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hi Lindsay Fink and this is two weeks of not washing my hair oh no no what hey guys what is up since we see this week is all about hair dirty hair typically try living with Lucy episodes are only five days long but this was such a highly requested topic and truly I did not feel like five days was long enough to do it justice so instead of starting on Monday today and doing five days of not washing my hair I actually started this experiment last Monday so this is two weeks of not washing my hair and I’m currently on day eight is this the best Lucy you’ve ever seen before we get into it check out this recap of last week this is my last time watching my hair for two weeks red left condition oh it’s Monday morning I just got out of the shower and now I’m going to let my hair dry naturally and then it’s no shampoo no conditioner and no water for two whole weeks thank you feeling great feeling very normal at this point I I just means that my hair day 3 the oil is coming on greasy if she right here it feels like I’m a flat yeah it looks flat as well it looks flat as well pay for I think I need to wear my hair up today it’s really not good day 5 it looks fine right now but in a couple days and is very hot tomorrow morning maybe I’ve been doing this is now time to spit and wish us luck so this is my hair post sweaty spin clock that feels really good but dandruff is falling all over my workout states–even should I should I lie to the camera and say looks good no no telling exactly what it looks like I don’t know if that’s dandruff but there’s different of the hinted so here I am now day 8 smelling not great natural hair is not a new concept these days and I’m no beauty expert but I do have to say I’m a little bit confused by what’s right and wrong when it comes to this situation if you look up no shampoo on Google you get about 10 million search results and it sort of seems like half of them tell you that it’s really healthy to not wash your hair and you’ll get the best hair of your life whereas the other half seemed to say you need to wash your hair everyday in order to have good scalp health so what’s the answer there are a whole bunch of alternative shampooing methods out there things like baking soda and apple cider vinegar co washing where you can cleanse with conditioner and that way you don’t use any of the harsh detergents or fillers that are normally founded chances but for this experiment I wanted to do none of that so the first thing I need to do as soon as I get home today is change my pillowcase for the third time this week I realized that dirt and oil from my hair can build up on my pillowcase and caused me to break out so I’ve been really cautious about that tonight I’m going to a dance class so my hair is about to get really sweaty for the second time so we’ll see what happens it’s Tuesday and I’m in the office last night’s dance class was so much fun but I walked out and my hair was wet I’m dripping sweat my whole body but I need to take a shower I need to wash my face this is my life this week so earlier this morning I pulled it up into a really high ponytail and I put on this bandana just to sort of detract attention from it throughout the day earlier today I hung out with me an the beauty writer at refinery29 and she helped answer some of my questions how’s your hair so it’s day 9 oh yeah in terms of the controversial issue around washing your hair I think it’s more about what you personally want to do because there are people who have drier coarser a lot of people with curly hair who don’t need to walk the hair every day because there Scott doesn’t produce a lot of oil but then there are other people like me for example I produce more oil I like to wash my hair more often in the light of this new experiment that you’re doing I brought a few products that I think will come in handy you probably get a boar bristle brush and a very powerful dry shampoo by living proof honestly I’m excited for anything to brush my hair right now because I have in front of it right today there so I’m going to brush her hair first oh please doesn’t it feel weird uh-huh it’s just like a dream a boar bristle brush she’s great for distributing oil from the root of your scalp to the ends of your hair hey man what’s up I know how a dog feels I like to like section it off all right it’s good it’s all in white because it’s powerful stuff guys spray it into the root if I was with my wife my hair would probably use the stretcher let it sit in the hair especially because like this oily oh look what it works much a little bit and then start like you clip so judging your hair you’re like working all at powder roll your root my dandruff is snowing down I’m ready to go about my day without being embarrassed for Who I am [Music] day ten we have officially hit double digits of not washing my hair me and really got me thinking yesterday that this whole experiment is different for every single person because everyone has different hair today I brought my camera around the refinery29 office and I heard from a whole bunch of different people Hey Anissa can I talk to you for a second I was in bed hey Lucy hey Shauna oh look I asked how often they wash their hair well I’m brown so I washed my hair like once every week and a half I would say every other day every other day one or two times a week every other day probably every two days I then told them how long it’s been since I’ve washed my hair I’m currently on day 10 of my washing Wow Wow I mean I would never be able to tell 10 really really serious and for the most part people were shocked when I told that that I hadn’t washed my hair in ten days I can’t it’s too exclusive I can’t get over look look at this it looks really good then I asked them all to bury their noses in my unwashed hair which everyone here willingly and I asked them to give me a rating on a scale from one to ten one being your hair smells absolutely beautiful and your princess and ten being business most disgusting I’ve ever smelled I’m going to give you a tour now two and a half I okay gosh like a two and a half three like a two a three a four I’m using two a solid – oh you’re like you’re like negative one and you know what the average number that I got was about a two so either my friends are lying to me or the dry shampoo really worked two more days and then we can wash this puppies vendôme not kidding actually feels like a dog I actually think my hair looks fine today but looks can be deceiving today I went to Philip Kingsley at Riga logical clinic in New York and I met with the trike ologist primary function of psychologists are to address concerns that people have about their hair and scalp this woman was the real deal I am doing a two-week challenge of not washing my hair why I have a couple of concerns so what would you say about these people who YouTube videos I’ve seen where they say that they haven’t washed their hair for two years and their hair looks great so I’m not here to to tell them that that’s not what they should do or whatever but I would also say look unless I’m looking at the actual scalp health integrity I’m not sure that it is in fact as great as it might be and then she gave me a full scalp examination under a magnifying glass I saw the shots of what it looked like deep in my scalp and guys let me tell you it’s not pretty me already what I’m seeing is a lot of flaking and build up on the hair and that’s part of what you’re feeling in terms of the itching so Luciana want to can it out it see and how high has the level of discomfort or how would you rate it I think right now it’s around a four and at one point it was maybe like a seven or an eight right but it kind of got more tolerable right and I think as I said you you’ve probably got some benefit if you will benefit from the dry shampoo as she was looking through my scalp with forceps she told me that she saw a little bit of glitter in there you got some glitter in here Lucy I do guys why is there glitter in my crown and I can only think of one thing last week I worked on a DIY art project with glitter and it stuck on my scalp from last week so it’s either that or maybe I’m just unicorn and I have glitter instead of dandruff [Music] today is wash day at the end of the week guys my hair is so dirty like uncomfortably dirty I have learned so much about scalp and hair this week and I think that my major takeaway here is that there is a huge difference between doing something like what I did and cutting out all forms of cleansing whatsoever versus doing something a little bit less extreme like cutting out the harsh detergents and shampoos and replacing it with a milder product you know what they say everyone’s hair is full of secrets and I want to know your secrets so comment below let me know if you’ve ever done an experiment like this I would love to hear your experience and now I’m off to shower 5 4 3 2 1 nothing and YouTube thanks for watching click here 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  • Laughs in 4C

