15 Simple Habits to Get Rid of Acne

Hey everyone its Michelle and today I’m back with another skincare video And today we are talking about Skincare habits that have really helped me improve my acne If you’ve been following me for a while then you know that I have been on quite the journey With my skin and my acne But today I have some helpful habits that I use in my daily life that I have noticed have helped to improve My skin I’ll go over some habits that you should already be doing in your daily life But I also have some tips that I haven’t really heard other people talk about before So hopefully they will help you and I realize not everyone can afford to see a dermatologist So all of these habits are just like helpful tips and tricks that you can implement in your own Lifestyle that don’t really cost you anything Everything that we’re gonna mention is based off of my own Experience and my own research and what worked for me might not work for you. Everyone’s skin is different Alright, so I feel like I’m just rambling. Let’s get on with the video first I’m going to get a little closer to show you guys what we’re working with here I do not have any makeup on right now besides my eyebrows mascara and some lipgloss But this is the current state of my skin It’s not the best but it’s also not the worst that it’s been I do have a little friend on my chin I usually break out around my chin during my period and that did just end for me Hence this guy. Other than that my skin is pretty clear. I don’t have any other active breakouts my skin is a very sensitive very Cystic acne prone I pretty much only get cystic acne Which is the type of acne where it starts really deep below the surface of your skin and takes weeks sometimes months To actually come to the surface Sometimes it doesn’t even break through the surface But I haven’t had a cyst in about a month until this guy showed up like last week So my skin has been at a pretty good State I did break out quite a bit maybe like two to three months ago but I think that was because I was really stressed because I did just move away from home to a New state for the first time with getting a new job and figure out my life and everything like that that just caused a lot of stress and I think that definitely Showed through my skin so I do have some hyperpigmentation dark spots left over from that time I do still have redness and large pores as always But I do put a lot of effort in maintaining my skin preventing breakouts. So let’s get on with the habits So first, I just want to go over Habits that everyone talks about there are certain ones that you always hear people Mentioning and then we’ll dive deeper into what is really helping me These are like the top five habits that people always talk about staying hydrated Exercising eating healthy not picking at your pimples and not sleeping with your makeup on Yeah, you should be doing those things on the daily anyway it can be kind of hard sometimes but I think that those are still worth mentioning because They are important so when it comes to staying hydrated I definitely notice a difference when I am drinking a lot of water throughout the day versus when I’m not I noticed that like if one day I barely drink any water I only drink like one bottle of water and the next day my skin just looks super dry and dull and my eyes look sunken in I just don’t look as good as when I do drink a lot of water, so Stay hydrated number two Exercising we should all be living a active lifestyle It is very hard sometimes to get your butt up, but it does help It’s also a good stress reliever 3 eating healthy for some people a diet definitely has an effect on their skin Surgeon foods can trigger flare-ups. So it really depends you just have to try it out for yourself like for me I Try and stay away from dairy and refined sugars I know dairy and refined sugars are a big trigger for a lot of people So if you do eat a lot of those things maybe try and cut those out for like a week or two See if your acne clears up a little but I also that regular bowel movements are also very important There was a time where I was constantly Constipated and I was also breaking out a lot on my cheeks I think the science behind that is kind of like your body’s holding onto this waste that waste may turn toxic and those toxins are Coming out through your skin So I started eating more foods that are high in fiber number four and don’t touch your face and don’t pick out your pimples Especially if you haven’t washed your hands and you pick at a pimple, and it’s suddenly open then more Bacteria can get into it one tip that I have to help you. Not touch. Your pimples is to use pimple patches So this is one that I have been using recently. This is Alba Botanica acne pimple patches They are skin colored So when you stick them on your face It’s actually kind of hard to tell that you have them on your skin because it blends in really nicely so you could wear this Out during the day and people won’t really notice pimple patches can also suck up the like oil Sebum dirt in your pimple and kind of reduce the size of it reduce the inflammation. So if you have an obsession with picking your pimples slap one of these on there to prevent yourself from aggravating it even more but I also Try not to like lean on my hands like if I’m sitting at my desk or something I try not to like use an open palm and just like rest it on my cheek Especially since my problem areas are like my cheeks in my chin. My jawline is actually not that bad So if I do want to lean