other ones i already knew

  • Are the masks suitable for teenagers around 16-18 yrs old?

  • Hi !!! great video so thank you ! do you sell the cosmetic spatula you used to demonstrate the first mask ?? I've been searching for something like this for quite a while now !! Thx 😉

  • love your red hat!
    and thank you for such an informative video <3

  • I love sheet masks the most although I usually used a lot of wash off types in the beginning. 

  • I need some thing to pump up my under eye, it make me look old with out my eagyo sal T.T

  • Please film a video all about undereyes problem and some eye cream you recommend! I think I started to wrinkles under my eyes 😭

  • Hi wishtrend,

    Are you going to put back in stock and sell the i'm from honey mask again?

  • What's the brush you used to apply the wash off masks? 🙂 I like how easy it spreads the products!

  • Hi, Eunice. I want to know how the sleeping masks work on skin & which ingredients are in it. Bec when I m too lazy to do so many steps of skincare, I just want to put on only sleeping mask every night. I like the way my skin is so soft after using sleeping mask. But I wonders why it shouldn't be used every night? Bec of the harsh chemicals in it?

  • Hi! I'm from México and i wonder if you send products to this country ^-^

  • Such a useful video thank you! I love Korean products!

  • Can you please do a brief video on Serums and Sheet Masks and Under Eye gel masks for Sensitive Skin!! Luv yaaa

  • Carboxy packs and modeling packs look so advanced! Makes me want to try them ASAP! You can always count on koreans to come up with something unique in the beauty-department, eh?

  • I bought the Lioele Waterdrop Sleeping Pack because I heard good things about it…I had an allergic reaction on my face from it! 🙁

  • I really like the spatula you use to put on your masks. Where did you get it?

  • You are the best youtuber ever …. I love your videos and you have helped me so much. Please make more videos on how to look younger and best things to use for wrinkles.

  • I'm currently applying the products that was introduced in your video on how to get rid of the acne scars fast. And I'm wondering if I can still apply those products (c21 serum, tea tree water gel, centella blemishes) after using sheet mask? Is it better to use sheet mask on day time or night?

  • Hi Wish trend ,
    May I ask you a simple question which is do we have to rinse off after applying sheet mask? Cause my friend argued that we must rinse the face after applying sheet mask. So I am in doubt. Pls let me know… Kamsahamida ! !!😇😇😇

  • I watched most of your pores and sheet mask videos especially the interview video. They were very helpful and you are extremely informative and knowledgable, like a human encyclopedia for korean skincare mask. :D, thank you so much for sharing!

  • Hi! It would be superfun if someone would like to check ot our channel! Our goal is 50 subs before September. We are also open for collabs.
    Have a nice day!

  • Thank you for explaining all types of face masks and your English is REALLY good.

  • Hello from GREECE I love to have face masks are helping the actual skin. thou art the AMAZING described in detail for each type what contains and gives the skin a nice mask.. very good all your video for the masks and cosmetics. sakis from Greece 🙂 kissing…

  • Where in Seoul can I buy o'sum products?

  • Very descriptive. TY 🙂

  • Hi! It would be great if you do sell products. Cause I don't know where to buy those

  • Thank you ^_^ it was so interesting and useful. Korean products works really good and have a cute-cute-cute package))))))))))

  • omg placenta??

  • omg lipcare i need that!!!!!!

  • korean skincare is so amazing with their awesome new innovations.

  • Hi Eunice and Wishtrend!! I'm Joy. Absolutely love your videos! They're so informative and I learn so much! 😊 I have dry sensitive skin. Can you recommend some products that would be gentle yet effective? Also, any recommendations for sunblocks good for autumn/winter? I had an allergic reaction to a sunblock when I was younger that made my face swell, so I'm scared to try anything other than the one I use right now, but would really like to try one with a higher SPF with PA++. Would greatly appreciate some advice and a reply!! Thank you!! 💕

  • Hi WishTrend! I'm really into Korean skincare these days, but I'm a bit of a beginner. I just placed my first order from your webshop, but I need some help. I feel very confused about how to use sleeping packs? I read so many different recommendations, some say to use it as the last step of your night routine – AFTER using moisturizer/cream. Some say that you should REPLACE your moisturizer/cream with the sleeping mask. What is the correct way? Or is it up to me and what works for my skin? Should I experiment? I really appreciate your guidance. Thank you!

  • Omg I just checked out the honey mask and it's sold old 😣 Noooooo this can't happen again! Wish trend can you please tell me when it would be back on stock thanks! 😊

  • will you guys be restocking the [WISH FORMULA] Panda Eye Essence Mask?? i used it a year ago and saw instant results and i've been trying to look around the web to see if i can find again but no luck 🙁 please tell me you'll restock lol

  • love your videos you know your stuff,nice hat.

  • Hello from The US! How funny I am viewing this video exactly a year later. I just wanted to leave a comment to thank you for taking the time to give us so much information! I have been getting into skincare and I am so behind. There are sooo many products out there and it is quite overwhelming. This video was so helpful! Thank you! I love all the new innovation. Skincare has become soo much fun! 🙂

  • How long should we put a face mask on??

  • what about "GINSENG ROYAL SILK GOLD HYDROGEL MASK"? Taeyeon said it's the best mask during go fridge episode 9 :O

  • can any one tell where i can buy all these mask

  • After watching 15 mins into your video, I'm already in love with your channel. It helps so much! 🙂

  • I love using the Korean facial mask as an Afro-American it does wonders for my skin whether it is a sleeping mask, any removable mask just make my skin firm and soft. My makeup lays deliciously on my skin after a treatment. Plus the mask are pocket friendly.

  • I have a question. If I use a sheet mask at night, can I wash my face normally with my cleanser & use my other products at the morning?

  • I'm thinking …. just put a real honey on your face would be cheaper. …. and you'll get the same effect …. Actually many of these beauty products are overpriced, ones can grab something in the kitchen and use as a mask.

  • Will please do a video of using sheet masks and wash off masks together…??? And is it okay ?

  • Eunice looks like a mixture of Soyu and Park Min Young

  • what do you mean after cleansing?

  • Stop stuttering constantly and hacking up your words! You talk very weridly! Super annying to listen to! Dont you guys have someone else to present on this channel???

  • When it comes to sleeping packs/masks, in the morning do you just wash it with lukewarm water and skip to the moisturizing and sunblock part OR still do the whole cleanse tone etc routine? :3

  • does anyone see that her voice is so annoying?? i love those informations, but through her voice i just can't hear it anymore.
    bash me if you want. i just say what i think.

  • thanks for this video because I never thought that there might be a neck patch for me and I would definitely love to find one, however could you do an updated video??? Korean beauty has come even further since then……. I would love to see one!!!!!!

  • Hi
    I have black line on nose please tell me how to ride that

  • Thank you for this video. I adore you! 😊😍💓

  • What a skin!!! So so so so so cool)

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