4 Cheap Retin A Websites – How to Get Retin A (Tretinoin cream) Without a Prescription

Hi guys so today um I want to talk to
you about getting retin-a without a prescription DISCLAIMER here I advise that you
proceed with caution we are doing that all things being equal it’s always best
to get one with the prescription regardless of the cost because RETIN A
prescription strength is usually stronger and over-the-counter retinol
containing process that’s said some people will like to start using
retin a for their skin either for acne or for anti-aging benefits but
cannot afford to get one via a dermatologist or cannot afford to pay the high costs
which ranges somewhere from $70 to $100 For retin a or tretinoin that’s the
other name for it so in this video I’m gonna be giving you options the first two
are from the Indian pharmacies an online pharmacies located in India the
third one is basically something I saw online on eBay
the fourth one is just people who are recommending that if you’re going to
Mexico or if you would like to shop online you go for pharmacies that are
claiming to be located in Mexico because they’re legit. Let’s get into the video. The
first website is premium rx .com. This is an Indian pharmacy I’ve purchased from these
websites um from this website several times
second one is reliable rx I’ve purchase from this website once and they’ve all
gotten to me with no hassle and the products worked like they were supposed to work
I use my retin a for acne mostly and just for kind of like sloughing off dead
skin cells and these products have gotten the job done most of the time so
nothing to worry about I’d say be careful when you purchase from
this website and I love India but just like a lot of developing countries I’m
from I’m from Nigeria we also very, we’re not notorious for this but we’re quite notorious
for counterfeit products India, I think they’ve been in the new in the past for distributing counterfeitt drugs um so this is nothing uncommon for
developing countries that’s why there are developing countries this is not to
offend anyone I am from Nigeria or worse than India again so be careful but I
honestly I’ve bought from these websites I actually some of them the people who sell
on these website something I can vouch for to be honest with you the third website is skincare ex this I found from a blogger on the Youtube she kind of
left it on in her description box so I kind of picked that up and I looked at it a little bit a
little bit and I was like maybe I should add this to the list to share
with you guys so see if that’s a website you are willing to buy from. The fourth one
is eBay I saw this particular link on our website called beautylish.com it was kind of
a forum, a lady had asked where she can get retin a without prescription because
she couldn’t afford it because she didn’t have an insurance and someone
suggested this to her also I found out website that you can purchase from of
Mexican pharmacy online and that the Mexican pharmacies we’re just as good as
the U.S. or Canadian pharmacies so that’s an option for you the final one that was suggested was if you know someone going to Mexico you give them
money to buy her retin a for you. I don’t know why you can purchase on Retin a
without prescription from me these countries maybe they’re not as regulated
as the US their are food and drugs Department is not as strict
as those of the US kinda like hydroquinone right? you can buy
hydroquinone in the US it’s legal you can get us a percentage as high as 10%
without any hassle at all but you can’t in countries like Sweden I have an aunt who
lives in Sweden if I wanted to send her even a product containing hydroquinone,
I couldn’t it’ll be stopped at customs because it’s not allowed into their
country Not to talk of being sold in their
country so that’s kind of the deal here also you may be wondering why it’s so
cheap in these countries it’s cuz I remember one time my mom visited India, it was for medical reasons but for some reason I guess her conversation with
the doctor veered into a Fillers for the face and the doctor kind of shared
with her how did get fillers for way cheaper than people in the US got it
my mom is from we’re Nigerians okay, but he will just sharing with her that
cause India is a developing country they get those on fillers or just medication/drugs cheaper it’s kind of a I don’t know if it’s a UN thing, but that’s kind of my guess to why Retin A maybe so cheap in these countries. That’s it for me guys hope you find this video useful all the links
will be left and the description box for you guys if you have questions feel free to ask them, take care.

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  • I’m listening 👂🏼

  • U are awesome !

  • Hello! Do you have any tips for lightening surgical scars?

  • Love the way you do videos know 1000 times better than the old way. You are so beautiful😍 gurl.
    One question is 0.025 or 0.1 stronger?

  • hey ,rita can lemon juice clears up dark spots completely?

  • what u suggested I can use to get rid of these dark spots caused by scars?

  • Hi Rita, have you heard of alldaychemist.com? It's quite good I used to order from them few years ago.

  • Thank you so much hun☺️😘👏

  • I buy here in Greece in the pharmacy for 3 euro no need for prescription .

  • Hi, Love your video. much needed info! 🙂
    I have 1 question though. Do u know the difference between Retino-A or Retin-A? Which one to buy?
    Retino-A : http://www.canada-pharmacy-24h.com/catalog/Skincare/Retino-A_Cream_0,025.htm
    Retin -A : http://www.canada-pharmacy-24h.com/catalog/Skincare/Retin-A_0,025.htm

  • So reliable pharmacy actually is reliable? Lmao i just ordered from there but i am feeling a little paranoid is it normal for them to charge you using e-check?? That's what they charged me with.