on my hand, I’ll like go like this But yeah, I just like don’t touch your face, especially you don’t have clean hands. Oh, no, someone’s balloon just flew away Okay. Anyway number five don’t sleep with your makeup on we all know this but I think we’ve all done this at least once in Our lives but this is something that I’m like religious about I always make sure to take off my makeup and do my skincare before I go to bed I just think it’s so important because your makeup sitting on your face all day Especially if you’ve had it on for like eight ten twelve hours, you could clog your pores cause some breakouts. So I always make sure properly cleanse my face I don’t use makeup wipes because they tend to be kind of harsh on my skin because my skin is so sensitive So instead I used my cellar water This is just from Garnier and if I’m wearing waterproof makeup Which I usually do then I’ll use the blue bottle which is meant for waterproof makeup And then I’ll wash my face with my Noxzema classic clean deep cleansing cream after I use that I usually tone my face so I put some toner on a cotton pad swipe it all over my face and there usually isn’t any makeup or like Oils residue left on the cotton pads, so I know that it’s doing its job at cleansing my skin So yeah, those are the top five habits that I think most people know about so Let’s move on to the real meat of the video which brings us to our sixth point Which is to rub your cleanser into your face for at least twenty to thirty seconds Now this might seem like a duh type of thing but like this is something that I Wasn’t doing for a while like I would literally just take my cleanser rub it on my face for like five seconds Like that’s it. Maybe not even five seconds just like mmm Alright super fast and then rinse it off But I feel like that doesn’t give your cleanser enough time to like actually work and clean your face So I’ll just stand there rubbing it in in small circular motions around my face giving myself a nice face massage as well and I’ll literally cut in my head 1, Mississippi 2, Mississippi 3, Mississippi use this as a time to Relax and de-stress and kind of feel like you’re pampering yourself Number 7 get enough sleep. If I only get like 5 hours of sleep versus like 7 hours of sleep my skin again just looks dry and dull and just not as like plump and Youthful and glowy as when I have 7 to 8 hours. It sounds so like cliche but like I personally Notice a difference. It’s not just for your skin But also for your overall mental health and well-being number 8 change your pillowcase every single night this kind of sounds crazy But it’s something that I do every single night. I have a stack of pill cases in my closet I think I have enough pillow cases for like two weeks if that’s too crazy for you I would say like maybe every other nights or every two nights because when you’re sleeping on your pillow at night Especially if you don’t wash your hair every day There might be some dirt and oils that Can transfer to your pillowcase and during the night you might be rolling around rubbing your face against your pillowcase against all of those dirt and oils which will transfer onto your skin possibly clogging your pores and Causing little breakouts here and there and that’s just not something that I want to deal with So I just eliminate that problem altogether by using a new pillowcase every single night I am just paranoid about getting new breakouts I’ve worked so hard to get my skin to the point where I don’t really have a lot of breakouts and I just don’t want To take any risks number 9 try and keep your hair out of your face Especially if you use a lot of product on your hair like hairspray dry shampoo I also sleep with my hair tied up in a ponytail or in a bun because again, whatever dirt oil Products that are in your hair could transfer onto your skin clog your pores and cause some breakouts if you do have like bangs or if your hair falls down the side of your face and Your hair back tie it up number 10 Exfoliate but not too much and not too little it’s all about finding that balance I usually exfoliate my face one to two times a week. I’ll usually exfoliate on like Sunday and then like Wednesday I have pretty sensitive skin. So that’s why I space out my exfoliation days If you have sensitive skin like me, you might need to build up your tolerance to exfoliate more frequently But if you’re just starting out I would say to exfoliate like once a week and then build it up from there for me If I exfoliate too much then my skin gets really dry and irritated and red and it kind of burns and stings my skin which I think is a Red flag that should not be happening. But if I don’t exfoliate enough, then I a lot of buildup My skin looks dull and there are different ways to exfoliate too you can do a chemical exfoliation, which is pretty much just like a AAA or Retinol those are usually like gels or creams Sometimes toners the chemical exfoliator that I use is the Ordinaries glycolic acid seven percent toning solution this is pretty new to my regimen I use this like once a week and this one contains a H a but if I want a physical exfoliation then I will use this this is a new sonic by skin cosmetics the head doesn’t Spin like some other brushes I actually don’t like using those because I feel like those are more abrasive. This one just vibrates like really intensely This is the on button. This is to change the intensity. You can see that the head is not spinning. It’s just Vibrating and that just like loosens the dirt and oil in your pores