  • I didn't wash my hair for a week once, not purposely though

  • You are NEVER suppose to wash your hair everyday it is really bad for the oils and things your hair needs

  • Girl u gotta do sum to make ur scalp more healthy 😩😩..my dandruff used to be really bad as well. Taking care of ur scalp does wonders for ur hair

  • lucie: not washing hair for 2 weeks

    my crippling depression: hold my zoloft

  • I wash my hair only once a week!❤️

  • I am a pretty crunchy girl and I have tried going no poo and I have tried using every kind of natural shampoo and I have made homemade shampoo with castile soap… I just haven't found anything that really works. Even the full-on, horrible, store-bought stuff leaves my hair feeling filmy and greasy a lot of the time. I think it has to do with our REALLY hard water here in ATX. Thanks for trying it out for the rest of us! Your videos are so much fun!

  • I wash my hair every Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday
    On Sunday I mix 1 large and and 2 table spoons of olive oil and massage that on my scalp for 5 minutes. I leave it on there for 45 minutes. Then I wash it out with Luke warm water. I shampoo my entire head. Next I do a DEEP conditioning mainly focusing on the base and roots. Whatever is left goes on my scalp. I comb my hair with a wide tooth comb and let conditioner sit. Then rinse.

    On Wednesday and Friday I just shampoo my roots and use small to medium amount of conditioner. I always apply two leave in conditioners. A spray and liquid/paste. I squish the liquid paste into my hair whilst upside down. Then I spray the other conditioner in my hand and rub it through my hair.

  • I did it with m’ nails before

  • i can go 10days without washing my hair. its fine no big deal, then it gets shampoo, conditioner and i always do a treatment there is absolutley no reason to wash your hair everyday or even every other day, plus its such an effort where do people find the time and energy

  • my hair never gets greasy unless i put oil in it and your not suppose to wash your hair everyday or even every other day because the more shampoo you use the more your washing away your natural oil so then the scalp tries to projuce more oil which is why hair can get greasy so i would recommend if you have

    Dry hair = 2 times a week
    Oily hair =once a week
    Normal hair = 3 times a week
    frizzy hair = co-wash = that means just condition your hair
    greasy hair = train your hair to projuce oil and then at the end of the week wash your hair and then your hair will learn to projuce less oil

  • My secret (not really): Since my hair is different, doing this is nothing to me. If I wanted, I could go 4-5. ☺️
    Btw, it's so cool to me that someone is up to doing something like this xD

