accutane survival #struggleisreal

Hi everyone, so this is stuff that is going to be useful for accutane and stuff that I’ve learned in my experience of using it, so First thing I have is just this general moisturizer and this stuff is awesome. It’s by Burt’s Bees and it’s for sensitive skin and this stuff is really awesome Your skin won’t burn after you use it And it’s really good for after the shower and when you wake up. you’re gonna need a lot of moisture and it’s great for redness, and it doesn’t irritate your skin and your skin will peel on accutane mine did sadly (RIP) and If not. Not everyone’s the same, but this is what helped me next I would recommend this CeraVe stuff and This stuff is great, but it’s really expensive So I would recommend getting the Aquaphor healing ointment and the stuff is awesome Because these are about the same This one is almost used, but as you can see it’s like a Vaseline type texture And you can put that on your lips literally anywhere on your face and this stuff you can put it anywhere You could put on your hands your knuckles Somewhere on your face don’t put it all over your face Just where areas are peeling or where you really need it because you will really need it at some point and this stuff the texture is really Gross, and it’s like Vaseline as well this stuff is perfect for chapped lips it does wonders in a matter of fact I’m going to use some right now Okay

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