24k Gold Sheet Mask Cheap Gold Face Mask Review πŸ’—πŸ˜Š

– I’m gonna try the 24 karat
sheet mask from Miss Spa. So let’s get started. (upbeat music) Before you do any of these sheet masks, you wanna first cleanse your face. I just used the Kiehl’s Cucumber Herbal Conditioning Cleanser. I got it as a free sample
at the Kiehl store. So, let’s get started with the Miss Spa 24 karat facial sheet mask. I don’t expect it to be glittery gold, I don’t expect it at all to be like that, so it’ll be kind of interesting what this looks like once I open it. It is showing a little bit of
a glittery gold kind of look. It did something, oh wow. Oh wow. Shoot. It’s like a glitter. I didn’t expect this. I guess it is kind of molten gold-like. I’m actually gonna make
sure I put this over tile because I don’t want this
to stain my bath rug. I’m kind of shocked. So far the presentation looks good, it looks like gold as they promised. Okay. Alright. Let’s see what happens. They definitely give you
a generous size sheet, so this will fit, it has
to fit everyone’s face. Okay. This is nice, it’s comfortable. I don’t feel any kind of irritation. I have slightly sensitive skin. I’m not overly sensitive, but I do feel it if something is harsh
and I don’t feel it here. So that’s a good first sign. Okay. Now I look like a gold monster. I’m gonna set the timer
’cause it’s a 20 minute mask. I do wanna show everybody,
it does get really messy. There’s all sorts of gold glitter. So keep that in mind
and keep your area clean when you do this mask
if you decide to buy it. Okay, 20 minutes is up. Let’s take a look. I look glowing. Now you’re suppose to pat
the remaining product in. I actually regularly use
Miss Spa sheet masks, I am very familiar with them. I just never have used
the 24 karat gold mask, so it was a completely different
experience using this one. I would recommend that for your everyday mask needs not to use this one because
it tends to be messy. It can get all over your things and if you’re going to do this, you should do a little preparation. I definitely like it because it’s giving me this interesting glow. I have to kind of work with it because I don’t want too much glow, it’s gonna look really odd. If you were to buy this mask I do, I’d recommend it as a
special occasion mask. Maybe if you’re not planning
to wear any foundation and you just want a simple kind of glitter and you want a simple glitter, if you want some simple glittery glow, then I would try this mask. If you don’t like the
messiness of this product, Miss Spa has many other sheet
masks that you can choose from whether you’re looking for
a moisturizing sheet mask or a clarifying sheet mask. All of these masks I’ve
had great results with, they are very highly
moisturizing without glitter. You might want to consider these. I’ve left some links in the
description below this video. If you want to learn more about Miss Spa and the different sheet
masks that are available. I have taken some photographs of the different ones
I’ve used in the past. I do like this sheen. I know I have to fix it. So, I’m gonna go back and work with the product a little
bit more and see if I can reduce the glitter. Okay, I removed more of
the product so it has more of a light golden tone
and I think it’s enough to be able to go out in public now. And I left a little on my lip to give kind of a golden glow. I do tend to have a
reddish ruddy complexion, so it’s not irritation that you’re seeing. It tends to be my, for the
most part, my skin tone. Sometimes a product can make
it a little bit stronger. That’s why I tend to wear foundation to kind of even out this redness. So thank you for watching
this video today. If you found this informative, and you want to see
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  • Thanks a lot creditwish for the informative review. I liked it. Do you still recommend this mask? and how often? I subscribed to your channel, hope you can check my channel and subscribe if you liked my videos. I do makeup tutorials. thanks 😍

  • I like the sheen the mask left on your skin.

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