ACCUTANE: MONTH 1 | Daily Skin Vlog

alright, so today is day one
starting Accutane, I have not taken the pills yet and I’m still waking up I just wanted to film this before I put my makeup on
I’ve already moisturized and primed my face um unfortunately I’ve already had a small, like pimple,
I think from putting on chapstick I’ve been doing things to prepare my skin
maybe not a good idea now that I’m looking back cause this,
I just hope it heals well just checking it on day one before everything starts we’re good to go it looks like my pores are
shrinking a bit actually the cysts in my that I’ve had in my neck I was saying the cysts in my neck
have pretty much … disappeared so that’s super crazy yesterday I was bad and picked at
these two pimples and now it came back a little bit
uh these have been shrinking which is very nice
this one was one of those like double pimples sorry yesterday for my phone cutting out
I guess I was saying yesterday I started talking about the double temple and I mean
otherwise everything is clearing up but I’m also getting just several whiteheads
I have been that noticing that it has been feeling oily when you wake up especially
around my nose but I think this is just the process it forcing all of the oils out of my skin
so things are feeling quite the opposite than I would expect right now
so we will see what happens and here I am itching I have been noticing myself itch my body
occasionally I don’t know that’s it for day four today is day five I’m so tired
I went to sleep way too late last night and today is Monday this is pretty big this one I did not realize I didn’t realize I had it until I hit
it yesterday it’s painful it’s under the skin this was … huge last night it looks like it might have just
came out a little bit last night whiteheads uh just last night I started to notice my lips flaking a little bit
but I moisturized a bunch that’s why they
really don’t look that bad I’m really not feeling it that much
just cause I’ve been putting chapstick on every day so I think that’s a good thing
um I have a very painful under the skin one right here I’m mean it’s not *very* painful but it’s
painful like when I move my face I can I can feel it there this guy isn’t as painful it’s just starting to
come up to head this one wants to come out but I’m resisting from pushing
anything and then I just noticed this morning this one was a huge cyst that turned
into the whitehead and I had pushed on it on the weekend and made it really painful
from pushing on it so like after pushing it I said okay no more again don’t
touch anything and now it’s kind of just shriveled up it’s just dry I did forget to mention yesterday when I took off my makeup
my eyes and I just cleaned them that’s what made me think of this I don’t know if you can see it like on the side of my eyes I felt like
my eyeliner was irritating my not my eyelid but just around my eye and it was really weird uhh and the other thing yesterday I did notice my stomach churning a little bit more from taking the pill but nothing too crazy I continue to like itch
my body every once in awhile but very slightly oh and my nails I took pictures
but I’ve never seen my nails do this before thought it’d be a good idea to show my makeup since I haven’t really been documenting I have been or haven’t been I should say washing my face that much I don’t really have enough right here but I sit behind a desk most of the day and I don’t think I’m going to be interacting with a
whole bunch of my coworkers so it doesn’t need to be perfect it’s fine uh but I was saying I haven’t been washing my face I’ve just been really moisturizing a lot at night and then in the morning if it’s oily or or anything I’ll just kind of dab it off and then maybe I’ll apply a little bit of a moisturizer just depends on how my skin is feeling and depends on which one I choose so this is makeup this one here is less painful today I do have some dryness on my chin that you can’t see now I do have some under the skin ones otherwise I’ve been getting mostly whiteheads um a few cysts had popped up here too but they’ve gone down as of today let me get this to focus then you can see up here the whiteheads these kind of I feel like these are a trend
we’ll see what happens I do wish I had taken a picture of my back a few days ago cuz now anything everything that was there is either like a whitehead and about to be gone or there’s nothing like when I looked in the mirror this morning pretty much all the redness was gone and my back isn’t super bad but it would have been worth taking a picture of cuz now it’s super clear oh my lips they’ve been flaking but I’ve been putting on so much chapstick it’s not really a problem yet as you can see not bad at all things are going pretty good good morning it is day eight running late…again umm… I have somethin’ going on under here that hurts really bad then as you can see this one super fun very deep it hurts but I’m ignoring it got this goin’ on like a ball under the skin actually all of these are in this area at least my forehead is looking alright and the cysts are gone uhmm yesterday my boss complimented my skin I had done my makeup pretty well she said it just looks a lot smoother and then the more I thought about it and the more I looked at my skin she’s right my pores have definitely shrunk and I mean my skin as it’s just my skin if you’re ignoring the acne it does look good so that’s coo that one’s painful this one was huge last night this one was huge last night as well I am glad I did push it a little bit because it was just I mean look at that thing it was just so big I knew it’s just gonna stay like that this one here I have a lot coming up right now some flakiness these are all painful when I went to bed last night this one was not a whitehead and now it looks like it’s coming up this is a scab again many okay there’s a, one and then this one over here these