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  • The most prevalent side effect of accutane is permanent sexual dysfunction but no one is talking about it because the victims are mostly young, ashamed, and in bad health. They are traumatised and hopeless and we need to consider if this has contributed to the many suicides. Do your research and please warn kids because permanent sexual dysfunction is not an acceptable side effect. If you think the Pharmaceuticals companies and the regulators don't know about this you would be wrong – they don't care! I should add that you should not trust your doctors – they are not the ones who have to live with the consequences, you are! You can probably find me by going to Repairing the Long term Damage from Accutane, Acne .org

    Nearly 200 deaths reported in the US by the year 2002 and still the drug is on the market. No one is warned that this drug causes you to commit suicide even after you stop taking the drug. If anyone knows someone who committed suicide whilst on accutane or even years later they should report it to the regulators.

  • They are such liars. How many kids left a suicide note to say that acne had destroyed their lives? Thousands of kids have committed suicide because of accutane. Many commit suicide months or years post the drug because accutane rips your soul out and leaves you distraught and devastated. It can destroy your sex life permanently which I am sure any psychiatrist will tell you will lead young men to commit suicide! This drug is surely the most heinous drug on the planet!

  • My daughter took this and after 9 tablets became totally psychotic. It is like russian roulette and not worth the risk. This drug also causes severe depression, suicidal ideation,erectile dysfunction,chrohns and liver problems. Believe me I have seen first hand the damage it can cause which is far, far worse than acne. Be warned!!

  • My son died from taking this drug two years ago. I am disgusted to see such a awful report. Shame on them for broadcasting it. All those responsible should give their own children some and see how they like it

  • I wonder how much money Kristy has been payed by the big Pharma companies to say the things she said about Accutane….? We will never know of course…!!!!!!

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