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  • I’m so sad and I always hate my self cuz of pimples and acne please can you tell me about the chemical peeling skin is it good to get ride of acne and scars like is it safe please answer me I do trust you and that’s why I’m asking you 😔❤️🙏🙏🙏

  • Thank u so very much for this video

  • You are amazing! I am learning so much from you.

  • Hi doctor… in the same place I havd acne scars, pores And some fungal acne watt should I do?? Pls reoly I m really depressed

  • Dr I am a teenage girl..but unfortunately I have pores…when I do makeup…my makeup entry on my pores… what can I do??? Please help me

  • Thank you doctor!! Your skin looks flawless👍

  • Can I use diffrein while being on Accutane?

  • Random thought but have you ever been called Dr. Grey cause it sounds similar?

  • But I have dry skin so what could it be that caused my enlarged pores?

  • Can azelaic acid reduce pore size? Thanks!

  • vaseline is non-comedogenic, but is it okay to use for your face?

  • I love that your name is doctor dray like Dre lol

  • Thanks, also you should try Mary Kay miracle set, the moisturizers helps tremendously with the reduction of pores and rosacea, amazing!! 😉

  • My pores are so big that they are literally clogged every single day of my life. Even the next day after extraction, they are clogged again 😭😭😭😭

  • Short hair so adorable on you

  • Yes hello can you provide your first name for me please? I’m trying to verify your credentials. Please and thank you.

  • As soon as I saw pores I clicked

  • salicylic acid hates my face… it's full of the ouch

  • I have huge pores. It’s genetic. I’m so glad I’ve found your vlogs on here! Also I send them to my 19 year old who is a Sephora junkie. A make up snob. 😂 I ope she soaks in a bit of wisdom to add or hopefully subtract from her “Instagram make up” habits. 😟 thumbs up 👍 for you again ! Peace ✌️

  • Hi Dr Gray, how can I heel my skin from Orange peel look with micro-tears from over using too many skin care products? No cystic acne just texture scars pores micro-tears and photo sun damage

  • Fantastic tips, thank for sharing!

  • Desperate need this video!! I didnt realize how large my pores are until revently..I thought they were dents from popping whiteheads but now I know they are PORES!!!! THEY LOOK EVEN LARGER WHEN I WEAR MAKEUP!

  • Love ur hair here

  • Is this crazy or no…. doing a home extraction and then when you're done, wiping your face with a 50% solution of alcohol to kill all bacteria, but right after that, you apply a face lotion (fragrance-free) to restore moisture and avoid alcohol's effects of drying out, is this an ok method?

  • Great information! I really enjoy ur teaching use about skin care and not trying to sell us crap that cost a fortune and doesn’t work.

  • Short hair makes u look younger…

  • I did and tried everything that you mention in this video. Im 20 yo male who has gone through accutane 10 mg a day for 6 months for the oil production on my skin. My skin is finally perfectly clear now but the texture on my nose, cheeks and forehead is really bad due enlarged pores. Therefore i decided to have a 18% tca peel at one of the best dermatoligists of my country. He totally fucked up my skin as it is still red now after almost 5 months after the peel and it didnt work for my pores. The redness and the texture of my skin drives me crazy and i dont know what to do now. There is nothing left that i can try and i still have terrible skin! I even hate it so much that i stay inside for weeks. Can someone help me?

  • Your hair is beautiful, ❤️

  • Sub español ☹☹☹

  • Can you do a video on malassizia

  • Does Differin cream can be used at night during summer months?Thanks!

  • Dr. Dre

  • Thank you Dr Dray

  • I stopped using bar soap or grainy skin scrubs & really notice a difference in my skin. I found less products are better. Live in Tucson so sunscreen is an essential. Lots of water, moisturizer and sunscreen. Am using clear zinc 50. No oxybenzone. Would like to find zinc in 100 or 110

  • Sunscreen and subscribe! I love this channel already

  • The porefessional primer by benefit helps minimize the look of pores! It’s a new favourite of mine. For years I wanted to try it but it was on the expensive side and I was worried it wouldn’t work. It really works though!

