12 Things That Annoy Your Massage Therapist The Most

12 Things That Annoy Your Massage Therapist
the Most Aside from the most annoying thing you could
ever tell a massage therapist (that their job isn’t that hard), there’s actually
a list of other things that they find equally as frustrating. We’re exposed to a lot of myths and misunderstandings
about massage therapy, and the idea that it doesn’t require a ton of effort is only
one of them. Massage therapists don’t have an easy job
but there are a few things that would make their job a little easier. Whether you’re an RMT professional yourself,
or simply a fan of massages and want to have a good relationship with your practitioner,
this video has got something for us all! Now, keep watching for the 12 things massage
therapists find most annoying. Before we begin this video, don’t forget
to subscribe to our channel for more daily tips like this and turn on notifications so
you never miss our new videos! 12. Being called a “masseuse” or a “masseur.” Using outdated titles from the 1950s can drive
a massage therapist crazy. Try RMT (registered massage therapist) or
massage practitioner. These days, most massage therapists require
some sort of education, training, or certification to be considered a masseuse, and it can be
considered disrespectful to give them a generic name. There are many different types of massage
therapy programs that require certification examinations which are administered by colleges. To practice massage therapy in certain states,
massage therapists must first obtain their certificate of registration from an approved
school. Being a registered massage therapist is a
professional designation, and is one which is earned by people who have completed the
necessary training and certification. 11. Clients who are self-conscious. We can’t anticipate every great skin day
when booking a neck massage, deep tissue massage, or any other type of massage. Whether you have a sprinkle of back acne or
forgot to shave your legs, it’s nothing they haven’t seen before! So if you are self conscious about your skin,
weight, or any type of condition you may have, leave your fears at the door as soon as you
walk into your appointment! Massage therapists have seen it all, and nothing
phases them. If you’re worried about how you look, you’re
not the only one. But massage therpaists are trained to do their
job and deal with any type of body type or condition. The best massage is one where you are comfortable
and relaxed, so leave your worries at the door! Wondering what the number one thing is that
annoys massage therapists the most? Here’s a hint: it’s something clients
do while they are getting a massage. Stick around til the end to find out what
it is! 10. Clients who haven’t showered. This one’s pretty straight-forward. Like any appointment focused on your body,
whether it be a doctor’s visit or a wax, it’ll make it more enjoyable for the both
of you if you’re clean. Your massage therapists are providing you
a service, and a part of this service requires them to get extremely close to our body. Have a little bit of a respect for them and
take a thorough shower before you go for your deep tissue massage. It is the least you can do considering the
service they are providing. How do you expect to get the best massage
possible if your massage therapist can barely complete the job because of your body odour?! 9. Clients who “forget” their wallets. Like with any other service being given, massage
therapists expect to get paid! If you expect to get a massage, well, you’ve
gotta pay for it! The same can be said for tipping. If your massage therapist went out of his
or her way to give you an amazing deep tissue massage, let them know that you appreciate
it. Be sure to tip them to show your thanks. And your massage therapist won’t forget
it when you come in for another appointment. If you become a regular customer and leave
consistent tips, they will make sure they give you the best service possible every time
you come in. It goes both ways, folks! Remember – if you tip well and are a loyal
customer, you can guarantee that you will continue to get the best massages from your
massage therapist. 8. Sound effects. Whether the massage feels really good or that
kink in your neck the RMT is working out really hurts, try to control the noises. Massage therapists have heard it all, but
that doesn’t take away from the fact that certain noises can be really weird. It can be annoying for a massage therapist
to hear weird sound effects while they are completing a neck massage, deep tissue massage,
or any other type of massage, and it can also take away from their focus. So just try to avoid those strange sound effects
the best you can! 7. Massage therapists are in pain too. Giving a massage like a deep tissue massage
is a physically and emotionally demanding task. You’re not the only one who’s hurting. So try to take this into consideration when
you are getting your massage. As good (or bad) as the massage may feel,
remember that your massage therapist is completing a service which can also put a strain on their
own body! 6. How unreliable their job is. Although getting a massage is becoming a more
common method of self-care, it can still be unpredictable when it comes to clients. That’s why massage therapists devote a lot
of their time to building a loyal clientele. These clients remain loyal and continue to
come back, and also tell their friends and family members about their massage therapist. This can help a massage therapist gain clients
through word of mouth. 5. People they know asking for free massages. One of the most annoying things about being
a massage practitioner is people trying to get free massages. Some people ask for a simple neck massage,
while others ask for deep tissue massages – which are actually more expensive and much
more time consuming than a regular massage. Book an appointment! Not everything in life is free, and just because
your friend or friend of a friend is a massage therapist, doesn’t mean that you are entitled
to a free massage. We all have to pay our bills somehow. You wouldn’t just walk into an auto shop
and expect them to fix your car for free, right? The same applies for any other type of service
– you gotta pay for it! So show a little respect and stop asking acquaintances
or people you know for free massages – it is one of the most annoying parts of the job! 4. Clients who don’t say how they’re feeling. If something really hurts, or if their touch
is too rough or their method too intense, tell them! They actually want to know. How is a massage therapist supposed to know
that you’re in pain if you don’t tell them? Don’t leave them guessing. Let them know when you are in pain, and don’t
forget to inform them of any problem areas you may have which you want straightened out. They are providing you a service, remember. And if you want to get the best out of this
service, be upfront and honest with them from the start! 3. Towels. So many towels! Laundry day is every day when you’re a registered
massage therapist. One of the more annoying parts of being a
massage therapist is having to deal with the seemingly endless amount of towels they go
through on a daily basis. Not only do they have to clean them all, but
they also have to keep buying new ones that are fresh. This adds up in cost, and also takes a lot
of time! 2. Uncovering health issues. The good and bad thing about going for a massage
is they can actually find signs relating to your health. Even though they might have to be the bearer
of bad news, it could save your life. The reason this might seem annoying to massage
therapists is because they expect clients to tell them about any health issues or problems
they may be experiencing before starting the massage. If a massage therapist doesn’t know about
any underlying issues, it could be dangerous to your health. So make sure that you are fully away of any
health issues or conditions you have before going in for your appointment. You should perhaps even schedule an appointment
with your doctor before going for a massage to rule out any health conditions. Okay, so you’ve made it to the end – now,
here is the one thing that clients do while getting a massage that massage therapists
can’t stand! 1. Clients who don’t stop fidgeting or moving. Massage therapists can get really annoyed
with clients who can’t relax. Please stop moving around or shifting yourself
on the table. The whole point is to be comfortable! We get it, you might be a bit nervous or even
in a little bit of pain or discomfort because of the massage, but your massage therapist
can’t do his or her job if you are constantly fidgeting and can’t keep still. Let them do their job. Stay still and let them know of any discomfort
you are experiencing during the massage. If you are nervous you can also voice your
anxiety to them to before starting. Are you guilty of doing any of the things
in this video? What annoys you the most about getting massages? What would you say is the best massage you
ever received? Let us know in the comments section below! Enjoyed this video? Hit the like button and subscribe to our channel
for more videos like this! Thanks for watching!

