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– (mumbles) here. What is this? (soft gentle music) – Hey guys, I’m Ella Dove, and this is What The Wellness. The show where I try out the latest and greatest
wellness experiences to find out what’s weird,
and what’s actually worth it. So today, I am trying out one of the craziest experiences
I’ve tried so far. Which is a $2000 Runway Facial, here at New York Dermatology Group. I know it’s expensive. But basically what’s going to happen is the latest and greatest
dermatological technology is going to be used in this facial. So I leave here glowing, lifted, plumped, without any downtime,
redness, or irritation. The facial is 90 minutes long, and there’s nine steps total. While we might not be coming back for a $2000 facial anytime soon, with the nine steps, each
showing off a different, emerging new technology in
the world of dermatology, hopefully you get to walk
away with an understanding of what your doctor’s office has to offer. So you can understand
what you might wanna add to your own skincare
and dermatology routine. All right, so let’s go
see if this nine step, 90 minute, $2000 facial
is really worth the hype. (soft upbeat pop music) So tell me what are we about to do? – So we are doing a Runway Facial. Which is a combination
of Microdermabrasion, Laser toning, Endymed,
which is radio frequency, a light Chemical peel, LED
light, and a Hydrating mask. – All of the things. – All of the things. – Awesome, and what’s it gonna do for me? – You are gonna notice
that your skin is plump, it’s firm, it’s super bright, also lifted. And you’ll get immediate results, so that it continues to
work for the next few days. – That’s fantastic. (light upbeat pop music) – So we’re just gonna a gentle cleanse. And then we’ll get started
with microdermabrasion. – It feels good already. – Microdermabrasion is
a gentle exfoliation. We’re gonna use a little bit of crystal, we’re gonna use suction
to clean out your pores. – So what is this doing for me? – So this is cleaning out your pores. Really great for black heads,
and also great for fine lines. So it’s nice to focus around the eyes, around the mouth, and it
is lightening pigmentation. – Great. It feels like a tiny little lobster crawling on my face, sucking
things out of my pores. – (laughs) Or like a vacuum. – Yeah, like it’s definitely
like a tiny little vacuum. – So these small, fine, white
crystal are exfoliating. Similar to as if you were
using a scrub at home. – You’re getting into those giant pores I have up there on my forehead. (machine whirring) – So I’m just gonna remove the crystals. – They kinda feel like
tiny little specs of sand. What kind of patients do you see for microdermabrasion the most often? – So we have a lot of patients who come with break outs, or congestion. It’s really a great step to do in a facial to prime the skin for laser. So really anyone can do microdermabrasion. It’s just a nice way to clean the skin, and a gentle exfoliation. We’re about to get
started with Laser toning, and you’re gonna feel
a little bit of heat. The other things that’s gonna happen is you are going to smell
a little bit of singe. So it’s the laser picking
up your peach fuzz, it doesn’t remove any hair. But we go over it, so you smell a little
bit in the beginning. – Got it. – And what the laser is doing is stimulating your dormant collagen. So it’s almost like fluffing up a cushion. In a few days, you’ll start to notice that your skin is plump, it’s firm, you’ll have a great glow. I’m just gonna turn the laser
on, and we’ll get started. I’m gonna place shields over your eyes. And it’s just a single beam of light that is stimulating collagen, so that sound means we’re ready to go. You’re gonna feel a
little bit of heat, okay? – Ready. Oh, I can definitely smell it. – And it’s normal to
smell it in the beginning, but it doesn’t remove any hair. It’s just going over your peach fuzz. – It just feels like a
warm ray of sunshine– – Yes.
– In tiny spots of my face. – Yeah.
– Feels good. – So we definitely like to use
the laser on the full face, but definitely we’ll target areas for fine lines or breakouts. In realm of lasers, they
penetrate at different depths, and this is a 1064. So that means it’s
penetrating pretty deep. It’s going into your fibroblasts, and those are responsible
elastin and collagen. So I’m going to apply a little
bit of cool gel on your skin, and this is for the Endymed. This is really cold. This is just keeping
your skin really cool, and it allows the machine to glide. You’re gonna feel a little bit of heat. This almost feels like
a hot stone massage. – Cool.