  • What can one use in place of salycilic acid? I cannot use BHAs or any salicylates for medical reasons

  • Excellent video

  • I wonder what she thinks of unscented glycerin soap to wash the face? I'm sure she won't answer. But one can try.

  • When you see a skincare video by a dermatologist with Tim burton glass skin you watch it….

  • would love to see your opinions on some of the ,more popular lush products e.g magnanimity and fresh farmacy?

  • I'm 17 now. From 2014 to March 2019, more than 5 years, I've suffered from Acne. I have Box scars, now I don't have acne, it stopped after March almost totally. Can I take Dermapen treatment

  • Unfortunately we don’t have the cerave brand on my island, do you recommend anything from E45 as a daily moisturizer for combination/dry skin?

  • So the oil cleansing method isn’t a good idea to cleanse if you have large pores?

  • I guess it’s just bad genetics with me then. I do all of these things and my pores are gigantic. 😰

  • Never mind… found this video… Uuuuunlesssss, there's an update.

  • Wow! What a bonus finding your channel! Really excited to watch more of your videos. . Thank you for taking the time to help all of us with your expertise on skincare. I will be watching faithfully. 😉

  • We are sooo lucky to have a doctor give us good skin care answers and at very little cost. Thank you Dr. Gray!

  • I'm so happy I found your videos thank you 🙂

  • Looking good, Dray! I do miss the dry humor & sarcasm.

  • If I look at my pore wrong, it clogs. It's very vengeful.

  • Love your hair

  • Would African black soap be good or bad for pores?

  • Dr. Dray I'd really like to talk to you. My daughter has some skin issues. We've been to 7 dermatologist and 2 allergy Dr's. It's just too long for a comment. [email protected]

  • Can candida cause hair loss (hair , eybrows and eylashes) ? Im suffering please answer me
    Thank you

  • what do you think of double cleansing, apple cider vinegar/water 1:1 home made toner, and immediately applying Neutrogena hydration for dry skin then cerave moisturizer? will the hydration and moisturizer prevent excess oil production since the ACV tends to be drying to skin?

  • OMG it's translated to Arabic 💗

  • Dr. Dray, is it possible to minimize large pores permanently? I have had large pores for years and it seems like I've tried EVERYTHING to try and change this. Right now my current skin care routine (in order I apply on my face) consists of Clearasil Rapid Rescue Deep Treatment Wash (I also have the scrub which I alternate the wash with), Neutrogena
    Hydro Boost Gel-Cream (for Extra Dry Skin), Nuetrogena sheer zinc sunscreen and Cetaphil redness relieving tinted sunscreen in the morning. At night I use a CeraVe Cleanser, Dickinson's Hydrating Toner, Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair Regenerating Cream and Tretinoin Cream 0.025%. I also try to use a clay mask once or twice a week. I have spent hours online trying to find answers and have spent soooo much money on products over the years. I've even cut makeup out of my daily routine to see if that would help. At this point I'm just feeling very defeated and I'm losing hope. I would love to have soft clear skin but sometimes I feel like I'm just wasting my time hoping for something that may not be possible. Is there anything I'm doing wrong or anything I can change? Should I be more patient? I'd love to get some feedback if you have the time.

  • I've been seeing a dermatologist every year for 5 years now and for all 5 years I've been using a tretinoin cream on my face after washing with cera ve. Now, my acne suddenly took a turn for the worst and I have cystic acne so my dermatologist prescribed spironolactone, doxycycline, $45 specially formulated adapalene, clindamycin, and panoxyl. Using the adapalene for just two days dried my face out so much I have to probably use my cera ve moisturizer every morning and night for a month before I can start using the adapalene again and properly alternate the two. I also take birth control because I have pcos and the birth control helped with my acne initially when I found that out 5 years ago. The tretinoin only helped so much for all these years and I still feel and look like the pizza face 15 year old from 5 years ago.

