10 Ways to “Get Rid Of” PIMPLES! | Animate My Life HACKS

Mei: We’ve all been there. We’re just minding our own business, when suddenly… (pop) a pimple appears out of nowhere without warning! (evil laugh) Now, you’ll be embarrassed to go to that party, date, or important function with that thing hanging around… So, here are 10 ways to get rid of pimples! For a cheek pimple, try “The Thinker.” Put your hand over your pimple and pretend to reflect on deep philosophical thoughts. For stubbornly large, red cheek pimples, go for “The Cosplayer”. Grab a sweater, stick on some ears, and presto! Your pimples blend in seamlessly! Cosplay Girl: Wow! Your cheeks’ makeup looks so naturally integrated into your skin! How did you do it? Mei: Uhh… bacterial infection? (crickets) But what if those pimples were on one side? Call on the “Phone-atic.” Fake chat for hours, regardless of battery life. Blah blah blah… Phone Guy: Uh, can I borrow your phone? Mei: Uh… sorry, my battery’s dead. Got pimples lower down on your face that looks like an upside-down smiley face? Grab a flower and go for “The Romantic.” (romantic music) Or for pimples further up, try “The Headache.” Great for exam season or the dating scene! On the way to work? “The Reader” is a quick fix for that, but what if there are no books or newspapers nearby? You can always fall back on “The Sleeper.” Put your head in your arms and pretend to take a nap. (snoring) Note: Results may vary. Pimples too scattered? Take care of them all at once with “The Sunglasses.” Trendy and cool! Freckled Guy: Durr, why are you wearing
sunglasses at night? (owl hoots) Mei: Can’t find a pair big enough? Let down your hair for “The Big Bangs Theory!” I really, really like bangs. And for pimples all along your lower face, try “The Scarf Face!” Annoying Guy: Pfft! Why are you wearing a scarf during summer? Mei: Grr… Say hello… to my little friends! (screaming)

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