also not as painful as the other side of my face this one looks like it’s finally coming up more it was a big cyst earlier in the week same with these forehead really isn’t too bad it’s mostly my cheeks and my neck that I have a lot coming through on seems that my skin calmed down a little bit over night sidenote: I did put Aquaphor from the tub on my lips last night and it seems like it it really helped soothe my lips and that pimple I keep waking up not ssss not super but I just keep waking up congested especially one nostril and I’m not happy about that oh the other thing is last night I moisturized my skin really well before bed so it feels good right now I’m not gonna wash my face I’m just gonna put on some more moisturizer and prime it I also tried something new where I put Aquaphor on some of these pimples including this one which uh is a scab just came off came up came off this morning and then this one was I’m not even joking four to five pimples in one so what’s cool is that the Aquaphor did help calm down the pain in these today is daaay twelve I think I will have to get back to you and I need to do my makeup totally forgot to film my face before putting on makeup today so my skin doesn’t look as inflamed overall my complexion is looking a lot better as you can see like the texture of my skin I’m starting to notice it now forehead is looking pretty clear well very clear compared to the rest of my face my lips are are starting to feel regularly chapped now I have several deep under the skin ones right here and you can see the others that are just kinda lingering not much else to update this side of my face has kind of erupted in little clusters of pimples that is just under the skin it’s not that cyst like this one though very painful came up through the day yesterday my skin was looking relatively clear until that one popped up I did forget to film yesterday I had already put my makeup on was running late everything else is going alright I do notice my lips getting more and more dry but then I keep saying that and then they really don’t look that bad they’re fine umm but I have been putting on chapstick regularly during the day because it is more they are more consistently dry so this right here is nothing to me compared to the acne was experiencing within the past 6-7 months so I’m good fine we’ll see what happens as the months go on I have done nothing to my face I just got up I have a cyst here a cyst here and then I was a fool and I kinda pushed on a few of these little ones that are always stuck whatever though hopefully this one will come up now uhh this one it had multiple pimples a few weeks ago and now it’s just kinda chillin it’s just there as a bump O.K. so before this was really painful now today it’s not as much this last night you can’t really see it you know unless I’m touching it this thing is huge under the skin and it was enormous last night it looks like a calmed down a little bit this one is huge and all these are these are just kinda not happy my chin has calmed down whereas during this week this one was really big and I just remember feeling a few there all of these ones in my chin are super painful especially that one and obviously that one this one in between my eyes is also really painful no other updates today is day twenty chin is very painful I put Aquaphor on my lips last night I haven’t been hydrating enough during the day either so gonna pay more attention to that today this thing doesn’t hurt anymore but my god it is huge it’s, it’s literally the size of a small pea forehead is holding up though I do have under the skin one here there was one here I think it’s gone down a bit day twenty-one all of these are going down or are less painful today I didn’t film yesterday but this one hadn’t come up this much yesterday as it has today earlier I scratched off that scab I didn’t notice it until filming right now I have a whitehead here might have popped this one’s going down but it’s painful again right there good morning it is Christmas Day December 25th things are calming down…again I just keep cycling through inflammation and my skin hurting and then you know a few of them pop and I continue to moisturize and things slowly calm down this one that was humongous finally kind of just popped on it’s own last night it just opened up and I barely pushed it so wasn’t anything crazy meaning I didn’t attack it to pop it didn’t go after it or anything just happened itself still has a scab it was a huge huge whitehead um 23rd, 24th I didn’t touch it and now it’s kind of just shrinking up I’ve noticed that this is what happens when you leave the pimples alone they just go through this process of being painful hurting coming up getting pushed out and then kind of just shriveling up these ones are very stubborn though I have been sleeping a lot I have a few under the skin pimples right there this one that was huge I think it came up a bit more Christmas Day I can’t remember the day but a little bit of the uhh puss or whatever you want to call it came out that’s slowly just been going down this one I haven’t touched it’s just been there been waiting for it to shrink it has been quite sore like a raw kind of feeling almost like an open wound but not because it’s ever been open it’s just grown over the days rather than shrink lots still going on my chin today is day thirty this one was a really painful cyst for almost a week maybe I’m exaggerating but it was at least 3-4 days because that white head took forever to come up I had my dermatologist appointment yesterday and I saw their nurse practitioner because you know other people are on PTO and um she’s going to up my dosage to 30 milligrams two times a day I have one pill left and I need to get my refill as soon as possible for tomorrow so that’s it this is the 30 days of 20 milligrams on to the next

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