  • I've noticed several contradictions in your videos. Unsubscribed.

  • My dermatologist told me the same thing!

  • Love your hair in the video💛

  • im 17 i have HUGE pores but im allergic to salycic acid what do i do???? help please

  • You don't look very well honey

  • This haircut looks super beautiful on u

  • I ve been using tretinoin for over a year now , my pores are still filled with sebaceous filaments, i don't wear makeup & my skin is not damaged or anything, i'm very committed in my skin care routine (washing, exfoliating, moisturizing…) Tretinoin is a waste of time !

  • Really help me! :))

  • Why is she talking so slow

  • What soap should I use in the shower then?

  • What cream were you talking about to use at night?

  • Why u talk through nose don't understand u..

  • Ma'am i have grade 3 pores can it be reduce by laser treatment

  • Me setting in bed at 5 am watchig your videos, marveling at my retin a peelig, drinking 16 oz of water under my fan before returning to my hectic admin job… this.. is.. millenial self care! hahahaha

  • Hey Dr Dray. I was previously told, not by a dermatologist, but by my primary care Dr that having oily skin is actually good for u and keeps your skin youthful. Is this true? I am also now experiencing large pores on my cheeks. I only do a biore cleansing face wash and then I use witch hazel, which drys my skin, followed by a moisturizer. Is this combination any good for me? I will find the products you have suggested and try them out. My face has been a life long challenge.

  • Thank you for sharing. I am interested in more information on product to use for this problem.

  • She says avoid bar soaps but doesn't include a good alternative? Or you use anything in the shower?

  • I'm just 17, i have open pores on my face .😢😢😢😢😢

    i hate my face, I'm gonna tear my face 😠😠😣😣😠😠

  • LOVE that haircut!!

  • Do you recommend a facial cleanser with mini beads for daily use?

  • Hello doctr…tq u so much

  • How to do if I have pores on my neck and chest? I saw in your previous video putting salicylic acid on neck is bad idea. How I do then?

  • Puppet life aint easy

  • I'm mature haha Dr dre.
    But also thanks for the tips xx

  • What if you have big pores and your skin is prone to redness? Everything you suggested makes me super red in the face all the time!

  • Video notes
    – don’t use bar soaps
    – avoid oil based (non comedogentic)
    – water soluble no alcohol based
    – wash off makeup
    – avoid temptation to use harsh exfoliant
    – leave on salicylic acid
    – chemical peel (glycolic acid)
    – Retinoid cream (adaplene)

  • I have large pores on the sides of my cheeks. I use coffee grounds with olive oil as an exfoliant. My skin looks glowing and smooth until I apply makeup where my large pores let the make up sink in. I have to wear makeup to cover the redness and left over dark spots from old acne.

  • 01:35 ur welcome

  • The exfoliation part cracks me up.. I feel her frustration hahaja

  • Your hair cut looks great. Great video too

  • I’m using differin gel and I see less acne but more of my pores but I know I have to be patient 😊

  • Dear Lord I felt like I was reading a text book!

  • Amazing! Thanks for alll the great content.

  • Dr Dray msg me 🔥😉💦🍆

  • Love your hair short..!

  • I’ve been using an exfoliant a couple times a week, and I’m also starting to use a little sonic face brush thing and I’ve noticed my skin a bit more smooth that how it used to be, and also less dry or patchy. Should I keep using them? Is it okay to use those ? Normally I have dry patches and looks bad with makeup I hate it and now my makeup has been looking better so I feel like those things I’m using are helping.

  • Can you tell me how to use a glycolic acid peel at home. How to decide what concentration to use?

  • I have heard that large pores are a result of zinc deficiency.

  • love short hair on u

  • I keep getting irritated hair follicles.Ive used all these products but it still keeps happening.

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