  • how after 4-5 days did your hair not look that greasy at all

  • Ok side note, HER EYES ARE WONDERFUL

  • This made me wanna wash my hair

  • Tbh her hair looked really silky and conditioned the whole time,

    Meanwhile when I'm on day 3 I look like I've just wet my hair it's that oily ;(

  • I stay 2 weeks and no washing my hair and I don’t feel it if I wish or no

  • Even though I do I have friends who don’t wash their hair with shampoo – they still use water though and I think that’s where you went wrong… this is a life style for some people and it’s unrealistic to think people won’t get their hair wet

  • Oh yes, I was merely participating in a beauty challenge, not struggling with crippling depression. *cough cough*

  • She didn't brush it? Why? That's the skanky part I think

  • They're shocked because normal people don't do that. It probably smells okay because the dry shampoo has a scent.

  • Even if its bad for me I would still wash it to feel good

  • Me during a depressive episode

  • why am I scared of her?

  • i have curly hair and a week without showering is kinda normal cuz my hair doesnt get affected that much tbh

  • I’ve noticed that I got into the habit of washing my hair everyday because it created so much oil. I did some research and turns out that my hair created so much oil to make up for the oil I stripped. So now I’m making progress and training my hair. Moral is: don’t wash your hair every day! I hope this helps some people!

  • How- my hair gets like greasy and like separates ig is what you call it if I don’t wash it every day🤦🏼‍♀️😭(tmi)

  • People with natural straight hair should wash their hair once every week, people with curly hair should be washing their every 2 weeks because curly hair is natural dry but commonly found in straight hair it produces a more oil than curly hair so every once week is fine

  • I dislike every woman who think they need to wash their hair everyday to be accepted by others, like if your friends goes ewww,, explain to them why, if they eww more it means their bad friends. Good Friend will be okay with your choice. I will do whatever to make my hair healthier, don’t care if it stinks during choir

  • It’s really not that bad lol, you just rise it with water, if it get greasy use baking soda and acv rise

  • Ummmm you can brush your hair to brush dirt away

  • Curly haired girls laughing thier *sses off

  • Boi my hair gets oily the day i wash it,and plus I have bangs so it gets super oily 😢

  • I'm a black women with natural thick coily hair and I have been so busy that I haven't had a chance to wash my hair and its been officially 7 days. Idk how u did this challenge, my scalp is so itchy and I can't wait to wash my hair 2morrow. The product build up is real

  • 1 day without washing my hair and i will look like a neglected dog

  • Im mixed and have curly hair, I rarely straighten it but when I do it’s like oily scalp city and I have to wash it

  • The thumbnail made me think her eyes were cgi-ed

  • What a load of bull 💩
    You asked everyone to rate your unwashed hair, told them it’s been 10 days….you used dry shampoo girl!!! Dry shampoo is still a form of washing your hair, and as for the smell, dry shampoo is very scented 🙄

  • I wash my hair once every 2 months not a big deal just wear leave in conditioner and my hair is nice and long no hate

  • I have naturally wavy/curly hair if I didn’t brush it for 9 days then I would have a matted mess!

  • I couldn't wash my hair for 10 days when I first broke my leg a few months ago because of the half cast.

  • Wait… were you not rinsing your hair under water at all during these two weeks?

  • She said 2 weeks of not washing which is 14 days but she spent 12 days on not washing

  • My hair feels like dreadlocks when I didn't wash it for 2 weeks

  • YOU CHEATED! so: zero experiment!

  • Laughs in thin curly hair


  • The black woman in this video is gorgeous and lucious 😍🍫

  • "Challenge"
    Hon, this is my life

  • My hair ain't curly my hair is kinda straight kinda kinky kinda curly kinda puffy

    What the actual heck

    And on top of that I am laughing cause me I do it once a month and like here 2019???

  • I wash my hair one night and the next day I can feel it getting greasy and if I don’t wash it that day it will be SUPER greasy the next day

  • my hair produces sooooo much oil even on day 2 my hair would be greasy

  • can’t imagine 2 weeks without washing my hair

  • my hair looks on day two like yours on day 8.

  • 20190821: O BROTHER. What is she really doing???? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Amps6EVfB00

  • 20190821: Everyone with natural curly hair laugh as they watch the video
    But why? Can't everyone's hair be washed? And sniffed? And can't the frustration bring every woman to tears? OK. So some hair can be vacuumed. In fact, I suspect all hair can be vacuumed. But not dry cleaned. But that shouldn't stop you from making a video about the day you tried to dry clean your hair……PS: And what about her eyelashes?

  • The answer is you're confusing washing hair with shampooing. Shampooing often is bad for your hair (in fact some experts say you don't really need to use shampoo ever). But that doesn't mean you can't just rinse your hair with water.

