Acne Treatment

Hi I’m Nicole Heart from YouTube. And today I’m going to teach you a remedy for acne. It’s always best to use a natural remedy
if you can. For this remedy we’re going to use one lemon. You’ll need a few cotton swabs or cotton balls. Natural remedies are virtually chemical free. You’re not putting any toxic chemical on your skin; and it’s better for your immune system. Lemons are wonderful for killing bacteria that cause acne. So far, I’ve taken a lemon and juiced it. I simply placed it in a juicer. You could also slice the lemon in half, and squeeze it. If you’re going to use that method, first role the lemon while applying pressure. And then simply squeeze Oftentimes, acne products that are on the market contain chemicals that are toxic and bad for your immune system. However, you can eat a lemon. So you know it’s safe for your skin. BUY NOW! After you’ve juiced your lemon, take a cotton swab or cotton ball and dip it into your lemon juice. Then simply apply it. Apply lemon juice to the area affect by acne. If then acne is all over your skin, then apply the lemon juice with a cotton ball -all over…then allow it to dry. Lemons can sting a little. So, if the mild stinging sensation bothers you, simply dilute the juice with water. You’re going to dilute the water with lemon juice. Just like this! Then apply the mixture to your skin. Now, you have two options. If you have lots of inflammation on your face, which is the root cause of acne, I would suggest that you use 100% lemon juice. If you can stand it. If your skin is sensitive like mine, make sure you dilute your lemon juice. I’m Nicole Heart from YouTube. If you’ve enjoyed my video SHARE it with your friends! And SUBSCRIBE so you can catch all of my videos! Thank you for watching! And remember, take care of yourself! Bye! Buy Now!

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