3 Best Fruits for Acne According to Science

Acne, otherwise known as acne vulgaris, is
very common for people aged 11 to 30. An
estimated 80 percent of people between these ages are known to develop acne. Various factors worsen acne, such as hormones,
genetics, and stress. Although there
are medications nowadays that treat mild to severe acne, lifestyle factors, such as your
diet, can also help reduce and control symptoms. Let’s look at some fruits you can eat to
help reduce acne symptoms according to scientific studies. 1. Oranges
According to literature published in the US National Library of Medicine, vitamin C can
do wonders for your skin. It has antioxidant properties and can protect
the skin from sun damage. One medium-sized orange contains 70 mg of
vitamin C, which constitutes 78 percent of the recommended daily intake. Consequently, consuming oranges can help keep
your skin healthy and acne-free. It also contains calcium, which helps retain
moisture and repair damaged skin cells. Want to use orange peels as a face mask? Simply grind them to a powder and mix with
warm water to form a paste. Then, wait for a few minutes before rinsing
it off. 2. Apples
An apple a day keeps acne away. In a literature published by the US National
Library of Medicine in 2012, several foods were listed
that were said to help treat acne, and apples were at the top of that list. This is attributed to the low leucine content
in apples. According to their observation,
leucine can cause mTORC1-mediated mechanisms of T cell activation and inflammation
that will eventually cause acne. Consequently, consuming plant-based foods,
such as apples, can help prevent acne. Consuming meat and dairy, on the other hand,
can worsen it. 100 grams of beef steak contains 2,369 mg
of leucine, while 100 mg of apples contains only 16 grams of leucine. In addition to this, apples are rich in water,
fiber, vitamin A and C, and calcium, all of which are essential for maintaining a healthy
skin. 3. Bananas
Another addition to the myriad of health benefits of bananas is preventing and treating
acne. Although there aren’t any clinical or scientific
evidence to back this up, there is anecdotal evidence that bananas are great
for acne. Supposedly, the lutein content in bananas
reduces inflammation. It is also rich in fiber. Fiber aids digestion and helps keep your gut
healthy, ultimately keeping your skin healthy. It also has antioxidants that helps get rid
of free radicals in the skin. People have used banana peels or bananas as
a face mask with positive results. Plus,
eating a banana as a snack will help you feel full and avoid eating junk foods, which
wreck havoc on your skin! Other fruits that help minimize acne include:
– Berries – Grapefruit
– Cherries – Pears
– Grapes – Peaches
In general, incorporating more fruits and vegetables into your diet is a big step towards
acne prevention and treatment. Consuming more acne-preventing foods can also
make less room for foods that trigger acne, such
as dairy and sugary foods and beverages.

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