– So it’s rather lovely. And this is using electrodes to penetrate heat in a targeted area. So you’ll start to feel a little heat, you’re gonna start to feel tightening, and that’s normal. Really great for defining
the jawline, cheekbone. We’ll work a little bit in here as well. And you’ll see a real
difference on your neck also. – Kind of feels like a little
bit like a warm Jade Roller if I had to compare it to something. – Yeah. You’ll start to see in a few
days that collagen stimulation. – Great. So is this gel sort of
helping to conduct the heat? – It is! And keeping your skin
cool at the same time. This is almost similar
to doing microcurrent. – Yeah. – But it definitely… results-wise, you’re gonna see it last longer, and it’s a little bit stronger, and you don’t have that metallic taste. – You might be able to taste it. – I can taste it, oh my God! I was gonna say that,
I thought I was crazy. I have like a metallic taste in my mouth. (machine whirring) – So we’re gonna get started
with a Chemical peel. It’s a 20% glycolic, so you’re gonna feel a little bit of a tingle sensation. It gets a little bit itchy, but it’s not on for a very long time. – It’s a pretty buzzing
ingredient these days. Are you using it a lot
more in your treatments? – We like to use it after we use lasers to stimulate collagen. So perfect combination when we
use Laser toning or Endymed. – Definitely tingling. What is the standard
over-the-counter percentage? – Typically it’s about 10 or less. – What’s the benefits with peel? – So really great for
dissolving dead skin cells, bringing fresh cells up to the surface. Also great for breakouts, for
fine lines, for pigmentation. – Can you see the tingle? (laughs) – And this is just a little
bit of sodium bicarbonate. Your skin naturally will
neutralize the chemical peel, but this really just helps it along. We are gonna get started with
Colbert MD Brightening Mask. It’s a coconut shell
that has Hyaluronic Acid. There’s also a little bit of
lactic acid in here as well, and really great brightening properties like Vitamin C and Vitamin E. – Got it. And so Hyaluronic Acid, that
dewy, incredible moisturizing. – It is.
– Right? – Super, super hydrating. It is a humectant, so it’s
pulling in moisture from the air. – What’s a lactic acid doing here? – Lactic acid is also a mild exfoliant. – Cool. – But lactic acid is really great for calming inflammation and pigmentation. (light upbeat music) I’m just gonna get started with LED light. It’s a combination of both red and blue. So red is really great for calming inflammation,
stimulating collagen. Blue is great for any acne or bacteria. It is really bright in the beginning. You’re gonna start to see blue, you’re gonna see red, and
then your eyes will adjust, and you’ll just start to see light. (light upbeat music) So we are all set with the LED portion. I’m going to remove your shields. – So what does the LED
do with the mask on? – The LED is penetrating product. So anytime you use LED over a product, it penetrates it further into your skin. – I feel like my number one takeaway from what everything I’ve done so far, just all about getting the treatment and the changes as deeply
into my skin as possible. – Yeah it’s really great to
combine technology as well. So the laser penetrates very deep, and the Endymed is also penetrating deep, and then the LED light is a
little bit more superficial. So we’re really treating your
skin at different layers. – I mean, I feel pretty
dang good right now. – I’m gonna put a little bit of Hyaluronic Acid and probiotic on. It’s our NYDG Essence. – And it smells good. – Gonna put a little bit
of Dr. Colbert’s Day Cream. This is a blend of Vitamin
C, Vitamin E, Goji Berry. So really great for brightening, and there’s also a
mushroom extract in here that’s wonderful for hydration. (light upbeat music) – I’m very into this cheek
technique that you’ve been using. – Yeah, so it’s a little
bit of fascia massage that really is great to
manipulate the muscle, and also great to do after the Endymed. So the last step is a
little bit of sunscreen. This is a 17.5% Zinc, which
is high in the Zinc world. There is a little bit of
Argon oil in here as well, and it’s chemical free. And you’re all set. – How do I look? I can’t wait to look at
myself in the mirror. That was honestly one of the most like incredible massages
I’ve ever had, period. Not just on my face. I feel like I wasn’t expecting such a great face massage
out of all of that. Oh, wow. Look, it’s like all smooth! I look like I’ve been laying
on my back for a while, but my skin is like baby face! This whole area of my face, and this is just so much
smoother than it was before. I have like a baby face right now. Like my skin looks like baby skin. I am youth. (light upbeat music) – So yes, this is hands
down the most outlandish What The Wellness episode
I’ve every been apart of. They set me up in this
delightful box of a room, where I am laying in a full body LED bed. Which is going help with inflammation, help stimulate collagen
production in my whole body. And while I’m experiencing that, I have an NYDG IV therapy
drip with E Vitamins, D Vitamins, C Vitamins, and Zinc. But really, hands down, I am
giving the creme de la creme of what technology, dermatology,
and wellness have to offer. I think I’m gonna walk away from here having a way better understanding
of what lasers really do, what microdermabrasion is, why LED light therapy is blowing up. It created a great template
for me to take care of my skin and my pores are cleaner,
and I’ve been exfoliated, so that’s great cause now I
can take my own steps at home to feel better about myself. From everything I’ve gotten today, what would I take and what would I leave? I would say, you know, a little while ago I would’ve said that I wasn’t a huge believer in LED light therapy, but I actually think I already
feel the effects on my face. And I think a lot of this is happened now, and can be a really affordable thing to integrate into your
own wellness routines. I think the microdermabrasion. Already, you know right away,
my skin felt exfoliated. And the laser (mumbles) were awesome, and I learned so much. I think lasers, there’s a
really important space for them in skin care, and
maintenance, and prevention. But maybe that’s something I don’t need to integrate into my routine, until you know, 10 years down the road. A $2000 facial is not
accessible to everyone, and it’s not even something
I’m gonna get to do again. And I work in this industry. But I think exploring those options, and having a better understanding
of what buzzwords are like laser, and LED light therapy, can really help you figure out what you might want to
integrate into your own routine, and understand how to ask for it with your own doctors and
your own practitioners. What The Wellness! Want more of this? Subscribe to our YouTube
channel right now, and we’ll see you next time. (upbeat pop music)

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