All about Cystic Fibrosis

good day to everybody I hope everyone’s
having a really good day today I’m extremely motivated today woke up on
the right side of the bed I feel a lot better than when I was feeling before my
nose isn’t as bad anymore I still have this thing on my lip but it’s going away
I wanted to show you guys what’s going on outside so let me show you it’s
snowing schools were canceled today so my brother and sister my brother is
working and my sister is at home but it’s snowing I don’t think it’ll stick
though because it’s just it’s mainly just ice I recently used a hot pack on my upper abdomen because I’ve been having that gallbladder issue like I spoke about before
and I’ve been using castor oil and then on top I’ll put a towel and then I’ll
put my hot pack on there to help with a little with I guess inflammation and I
honestly feel like it’s been working out a little bit you know you don’t notice
it on the outside but i honestly feel like I have not much pain I’m not
really sure what I’m gonna be doing today I’m just gonna go with the flow so
I’m cleaning my room and I got this lint thingy this sticky stuff I don’t know
it’s cleaner I don’t know and um I did it all over my
bed because of my dog is shedding really really bad and I will no longer be
putting her to sleep with us she sleeps for those then means probably
probably something like what dogs can sleep with you like yes dogs can sleep
with us I don’t think I don’t think it has to do
anything we like cystic fibrosis because I know like I know I don’t know how to
explain it but my my parent you think that like they would make me sick look what you doing I just I just
cleaned the bed you better not get on I just cleaned it I just cleaned the bed
you better not get on she’s looking at me like can I please get him no I just
cleaned it I just cleaned the bed I cleaned it I’m sorry
sleeping us anymore you sleeping with Daisy I’m sorry but um yeah I just clean
I just did this on the bed um she’s not gonna sleep with us anymore I just pee
there’s just too much and I get stuck on my clothes I get it’s lies everywhere it
I don’t want it to get stuck on my own what’s a closet my best so she almost
she will no longer be sleeping this did you just dab have to witness my mess on
the floor I put my blankets on the floor because of what I was doing so um I’ll
probably be putting those in the washing machine because I was I was sick so I’m
so sick just a little bit but not as much as I was cuz I feel a lot better
Coco I told you not to get on the bed what are you doing here what are you
doing here get off the bed get off the bed No get off the bed are you gonna
clean are you gonna clean are you gonna clean yeah you clean no
you’re not gonna clean you clean no you did what
Coco clean are you cleaning get off the bed
go get off the bed get off the bed yeah you clean mm-hmm here are you gonna
clean you clean since you want to be on the bed you can clean you clean you do
it come on come on you do it gonna beat me to it
yeah yeah you clean is your turn yeah come here I’m gonna stop slacking and actually
clean the room I finally clean my room I wanted to talk
about cystic fibrosis I know a lot of you out there on my social media don’t
really know what’s at stake my brother’s is or when people say CF it’s just a
short review you should have cystic fibrosis so cystic fibrosis is a genetic
disorder having to do with the lungs and the pancreas and a whole other stuff
sinus issues what I’m having right now with the cystic fibrosis our lungs get
very very built up with mucus so we’re always either coughing or having
infections in her lungs I suffer more from right now my weight
but I used to suffer more from like my lungs but now it’s just kind of like
evening out so that’s why I Duke off a lot if you need me in high school you’d
be like why is she coughing but that’s why you know I was diagnosed with cystic
fibrosis when I was around let’s say nine years old you know I’ve been sick
all my life um they never really knew what it was they thought it was either a
stomach bug that I had flu you know things like colds you know asthma they
even told me I had asthma so it wasn’t until I was nine that I was hospitalized
pneumonia and they sent me straight to shudders the Children’s Hospital ever
since I was nine I’ve been taking breathing treatments taking my standing
seven percent there’s a lot of medications with having to do with
cystic fibrosis the ones I take are albuterol Palmas I’m saline seven
percent tobramycin keaston azithromycin Perry Acton I do
Lauren says no sprays I do head to a lot vitamins enzymes I mean I’m not gonna
say it’s hard but I mean it is challenging but it’s it’s nothing that I
can’t get through on a normal day sometimes it gets hard you know
everybody has their days where they’re just ready to give up on life but you
know you just always have to hang on tight and get back up keep doing what
you got to do because that’s how this world is you have to motivate yourself
to live it up live on through so yeah oh my cystic fibrosis it’s just a genetic
disorder it’s not contagious or anything like that you can’t you can’t get it if
I touch you nothing like that now there is a new drug called your
CAFTA I’m pretty sure everyone is familiar with it but that has really
progressed the lives of others um I always look at my feet and I’m like oh
my gosh you know it looks so healthy they look healthier than ever and it’s
honestly a miracle it really is and if you know a true calf talking about then
you know hopefully the cure is next and I’m not saying just for me but for all
of the CF community you know I’m just very hopeful I’m getting kind of hungry
so uh it’s my back I’m getting kind of hungry so I’m gonna go eat um and then I
will be right back so this is what I’m gonna eat this is cauliflower rice
some avocado and I’m gonna complete it with some mango juice and some tortillas
so I just finished everything I like plate which is a very big success
because I’m not ever able to fish everything on my plate but I did I have
this really really weird bump like you can’t really you can’t see it but like
every time I touch it it feels like a like a little ball so I don’t know if
anyone has ever had that problem but like I can I can’t you see it feels it
feels really hard and then it hurts as I touch it so if anybody knows but it
could be please let me know in the comments not really quick to go withdraw
some money from the theme something it’s so cold Taco Bell we have not got you for a
better beat WE ARE BACK HOME!! I’m here mom Where did you go?? I went out! and got lost somewhere! so that’s practically it I’m good I
had a mini cough attack for some reason probably because I came in running like
a maniac screaming I’m home but this is that’s
all I’m gonna do today thank you guys for your still supporting me it really
means a lot and thanks for watching don’t forget to Like and subscribe and I
will see you in a my next video!

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