really gives that nice deep clean I use this like once a week and I like the silicone head It is removable so you can really wash it and clean it and prevent bacteria buildup in there So exfoliating is very important, but you got to do it the right amount not too much and not too little number 11 I’m running out of hands count your products into your skin and also pat your face dry rather than using rubbing motions This is more just to prevent like early signs of aging and wrinkles and things like that constantly tugging at your skin can cause your skin to Lose its elasticity, but also if you rub your skin and you have like active breakouts Then it could Irritate and aggravate that even more so it’s good to use a patting motion because it’s just more gentle for your skin the next step Is to moisturize even if you have oily skin because I have oily skin and for the longest time I thought that I did not need to moisturize because I have oily skin anyway, so like why do I need to put more moisture and oil but actually my skin was very Dry and dehydrated because my skin was so dry and dehydrated It was trying to compensate for that by producing more oil which made me think that my skin was oily But really it was just super dry. So once I started using moisturizers everyday the oil production kind of slowed down I was like, whoa, especially if your skin feels really tight after you clean it then you know that your skin needs hydration I like to use a hyaluronic acid serum I love this one because when it completely dries, it doesn’t feel sticky on your skin, and then I follow it up with some Lotion, I don’t use any fancy moisturizer I literally just use a vino daily moisturizing lotion before this I used to use Satterfield’s lotion, but that was really greasy. Even though they claim that it’s not greasy But then I discovered this one Because someone had it at work and I tried it and I put it on and it absorbed so quickly And did not leave that greasy sticky feeling afterwards and it was amazing because it didn’t break me out either My next tip is to keep your skincare routine Simple I don’t think you need a lot of steps to have an effective skincare routine So it’s usually just cleanse tone treat if I have any breakouts moisturize and yeah, that’s it The only other thing that I do is exfoliate which only happens once or twice a week And I don’t use a lot of masks or anything either Sometimes I’ll use a charcoal mask, but when it comes to your everyday routine I think keeping it simple is probably the best option plus if you use a lot of products and You’re suddenly breaking out then, you know, maybe it could be one of the products that you’re using But if you have a lot of products it might be hard to pinpoint which one is the cause of your breakouts Which kind of brings me into my next point which is to give your skin time getting clear skin getting rid of acne Things like that just takes a really long time. So you have to be patient with your skin You’re not gonna get clear skin in one day. I’m sure you’ve heard that before but it is true I’ve learned my lesson not to go crazy on like trying a bunch of new products at one time because I think that it’s going to Instantly clear my skin but no it just makes things worse introduce one new product to your routine at a time if you’re testing out something and you have to give it time to See if it actually works for your skin. It could take two weeks. It could take two months So you got to give yourself time to see what’s working. And what’s not and make changes from there. It’s not gonna happen overnight I know you probably don’t want to hear that but that’s the truth and that also ties into my final tip Which is to not be so hard on yourself about your skin My skin is probably my biggest insecurity and it’s hard when you feel like you’re the only person going through all of that But that’s why I want to make these videos to show people that they’re not alone most times You are your biggest critic and most times people don’t even notice Like when I thought that my acne was at its worst I thought everyone around me saw what I saw but really when I asked my friends about it They were like, I didn’t even notice be patient, but also be kind to yourself So yeah, that pretty much brings us to the end of the video acne is a freakin bitch and there is no one-size-fits-all solution Unfortunately, but hopefully these tips Helped you out Maybe you learn something from it and maybe most importantly learn that whatever you’re going through. You’re not alone I will always be here supporting You guys because I know What it feels like if you have any other tips or good habits that I didn’t mention in this video that you want to share Leave them down in the comments below. We got this cuz we got each other. So that’s it for this video Give it a thumbs up if you enjoyed it, and I will see you guys in my next video. Bye

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  • Okay so the last two won’t directly affect your skin, but it’ll definitely help you mentally by putting less pressure on yourself, thus reducing stress and, hopefully, reducing breakouts~ But if you have any other good habits that I didn’t mention, leave them in a comment below! ♡ And share this video if you thought it was helpful! Acne sucks but WE’RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER 💪🙌

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    Btw, your skin is gorgeous now and you were even gorg before!

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