  • Both india websites ask me to to upload (a browse button popped up) or fax the Rx after i added my address so im super confused right now . I clicked the links in this video so is that them faking it just to make it “seem” like they require a Rx bc i know some places will take the order but wont ship till they get an Rx

  • Point of correction. Nija is not more corrupt than India. India is more corrupt than Nija. I have used Retino 0.5 from the Indian company and it works. The only thing is that it takes about 3 weeks to receive the product. I enjoyed the video and your skin looks flawless.

  • The background music is very distracting

  • I have some extra Tretionoin cream in 0.05% so if someone is interested to buy it then please let me know.

  • They won't send to Canada

  • Wow I wonder why in some places Retin-A is so expensive. I pay $4 for a big tube here in NC prescribed by my doctor.

  • Hi there! I just found your channel and subscribed. I recently made a purchase from ReliableRX , and found the company to be reliable, the transaction went smoothly. I was called over the phone and asked to answer a few simple questions. My order came to the U.S. in about 3 weeks, packaged nicely.

  • You need a prescription if ordering from ReliableRX.

  • It is so strange how countries regulate different medications. There are a lot of countries that sell Retin-A over the counter and then in the US it is regulated. This was a very interesting video thank you for sharing have a great day XO Marta

  • I have been using klenzit c that contains adapalene and clindamycin on my acne watch the video to see how it has worked for me

  • Hey Rita, ReliableRX asks for a prescription to be uploaded during checkout – is it possible to just leave this blank and not provide any prescription?

  • I'm worried about discoloration in brown skin.

  • Thanks for sharing all the info.. I just got Tretinoin from CVS for like $78 😏

  • you're Nigerian, I thought u were Carribean.

  • I have been watching you for ever, even thou I have never subscribe to your channel. But, because of this video right here with your links on where to order retin A, I was able to order both retin A and hydroquinone without prescription. Thank you girl

  • May I ask if the Retin A is legit?

  • Hi im back..i checked out more than 10 video's on retin a from reliable rx and they do NOT ship the product until they get a rx either from your dr. (They ask for your Dr's name and number during checkout. Cannot skip) or you can upload or fax the prescription to them. Several folks have had deductions from their bank but items are "pending rx "for over 8 weeks already. I really hope this is not my case. I will keep you posted. Ordered and paid today 2/8/2018…and we wait😕

  • Hi..update! I ordered my retin a on 2/8/18. I did get the email and follow up phone call and today is 2/14/18 and the order "status" is still posted as "order received". So, i will update again next week and see if anything has changed. Many folks have been telling me that as of feb. 1 you need a prescription so we will see.

  • if youre talking about the Obagi ? thats like any vaseline jar , you dont need a prescription for sweety ! educate youre self

  • Please can I get to chat something important on ur watsapp or email

  • I was prescribed Tretinoin here in The States and it cost me $200.00 out of pocket! I am so thankful to have found tretinoin on the sites from India. I also ordered generic Latisse (Careprost) from reliablerx.com. and have gotten beautiful results! I’m so happy that I now have great skin and long lashes.😊

  • Can't watch.that music-if that's what it's called is horrendous..!!

  • Does any one know any site that sells 0.1% Retin A cream…
    not the gel…most websites sell gel . The gel really dries my skin..I'm looking for a site that sells cream retin 0.1%.Any information is welcome .

  • It worries me even though I want to order but what if it’s not really retin a

  • Can more people verify that they have purchased from one or more of these sites and achieved results so that we can know the medicine is legit

  • Hi rita
    Please dear the link reliable ask me the prescription of the doctor but u said we can without, please how can I skip that part? Thank you for answer

  • Hi I’m in Ireland and just tried ordering from Okderma (in Hong Kong). My bank’s fraud department contacted me and advised against.

  • Wowwww very kind of u for sharing thank u a million time

  • I can't get it with a prescription because my dr looks at me like I'm trying to buy a gun.

  • Thank you so much!!!!!!

  • Can you find a higher concentration?

  • Do u leave this on your face ??

  • Are you cold?

  • Hi Rita: what do you think about Ok Dermo. Have you bought tretinoin from them.? Thanks

  • I order mine from theretinashop (com) they only have 0.05 concentration but the website is reliable and got my retin a fast

  • Quick question: has anyone ever ordered this product from Canada? I live in Canada and was wondering if anyone can share their shipping experiences. Thank you. Thanks also for the informed video and for sharing the resource links
    . Much appreciated. 🙂

  • You can get Tretinoin cream without presription and most cheapest price !!

    Look on my description channel !

  • Hi,
    I'm just wondering if you know if there's any difference between the name brand Retin-A cream and the generic cream?

