5 Foods To Avoid If You Have Acne

Hey, what’s up? This is David Benjamin aka, david the skin
king From Acne Erasing Secrets dot com. today I want to talk about some of the different
food groups that I would highly recommend to avoid. Because these typical food groups are the
most digestive inflammation, kind of toxic, overall problem causing foods when it comes
to acne. So the first group that I would avoid is basically
breads. White flour, this is kind of difficult for
the digestive system to digest. A lot of white breads contain gluten, and gluten is difficult
for the digestive system to digest. White bread turns into sugars, and
it will cause insulin to spike, causing all
sorts of issues, toxicity, and basically your skin will break out overall. I’d avoid any kinds of breads overall, but
specifically white breads. There are some healthier bread options, like
sprouted breads, ezekiel breads. Bread is the first category. The number two category is foods that contain
sugar. Sugar is really refined and processed, and will cause problems in the pancreas which
is part of the digestive system which will spike insulin and cause hormonal balances
again. The next category is dairy, I don’t recommend
dairy because typically our bodies have a hard time digesting dairy. Because dairy is
pasteurized it basically zaps all
of those proteins. Our ancestors drank raw milk from cows, it
was live milk, living. I don’t recommend dairy because a lot of that dairy food is dead now.
It wreaks havoc on the digestive system overall. The next category I recommend avoiding mores,
is meat. Meat typically, like dairy, they are pumped with steroids and hormones, there
are a lot of health documentaries that talk about this. When you eat that meat, chicken, fish, pork,
I really don’t recommend pork, because of parasites and things. If you do eat meat,
I recommend free range organic meat. That means it’s been raised in a healthy environment
and it will be better for you overall. I do recommend reducing meat intake though
because it will sit indigested and that will cause bad digestive system, gas, bloating,
just gross stuff, which will cause issues in the skin. The
fifth category that I recommend avoiding is
any kind of artificial foods, what do you mean by artificial foods? anything that contains
sugar, food coloring, food dye’s, preservatives, chips, crackers, gummy bears, candy, all this
kind of gooey, fluffy, fake stuff, twinkles, bagged, canned, stuff like that. Fake foods
basically. Food that isn’t nutritionally dense. These
cause problems in your digestive system and in your health overall. These are typically
bagged, boxed, and you know, real food is something like fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds,
and if it comes in a bag or box and it comes with all these ingredients, you can’t even
read the ingredient list without knowing what it
is that you’re eating. It’s scientifically
created food that doesn’t have the energetic value, nutritional value. If you want to have clear skin, you have to
eat nutritionally dense food that heals the digestive system, the gut and helps heal the
skin. once again, i’ll go throughout eh list again,
dairy, sugar, artificial foods, meat and fake foods. If you can drastically reduce or eliminate
those, you’ll feel better, your skin will heal faster and it will clear up your skin
faster. If you want more tips like these subscribe
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a great day, bye.

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