  • Of course everyone is shocked that you've not washed your hair for 10 days… Because you used dry shampoo to get your hair to look like that

  • Lucie: omg I won’t wash my hair for 2 weeks!

    Black girls with natural hair: hold my cantu

  • *cackles in black*

  • As someone with type 4 hair, I NEED the grease or else my hair will stay dry and break off

  • My hair gets to two days and it's a greasy mop

  • I have to wear my hair up Monday through Friday, it needs to be wet for it look to stay in a bun and not have a lot frizz and fly aways. I just switched to watching my hair twice a week. This is my week in a nutshell.
    Monday: Wash and Condition
    Tuesday: Condition just the ends
    Wednesday: Co Wash (Conditioner on the scalp)
    Thursday: Co Wash (Conditioner on the scalp)
    Friday: Wash and Condition
    I was nervous the first week as I wasn't sure how greasy it would look…. it wasn't to bad. I'm on my third week and it isn't as greasy and my hair doesn't seem as frizzy as it was before. My goal is to eventually only wash my hair once a week. I will say by Friday I have to use a lot of shampoo to get all the grease out…hopefully it will get better with time. Good luck on your hair journey.

  • I do this challenge all the time. It's called d e p r e s s i o n

  • I wash my hair and the next day i wake up to my hair lookin like I've been homeless for 30 years and never washed my hair😐

  • I have naturally blonde straight hair and I only need to wash it like every two weeks because it gets so dry without conditioner

  • What about dry shampoo

  • I wish I could not wash my hair

  • you shouldn't wash your hair everyday because it can ruin your hair.

  • You may not believe me, I had 27 days did not wash my hair experience. In Chinese culture, after giving birth to a baby that day can not wash the hair 30 days. I did it when I have my first kid. My hair so grease and itch, in the 28 days, I wash….

  • I literally don't wash my hair for two days and it is sososososoosos oily. So this would be a nightmare situation.

  • Your hair actually starts to clean itself after a while.

  • i can barely survive 2 days without washing my hair

  • I think what most people forget in recommending things for people to do differently that worked for them is that it won’t always work for the other person , in my opinion not washing your hair for long periods of time comes from the natural hair community , our hair is more curly,kinky and coily then someone with straight hair , the natural oils that come from our scalp don’t distribute all the way down so we can go long periods of time not washing it as it doesn’t get as itchy or dirty as fast

    Whatever works for you and your hair you should keep doing it , don’t ever let anyone tell you what you “should” or “shouldn’t” be doing , it’s your hair your life and you are the only one who knows what works for you so

  • can my teeth look like that and can my eyes look like that

  • Hahaha i can’t even go a single day without washing my hair because it will look extremely oily and dirty after 24 hours 🤷‍♀️

  • laughs in natural 4c hair

  • "Natural hair is not a new concept these days."

    laughs in curly haired african-american who knows that laws had/have to be passed so people wearing natural hair won't be harrassed.

    Edit 1: Dry shampoo? Oh no.

    Edit 2: I love how they didn't include the black woman's statement when she said she hadn't washed her hair in 10 days.


  • The best way is:
    Have SHOWERS
    Skip a day and then shower
    Change ur pillow case
    Have clean clothes
    Use conditioner, what I like to do is let it sit in and then wash it
    Have clean ponies

  • image being able to brush your hair that easily😢

  • Y'all need to chill…first off she has straight hair and not curly so don't compare the two. Second, if you guys didn't know, straight hair gets really really dry and tangled for not washing if for a while, it may not look like it but it happens so check yourself. Lastly there's no need to be negative towards her, if this challenge is hard to her then so be it.

  • Oily hair for a black person shhhh , we good

  • I wash my hair every other day if I don’t my hair gets super oily

  • Has anyone ever told you that sometimes you look like Sarah Michelle Gellar?

  • Is it a big deal I wash my hair after 2 weeks

  • I wanna try this!!

  • What the Chinese woman said is a facts so please dnt ask stupid question

  • We that have kinky or curly hair can go on for weeks without washing our hair n our hair wouldnt go gresy or dirty like hers

  • I thought you said no shammpo

  • her hair looks fine my hair gets greasy a day after washing so i think your good

  • 3:54 thank you for educating her on curly hair

  • Wtf 10 means good and 1 is bad lol what

  • "My hair is greasy"

    Hold my beer

  • I wash my hair every other day…

  • Dry shampoo is TOTALY CHEETING

  • Why does she keep saying it looks so greasy. IT DOESNT. Also, stop touching your scalp Lucie!

  • You should be happy, my hair look after 3 days definetly more horrible

  • Why would you not use water? I get no shampoo no conditioner you need to look up no poo 😂 cause this is… wrong (not using water I mean)

  • I can’t even go 2 days let alone 2 weeks!😩

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