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hey beautiful angels thank you so much for
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and I know I know all my subscribers are waiting for that
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people are asking me when I am going to announce the winner so guys I will be
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so that people like I have just reached 1k so people are really wanting a little
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and today I am going to give you a review about Himalaya refreshing fruit
pack and this guys I have got the idea after I have uploaded that Himalaya baby
care product guys you have loved that video and in the comment section you
told me that you love himaya products so I thought of sharing the Himalaya
freshing fruit pack review as well today on my channel and this face pack is
basically for normal to dry skin people and this is a very convenient tube for
those people who don’t get time to make their own face packs at home so if you
have a busy schedule you just grab this tube and you’re very good to go so for
that reason this is always there in my skincare routine so
this is a hundred gram of tube there in my hand and it cost me around
130 rupees quite affordable it’s very inexpensive and you always get offers in
the online stores so the main actives hundred percent active and himalya
doesn’t have much of chemicals into it so you can trust Himalaya products it
has methyl parabens and propyl parabens to protect the cream very natural so
the main active ingredients is apple and papaya so both are very very good and
very very amazing ingredients for your skin and the other two ingredients are
fig and cucumber so all these four ingredients are just marvelous for
your glowing skin so let me you it gives three claims that it deep
cleanses it firms your skin and it rejenuvates so I think all these three
claims are true to to the point T on this in this fruit face pack so let me
tell you now a cooling pack that clears the clock pores removes deeply embedded
impurities firms the skin helps restore its natural elasticity it helps control
blemishes and blackheads improve skin texture and helps minimize wrinkles the
Apple is a rich source which nourishes your skin brings out the natural glow
Fig and cucumber provides the cooling effect to your skin papaya removes the
fleckles and smoothes the skin out mineral clay soothes the skin and improves
blood circulation leaving your skin rejenuvated and glowing so as it is
suggested like direction of uses just apply it a smaller thin layer on your or
like on the whole face and neck area and just let it be for 10-15 minutes it
dries out very very soon so the people who are in hurry they can just grab this
apply it and in 10-15 minutes you are very good to go so just wash it with
warm water or just cold water splash it and you’re very very fine so I just show
you the texture so this is how the texture it’s a light cream color cream
which is very thick and consistency not very very runny but it gets creamy
texture it gets applied in your skin very nicely and easily you just have to
have a thin coat on your skin the fragrance is very very soothing and very
very calming fragrance that when you apply it you really really feel the
aroma of the fragrance the it calms your skin down so that is what I feel it’s
very pampering effect which you give on your skin so guys now I will tell you
the benefits of using this fruit face pack and my take after I have used this
face pack neatly when I have applied this face packs two three or five times
I have seen reduction of blackheads on my nose whiteheads
I have seen that my skin really refreshes when I apply it it gets
rejenuvated and it gives a healthy glow and I have also noticed that it has
lessen it has just reduced my pimple breakouts also so all these things are
true to this claim that it deep cleanses it forms at
the main thing I apply it and my skin loves this product that is that it gives
a skin tightening effect so I really really liked it it reduces your wrinkles
and the freckles on your skin I don’t know about blemishes because I don’t
have any blemishes issues but guys if it also helped in sun tanning because it
has all the great ingredients of apple and papaya which helps in the removal of
tan if you have tan skin if you got Sun Tan on your face you can definitely use
it you can definitely use this back on your hands and legs as well so this was
my take I have told you all the benefits the only con which I found in this pack
fruit pack that is that when you apply this you get a very tingling effect on
your skin at least for five to eight seconds it gives you that lingering
tingering effect on your skin I won’t say burning but yes it gets little
little tinging effect so that irritates our skin a little bit but after a little
while it starts cooling and then it’s really really a cooling face pack so for
that reason I don’t know how well it will work for a pimple skin so if you
apply that face pack near your pimple it will it will I think it will burn or
give you it for normal to dry skin so definitely guys it’s a win-win situation
for my skin So this was my take about Himalaya refreshing fruit pack so guys
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