4 Natural Remedies To Erase Keloids And Scars

welcome to healing house scars and Cal
ODEs might not be a life-threatening but are definitely unsightly and
embarrassing so we want to remove them even if it means spending hundreds of
dollars on laser and other surgical procedures here are some remedy that
will help you to avoid side effects and to save some cash apple cider vinegar
ACV just dab cotton with a CV apply it directly into the affected area let it
sit for a few minutes and to go deeper into your skin and dry repeat few times
every day lemon juice just squeeze the juice from the lemon apply directly to
your skin with dipping cotton let it sit for a couple of minutes wash it with
water aloe vera just remove aloe vera skin
carefully to expose the flesh blend to make gel apply on the scar tissue let it
sit for a few minutes wash off baking soda just make a paste of a part baking
soda and three parts water apply on the affected skin scrub for a few minutes
wash with clean water if the scar become inflamed orotate use hydrogen peroxide
instead of water prevent scars from developing if this remedies don’t remove
scars and Kelly will lighten their color and make them less visible you

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