5 More Ways to use Aquaphor

– Every episode,
we discover cool uses for products you already love. This week, Target presents five More Ways to use Aquaphor. When life gets rough, Aquaphor
helps smooth things out. We all know
how great Aquaphor is for battling dry winter skin. In fact, Aquaphor has a lot
of smooth moves. Sculpt perfect eyebrows, moisturize after a shave, and style your ‘stache. Keep a big beard under control. And even tame
those pesky flyaways. [shimmering] Aquaphor’s healing strength
might even inspire a big DIY project. Like your very own Aquaphortress of Solitude! [digital beeping] Eh, maybe not. Here’s a better DIY idea. Create your own custom
lip gloss. Start with Aquaphor, add your favorite tints, scents, and sparkle. Perfect to keep or gift. We’re even using Aquaphor
here on set to create a classic
soft focus look for this shot. That is just dreamy. Thanks for checking out
More Ways to use Aquaphor.

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