I’m sure we all know the feeling of
getting a breakout and it is not fun so these are my tips and products that I
use to effectively remove my breakouts fast what’s up glamour babes welcome back to
my channel in this video I’m going to help you get rid of your breakouts
immediately and these are my tips and tricks on how I get rid of my breakouts
so let’s jump into it I have three products that I use when I get a
breakout so I have a video on how to get clear skin and in that video I go very
very in-depth about all the tips and tricks on how to maintain clear skin and
prevent a breakout but in this video I will share with you guys my tips and
tricks on when I get a breakout what do I do
the first product that I use when I get a breakout is I use the Noxzema ultimate
clear anti blemish pads so I just use I open let me show you how it looks like
these are just pads and they are very exfoliating so I just get one pad I’ll
obviously use clear hands or clean hands when you use this but I just get a pad
out and I scrub it on top of my blemish and this clears and prevents breakouts
for smooth clear skin and this has two listed acid in it it has two percents
allistic acid in it so once I do this let’s say that I am I have nothing to do
that day and I’m just staying home and just filming and just working so I use
this break out kit by pathology not pathologic catch ology so this is their
three-in-one acne treatment kit gentle and effective ingredients meet
customized poor clean in this trio of mighty little spot tamers clear up acned
clogged skin and start healing your blemishes in a matter of hours you’re
just one box away from total pore clarity so I have seen this go around
the internet and they sent me this product they gifted me this product and
when I tried it out I was actually very very surprised so the first thing and
this product is there this is their pimple shrinking solicit solicit
accident dots so the blemish diminisher treat at the first sign of a breakout
containing a potent blend of silicic acid tea tree oil in volcanic ash these
medicated pouches penetrate to target subsurface problems before they erupt
absorb extra seat vii am i stupid ditch dead skin cells in drive out dirt say
sayonara to spots with these little anti imperfection dots so this is how it
looks like I think it’s cool how it comes and a little like receivable to be I think it’s cool how it comes this
little pouch because you can seal it and open it back up so let me just take one
pack out that I have already used so as you can tell I did use a lot of dots the
thing I like about these dots is that they are clear so I just have two left
in this little strip so I like how they’re clear and they do come in
different sizes so the cool thing about this is I just place it if I do if I’m
not sure what size to use their small size or sir or their large size I just
place it on top of my blemish and I’m like okay I should use their large size
and then I just peel it off and I stick it on so the cool thing about dots to
use on your plan is that these target just that area they
have potent ingredients in it that just targets those areas so I have oh my god
this is just this is incredible it’s like when you use like an acne kind of
let’s say a cream it’s not like your whole face has acne all over it or maybe
it does but even if it does it’s not your whole face you know what I mean so
these target just those specific acne areas and they don’t dry out any other
areas on your face which is really cool and that’s why I like these dots so the
next one is their Whitehead absorbing hydro collide dots this is the eraser
when whiteheads pop up in your name next level poor vacuuming these medical-grade
hydrocolloid patches work double absorbing the gunk the gunk while
protecting from fidgety fingers extract impurities extract impurities and start
the healing process stat so they also come in a I like the
light package and comes in because they really try to not get it dirty or
contaminated with bacteria so that is really cool so let me show you one of
those already open so it comes with I mentioned this earlier but it comes with
two of these inside a little pouch I think yeah just two and as you can tell
I have been using these as well so I don’t know if you can tell yeah you can
tell the only ones that are left are these three and these two so these come
in just one size and like I said I like how it is clear so you can place it on
top and you can you know see exactly where to put it and then you peel it off
and then you just stick it on your white head and these little dots are targeting
your white heads only so it is really effective and I leave it on all day or I
put our at nighttime I usually like to put it on
before I go to sleep because I don’t know I just think it works better and
when you wake up and you see like all that it’s gonna be so gross but what do
you see all that gunk like take it out of your face onto this little dot you’re
gonna be like whoa that is disgusting was in my face so the third one is their
blackhead eliminating nose strips so this is the blackhead or this is a
blockage blaster prepared for poor pure gene purging at its most satisfying
evacuate dirt and dead skin cells to decongest and minimize the appearance of
enlarged pores charcoal and Moroccan lava clay acts as a magnet for deep down
rhyme while witch hazel cast an invisible spell on oil and redness peel
em reveal so I just left this wrapper because I knew I was going to make this
video and I do not have the I don’t have any more strips it comes with three in
the pack and I have been obsessed with these poor strips because I feel like it
really does take your pores away so I have been using them like nobody’s
business and I don’t have any left they just look like any regular poor strip
you take it out you stick it on a wet nose when your nose is wet through Lee
and I usually leave it on for arms I don’t even know 30 minutes it doesn’t
say it on the box it has a loud strip to dry in place for a 10 to 15 minutes and
tolls to death yeah I just leave it on for like maybe 30 minutes maybe less no
more than 30 and this has been really helping me I like experimenting with
this box on a days where I’m not using this box so I like to if I’m using it
during the day if I’m not going anywhere I like to use personnel at night
if I’m going to use this at nighttime I don’t use a personnel or I go back and
forth with the two so personnel has been something that I have always stuck to
for acnes so I knew I had to include it in this video I included it in so many
videos of mine because Percy JA actually really really really really really works
and I just get it from Target or I also get this one from Target as well the
breakout box you have to order from their website but this has been zero
peroxide in it and it is an athlean medication so this is their maximum
strength so out of all these projects I think this one works the best I have to
be honest I gotta say this one definitely works the best I just use a
q-tip with it or a cotton swab and I take some gel or it’s actually cream I
take the cream on the cotton swab for more percent application and then I
apply it on my blemishes I go to sleep and I wake up and literally I’m not even
kidding you 50% or maybe even sometimes sometimes I’ve open up and my blemish
has disappeared it has been complete like completely gone and that is just
it’s just so cool to me so versatile is something that I always go back to I
tried a lot of acne spot treatments in the drugstore and this is the best and
when I was working as a beauty consultant this was a woman I always
recommended it is by cleaning clear I’m pretty sure other brands No thank you or
not but maybe other brands have this but I always use the clean and clear one so
if you need a blemish to go away I recommend all these products now you
guys know all my products I use to get rid of my pimples fast so you guys can
have crystal clear clear clean clear clean and clear clear
shut up how many times paisa clear skin so these are the products that really
work don’t buy any of the mumbo jumbo products online or in the junk store I
really recommend these products because they actually work so I will leave links
for all these products down in the description below so I know that is like
the weather is coming warmer and we are more active outside we’re sweating a lot
more our pores are clogging so I feel like in this weather I just get a lot
more blemishes so these are the products that I use I have acne prone skin and
these products really work for me so I recommend it to you guys that is it for
this video if you found these tips helpful give this video a thumbs up
leave a comment down below letting me know what products do you guys use if
any products I did not mention and they work for you and they are very effective
let me know in the comments down below and we for share our little acne secret
products subscribe to my channel and hit the bell see you every time I upload a
new video and I will see you very soon bye this is real life we play along if my

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