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hey guys so today we’re doing a new
review and in today’s review I’m really sorry we won’t be talking about Rick
Owens don’t worry some Rick Owens review are
coming soon but today’s review will be about the Zach beige boots from acne
studio in suede really an amazing product
alright so Before we jump into the description let me tell you a little bit
about this boot so it’s made in Italy out of a hundred percent calf leather
it’s super comfortable and I decided to size down so usually as you know I wear
a size 10 and a half 11 but in this case I bought a size 43 so 10 us and it
really fits me like a glove I wore it for a full day and it was extremely
extremely comfortable there it is the Zach beige acne boot in suede it was 570
US dollars on the acne store so starting from the top to the bottom it has that
tab to pull on your boots I think it’s not necessary it’s more of an aesthetic
thing however I think it looks nice what does look super nice and is super
convenient is that elastic band so it’s really really practical to put on and to
put out I think it looks great and it’s really practical going down you have
that amazing suede and you have a leather sole with a stacked leather heel
here you would have the sole it’s the stitch sole which i think is always
telling in terms of quality you know if you have a glued sole it usually is I
would say cheaper quality whereas here it’s really
really high end and really well made with amazing material so all around I think
it’s an amazing product you know great details a great alternative for a common
project or Bottega Veneta a little bit more elevated with that elastic band and
with the pointy toe so really I think a slick look I would definitely
recommend it’s being worn in a classics slick manner it’s not a shoe to be
avant-garde or I really try to push the boundary with a shoe like that I think
it’s really a shoe that is interesting in a in a nice evening where you want to
have a slick look feel maybe a little bit sexy if you want to however I need
to warn you since its suede it’s super easy to stain so if you do wear it at
evening at the party please be aware of that and you would for sure be sad if
you were to stain your $600 suede boots so just keep that in mind if you were to
purchase it so a little bit of a few words on how to style that boot I think
since it’s a very clean look you know I wouldn’t try to be very experimental
with that shoe I would say like just go with something very clean and easy I
would definitely wear a skinny jean with it and I would say you have two ways to
wear it either tucked in the boots or outside in my case I would recommend
wearing it outside the boots so that has like a continuous feel to it and then if
you were to put it in the boots just beware that your Jean you can stack it a
little bit too much and that can I think break a little bit
the slick aesthetic of the acne boots so definitely you know just do whatever you
like but in my opinion I think it would be slightly better wearing it outside
the boot with a you know great black or grey skinny jeans alright guys so if you
like that you know please give it a thumbs up also please make sure to visit
our Instagram and our Grailed and if you are interested into some of the products
that we sell on Grailed make sure to let me know because I will try to hook you
up it’s always great to see people that have the same interests as me so I
usually try to give you a great price until next time have a good day

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