  • Thanks so much for the info!! I love great skincare products!! I haven’t tried the websites yet but I will. Your skin looks so flawless and beautiful!! I want to use what you’re using lol.

  • Hi Dear, Retin A (tretinoin) 0.1% is no longer sold on RELIABLE RX

  • Retin-A is sold over-the-counter at the biggest pharmacy chain (Mercury Drugstore) in the Philippines. The .5% tretinoin cream format that comes in the 20g tube from Johnson & Johnson costs about $14 a pop. I don't know if they sell it online but definitely, you don't need a prescription to get it over there.

  • Thank you to your channel i was able to place an order and hope it will come soon.

  • Read the reviews before ordering from these sites! I just looked them up and they are scams!!!!

  • Your skin is beautiful. I think the 1% gel coming from India may not be as strong as our prescription gel because when I was 18 I used prescription 1% gel for acne and I count tolerate the peeling and redness. When I use it from India now I have no reaction at all. Has my skin adapted or are they different? I love the Indian one.

  • I tried PremiumRx, they were fast and efficient however they asked for photo I'd, identity documents, full name, date of birth, all contact information, etc. I found this to be a red flag for identity theft, unnecessary and I didn't supply anything unnecessary. The 1% gel is a lot weaker than my usual 1% gel – I slather it on every night and no reaction at all – even around my eyes. Draw your own conclusions. I wish I could say they're all good. I found ReliableRx 0.5% worked as expected, value and quality.

  • Great vid but went onto the indian sites and they want a perscription. I went onto the live chat and when i asked whether they would ship with no perscription i had no response.

  • Where can I purchase the 10% hydroquinone?

  • I love your eye makeup

  • I get my Retin A from a friend who goes to Mexico a lot. $3.00 for a 30 gram tube!

  • If you go for holiday to Indonesia (Bali, as many people do not know Bali is also part of Indonesia), buy Vitacid. Very cheap, you can get in our local pharmacies without prescriptions. Just tell them you need it for acne and blackheads.

  • Buy Johnson & Johnson 0.1% from www.retinolworld.com. Also available 0.05%, 0.025%

  • You do now need a prescription to order retain a from Reliable Rx. I ordered without one about a year ago without one, but it has since changed. Try Skincare Ex. I ordered from them about a month ago and they did not require a prescription.

  • Is the Canadian real or a scam!?

  • OMGG if I went to one of these countries, outside of u.s., I would take home as much as I can! Thank you yes, useful. I love this product & hydroquinone ironically enough. The u.s. just wants to tax & profit off of anything. It's unbelievable. They make sure we have to go to Doctors & insurance etc etc to get anything that is sought after. Stupid…

  • Where can I get it tretinoin 0.1 % kindly suggest me

  • Thank you for sharing the websites. I'm sure you helped everyone that's in need of these products at a affordable price. Thank u. 😁

  • Love you! Thanks for the info.

  • You can buy it over the counter in Thailand. Super inexpensive!

  • Here in Morocco u can get retin a cheap and non prescription but if they ask u what u need it tell them just I have acnees on my back and I wanna get rid of them so simple here differin and all the products at cheap unlike the western country where the prescription is a must

  • I used to use differin but now I decide to switch to tretinoin is 0.025 good for me in the beginning ?

  • Plz send u numbers

  • I tried all these sites and everyone of them required a script.

  • medsmex not as cheap as some numbers I've seen here but no script required. I have ordered other items through this site through the years though.

  • thank you very much I have been looking for no prescription for months, I do not really have enough money for that, thanks and blessings for your channel

  • Why do you have to buy 4 or 6 on the Canadian site. I dont need all of that.

  • Found it for cheap on Ebay

  • Thank you sooooooooo much

  • The last link you have for the Canadian Pharmacy in your description section of this video is a scam. DO NOT ORDER from there. The company is not based out of Canada. It is based out of India or China. However, it is very difficult to get exact information.

  • Thanks hun for listing places i can get ret a. How long do they take to ship? Oh and by the way, you are beautiful.

  • I just bought some retin-A from reliable rx and the 1.0% was watery and green don’t buy from there . My purchase was on 4/29/19

  • Thank you very much for sharing this valuable information, I look forward to purchasing from one of them.😊🤗

  • Buy Retin A 0.1%, 0.05% and 0.025% both gel and cream in the U.S.A at www.queensgoldskincare.com

  • no prescription because it's not needed. in America, they want to profit off our vanity.

  • I live in Europe and you can buy it without prescription in Spain, Italy, Portugal, Greece maybe more countries… I am lucky that I only pay 20 euros for my prescription here in Belgium but sometimes when I am travelling I just buy my tretinoin in these countries, easy. I don't understand american health system.

  • All Day chemist are great. I have been using them for years. Very reliable but, unfortunately, they don’t accept credit cards but offer alternative ways to pay.

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