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accutane is to be reserved accutane is
to be reviewed in the United Kingdom after series %uh suicides ok I’m recent spate of suicides among users at
the accutane drugs we know accutane is an acne medication which I
believe it can only be procured with the prescription has prompted the United Kingdom to put
together a government overview of the risks and benefits to establish whether
to be taken off the market government scientists are collecting
data on the product Roaccutane which is known in the United States accutane and then group at the medicine
Healthcare Products regulatory agency will meet away its risks and benefits
the drugs the link to psychopathology for years in suicide suicidal ideation
and suicide attempt are listed among the drug very rare side effect that scary folks
however the number of people taking in the UK have really committed suicide least three in
2012 alone their families a protest it out sort
outside the headquarters out the company that makes accutane so
in the United States was taken off the market in 2009 the company said that that was done due
to a low market share in the high cost the defending personal injury lawsuits brought on by people
taking the drug although generic forms out the drug are still
available in the United States so listen people where do we draw the
line in there this plays into a lotta issues a place
and ethics plays into economics so these companies when they put a new drug online they
have to weigh in their bottom line weather is going to
cost them more money in paying off the lawsuits are people who are heard injured kill themselves hurt someone
else as a result in the side effects of the
drug versus the potential profit a bring it to market and that’s a
slippery slope people because on one hand you might have a
drug that does a lot of how to a lot of people who might need
it but on the other hand is it worth it for the people who take
the drug and up killing themselves like the three people
who did that in 2012 it’s really a restful Ward thank and I think especially in this is
just my opinion with an acne medication I mean we’re not
talking about life-saving stop and don’t get me wrong people are
horrible horrible acne a product like this can drastically
drastically improve their quality of life but at the same time isn’t that worth it
at a small percentage if these people are gonna end up killing themselves that is a moral dilemma folks I want to
know what you think about do you think accutane should stay on the market even though the side effects include
suicide or do you think that we should allow these and say that was in the benefit the
greater good is worth the product its ethical question let us know what
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  • I took this. took all my bad bad acne away. I was on it for 6 months. about onto the 2-3rd month I started feeling depressed. But every 30 days you go get blood work and they ask you if you have had depressing/suicidal thoughts. if you did you can't take it or if they get liver damage. You're told if you are depressed to let them know – so they cna offer you alternate choices or help. They do this every month. I'm kind of for it tho. Keep it in the market.

  • My husband is on it and its helping him with gis acne . He was willing to try anything because hes putnup with his condition for so long. I also had a friend on ot no problems, but I think it has to be monitored very closely. I say keep it because it does work for people who have tried everything else!

  • Can I have some?

  • I took this in high school and I am so glad I did. I was looking like a pizza haha and not once did I think of suicide or get depressed. But then again it probably differs from person to person.

  • this stuff is poison, 

  • Implement psycho therapy into the course of accutane treatment, DONE.

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