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  • Are you guilty of doing any of the things in this video? What annoys you the most about getting massages? What would you say is the best massage you ever received? Let us know in the comments section below! If you enjoyed this video, please give it a like and share it with your friends! 😊

  • I knew you were going to mention not making noises. It must be embarrassing. Who in their right mind wouldn't take a shower before going there they have to touch your body if you smell that's so gross! You have to relax or you won't enjoy it. My husband went once and when they touched his feet he would freak out. I'm sure she was annoyed!

  • I went to Punta Carna for vacation. Had the best message ever. She was great!

  • FYI…The anatomy class you have to take for massage therapy is just as hard if not harder as going to nursing school. I'm a Licensed Massage Therapist and an RN. And PLEASE be CLEAN !!! Contact dermatitis is ugly and very contagious!!! Also, don't lie on the registration sheet!!! If you have the C word, let your therapist know, bc massage can spread it…Massage IS amazing and very much underrated!!! And please TIP what you can , if you can! ALSO, speak up on the pressure! Its okay! We want you to come back!!!😊

  • Glad you did this awesome video!!! Thank you!!!😘😘😘

  • We are by all means not rich we live pay check to pay check but my husband and I always tip.

  • You've convinced me to never get a massage.

  • Some states, including Texas where I practice, require a state license, which makes us part of the health professional network.

  • Thanks for this vedio im massage therapist all of your topic is almost i experience to my client

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  • I can’t stand when a client moves while I am giving them a massage. It makes me feel very uncomfortable.

  • So wait! Making noises in reaction to pain isn’t cool? But not speaking up and saying something isn’t cool either?
    Gross case of hypocrisy!
    If message therapists were capable of reading non-verbal cues (which it sounds like here that they aren’t), and taking clients’ noises as a hint that the client is in pain, the client shouldn’t have to tell the therapist!

  • Ahh hah!!!! And this folks is the reason why I interact with as few people in life as possible on a daily basis.
    If I gotta’ take time to worry about how, what I do, does or doesn’t annoy other people; I’ll never get anything done!

    Anyone who thinks I’m going to take even a second to consider how my actions affect other people— obviously doesn’t know me that fucking well!!!
    I don’t even LIKE other people, so why should I give even 5/10th’s of a rat’s ass whether I annoy them or not?!!! 🤣🤣
    So yeah this video did little to help me, other than to confirm in my mind what I’ve known all along: People today are overly “PC” & “What is & isn’t Socially Appropriate” weenie-whiners about any action on the part of another person, that “so-called” offends them.

    Quite frankly, I’m most easily unimpressed. Message therapists are the ones who need to calm down & get over themselves!

  • Number 10… that's just plain nasty. 😂

    I tip mine well. She is wonderful.

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