5 Remedies for Acne Scars & Dark Spots

Aoa i m Erum & welcome to my channel. Acne is the serious issue whether its summers or winters or any other season. Acne can be in any form i.e black heads, whiteheads, red pimples, Pus pimples,open pores, remaining black spots or any acne scar. So i m thinking to make a video on acne every week as long as i have knowledge related to acne. So in today’s video i m going to tell u the solution about the remaining acne scars & dark spots after acne as many of u were asking. So i will tell u how u can reduce ur acne scars at home. But before that Subscribe to my channel & hit the bell icon to get notification of all my new videos & don’t forget to follow me on my Instagram & u can see my insta id above. So lets start the video. TO reduce Acne Scars i will tell u 5 DIYs but let me tell u few things before. 1) First one is never touch ur Pimple or acne because the germs on ur fingers will transfer to ur skin making ur skin red or swollen. So always avoid touching ur pimple. 2nd Thing is always remember that everybody has different skin. If something is working on ur skin its not necessary it will work on other. As the DIYs i share with u all could either suit ur skin type or not. Some gets positive results & on some ppl it doesn’t works so don’t worry about it. As u have seen that many of u take a prescribed medicine by doctors but sometimes it doesn’t show any effect. So acne is based on Trail & Error. Some DIYs could be good for ur skin & some would not. So before every DIY u must do Patch Test. In Patch test, DIY which i m going to tell u in the video u have to apply it on ur lower cheek area for almost 20 mins. If after 20-30mins it doesn’t gives any side effect like redness of skin or itching then u can apply it on ur full face. 3rd thing is always visit ur Dermatologist. It can help u to know reason behind ur acne Rather than damaging ur skin by trying different DIYs. Now lets move towards DIYs. So i m going to tell u 5 DIYs in today’s video & one ingredient will be common in all DIYs so if u r not having it at ur home quickly run to a nearer market & buy it. The ingredient is APPLE CIDER VINEGAR. In 1st DIY, u have to add 1tbsp of ACV & 2tbsp of Water. Mix both Ingredients & apply where u r having any pimple/acne marks or dark spots with the help of cotton bud. Apply it during night and go to sleep. Wash off ur face with regular tap water in morning & that’s it. 2nd DIY: 2 ingredients r Fuller’s Earth & ACV. Fuller’s Earth either suits u or not so remember to do Patch Test. Fuller’s Earth is very beneficial for ur pimples especially pimples with pus as it helps in shrinking them & also effective for dark spots. Take 1tsp of Fuller’s Earth & add ACV in enough quantity to make thick paste. Do not add excess ACV as it will make the paste more watery. With the help of cotton bud apply it on areas where u r having acne scars, black spots & leave it for 1-2 hours & wash off ur face with regular water & u have to do this daily. 3rd DIY: If Fuller’s Earth doesn’t suits u, u can buy Aztec Clay. U can easily get a small jar in a reasonable price & u can also buy a big jar easily. Aztec Clay is similar as fuller’s Earth. Take 1tsp of Aztec clay & ACV in enough quantity to make thick paste & apply it on ur acne scars & dark spots, leave it for 1-2 hours & wash off ur face with regular water & apply ur favourite moisturizer. Do this daily. 4th DIY: Baking Soda is very beneficial for ur skin. Some people says that baking soda is not good for skin and u should not apply it but NO its not true as baking soda is very good for ur skin. Especially it is very effective for people having acne, pimples, scars or pigmentation. Take 1tbsp of Baking soda & add 2tbsp of ACV in it. Mix both Ingredients. Apply it on areas where u r having pimples, scars or dark spots. U can also apply it on full face as it is very effective for skin. But do not leave it for more than 15mins. After 15mins wash off ur face. U have to do this DIY twice a week. 5th DIY: In this DIY ACV will not be used. Last DIY is Vitamin C serum. U can buy it easily from anywhere & of any brand. U can buy it from anywhere according to ur affordability. At night apply it only on the areas where u r having dark spots and pimple marks & go to sleep. U have to do this thrice in a week. So these were the 5 remedies. U can try any one of these remedies which is easy for u. As u r having these marks from a long time so it will also take time to go off so atleast give 3months to every DIY. Let me tell u clearly that these home made DIYs take time. It take almost 3-6months to show results. But these DIYs give results without any side effects & Patch test helps u to know whether this ingredient is good for ur skin or not. And they are not costly at all. So give 3months to every DIY. So this is all for today’s video. Hope u like the video. Remember me in ur duas. Take Care. Do not forget to share this video with people around u. Allah hafiz .

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