10 Wonderful Home Remedies For Wrinkles

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wrinkles wrinkles didn’t just become a problem for humankind in the last couple
of centuries wrinkles have been a problem since the beginning of recorded
history and most likely before long before cosmetic companies started
producing wrinkle reducing or eliminating products that we Americans
spend billions of dollars on each year our ancestors were trying to find ways
to make wrinkles disappear or to delay their appearance as long as possible
here are a few of those home remedies for wrinkles one use the core of a
pineapple to rub your face leave it on for 10 or 15 minutes and then wash it
off pat dry this is supposed to help alleviate fine lines to the juice of
green pineapples or apples applied to the face and left for up to a half hour
is supposed to reduce fine lines in the skin 3 lemon juice applied to age spots
or freckles is said to fade them for make a paste of turmeric powder and
sugar cane juice apply it to the face and leave it until it dries this is
supposed to prevent aging 5 rub castor oil into your face each night to prevent
wrinkles 6 rub egg whites into the skin under your eyes to alleviate bags 7
massage coconut oil into the skin on your face and neck daily 8 cut a grape
in half and mash the pulp into the skin or round out eyes and mouth leave for a
half-hour and rinse 9 make a facial pack from oatmeal and milk apply to the face
and let dry rinse well and moisturize with castor oil 10 mash and avocado well
and apply to the face allowed to stay for at least a half hour there are
dozens of other home remedies for reducing and preventing wrinkles if
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