A Day In The Life Of Dr. Pimple Popper

– That one is pretty crazy, huh? – [Woman] Look at it! (laughter) That one was pretty, that one
might take the cake, actually. (laughter) (upbeat music) (BuzzFeed logo creaking) My name is Doctor Sandra Lee. I am a dermatologist
in Southern California. People also know me as
Doctor Pimple Popper. I try to show in my
videos, not just popping, but to educate people, and
to know that these things are not something to be embarrassed about. I work pretty much full time, but I see more cosmetic cases. We’re just trying to show a
little piece of what we do here. So, today, we have three patients for you. The first patient had a
pilar cyst on the scalp, which is pretty common. These are benign growths,
they move around really easy, they grow really slow. What made you decide to
finally get this done? She kind of told you? – [Patient] It was her. – This is the closest you’ll ever get to having a little baby. I’m going to give it a little squeeze, you’re going to dab that there first. I’m going to push on you, okay? So, resist me, I’m not
pushing you away, all right? Okay, you ready? Okay, dab it. It’s a little girl! – [Woman] It’s out? – [Dr. Lee] Yeah! It’s already out. It will be bigger, watch, you’ll see. I’ll pull it out a little bit more, and it will be a little bit bigger. There you go. I’m not going to touch you,
okay, but can you see it? – [Woman] Oh my god, it’s pointy! (laughter) – I’ll give you a couple
minutes alone with it. All that is just skin
in there on the inside. Our second case is a gentleman
who has an epidermoid cyst, which are very common, and can occur almost anywhere on the body. They are nothing to worry about, but a lot of people have them, and they don’t like
the appearance of them. It’s showing me that it’s been squeezed. – [Man] Yeah. – [Dr. Lee] And that’s why
you hear that snipping noise, there’s a little bit of
scar tissue right there, so it just makes me
work at it a little bit. I have to squeeze you a little bit, okay? So, I’m going to just
push against you, alright? I’m going to squeeze some of it out. Okay, what are you guys backing up for? I think I’ve scared them
because I’ve told them stories. Almost there, it’s almost gone. Let’s see how it looks here. Okay, so our last patient
was lovely Deborah, who had three cysts on her scalp, and I think that the oldest
one was 30 years old. These are pilar cysts,
and they tend to run in the family little more. Here’s our baby. We’re gonna build up to it here. Sometimes we nick it, some
of it’s gonna squeeze out. So, we’re just gonna have to grab it. Okay, one down, two to go. That one’s a little gooey. I’m going to squeeze
this one a little bit. I’ll do it slowly, don’t
worry, girls, okay? This is called undermining
when I loosen it around and try to get it out
without tearing it too much. Little bit of toying with it. Again, making sure nothing hurts. Let’s see it right there. Cute! These again are usually pretty
thin, and kinda liquefied. Aww, that’s a cool one. I’m gonna try to squeeze it a little bit. It’s okay. There we go, a little pilar cyst there. – [Woman] Wow! Yeah, I’m gonna show you, it’s cute. It’s soft. They kind of showed us a little bit how they’re all different. This is just life, these are
things that happen to us, and they’re nothing to
really be embarrassed about, they just happen. A lot of people should know that you can just remove
them pretty easily. It’s a good day when we don’t
get splashed, that’s for sure. My splash screen was on, but
I can get anything on me. (BuzzFeed logo creaking)

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