10 Surprising Benefits of Manuka Honey

Hey, guys. Dr. Josh Axe here. Welcome to Ancient Medicine Today. Today I’m going to be talking about my favorite
pantry item, Manuka honey. Manuka honey has been used as medicine for
hundreds of years. Also, it’s been used as food. So we’ll talk about the many benefits here. And actually, I think this is one of the best
sweeteners. If you want to satisfy your sweet tooth yet
not cause candida that overgrow in your body, this is the best sweetener in nature. And Manuka honey itself is actually created
by bees in New Zealand, okay, very, very popular honey that comes out of New Zealand. It tends to be a little bit more spendy. But I will tell you that because of all of
the incredible benefits, it can often times be worth the price you pay for Manuka honey. Here are some nutrition facts and some things
you got to remember about honey. One of the questions I get a lot is, “Well
I thought honey has sugar and sugar is bad for me.” You have to remember that sugar is not a villain. Isolated sugar consumed in too high amounts
is a villain to your body. It causes chronic inflammation, causes yeast
and bad bacteria overgrowth. So it’s all about getting sugar in its real
food form in small amounts throughout your day. For instance, here is a great example. Blueberries are an incredible antioxidant-rich
food that contains sugar. But because it has antioxidants and enzymes
and nutrients and some fiber, it doesn’t affect your body the negative way. It’s typically just good for you. Same goes with Manuka honey. Manuka honey typically contains over 200 types
of microbes. It has different antiseptic properties. It’s loaded with enzymes. It has some B vitamins and other things I’ll
share with you right now. As you can see here Manuka honey actually
contains amino acids, so the building blocks of proteins, contains B vitamins, calcium,
copper, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, zinc and four times that of normal
flower honey of many of these nutrients especially in terms of its antibacterial agent. So you can see here, Manuka honey is probably
the most nutrient dense of all types of honey you could ever consume. And here are some natural treatments that
might surprise you about a Manuka honey or some conditions it helps. Number one is SIBO, that’s small intestinal
bacterial overgrowth, low stomach acid and acid reflux. Now there are studies showing that specifically
the things that are found in Manuka honey actually can keep ulcers at bay and actually
kill H. pylori bacteria, bad bacteria that causes stomach ulcers. And also I would say of all the sweeteners
you could consume with SIBO, this is probably the least damaging to the body. So SIBO, low stomach acid, acid reflux, Manuka
honey is a great natural remedy. Now with consuming Manuka honey, I typically
just recommend a single teaspoon at a time or a loaded teaspoon and that’s it. You don’t want to do several tablespoons or
a fourth of a cup or loads and loads of honey, but about a loaded teaspoon whether it’s mixed
in tea or part of a dessert or I’ll tell you just a great dessert. Hey, mix a little Manuka honey a teaspoon
with a tablespoon of almond butter and it is a delicious dessert, so good, I think you’ll
love it. So SIBO, one great natural treatment is doing
Manuka honey. Number two is acne and eczema. Acne, my favorite natural treatment for acne
is mixing Manuka honey in tea tree oil or Manuka honey and Manuka essential oil. Mixing those together, rubbing it on the face,
letting it sit for two minutes and then washing it off. Actually Manuka honey fights Staph aureus,
a certain type of bacteria that is the root cause of acne. It also can help balance your overall amount
of the oil your skin produces and helps with sebaceous gland and things like. So again it’s a great acne fighter. Also, it’s great for eczema. You know if somebody has eczema, I recommend
mixing geranium oil with Manuka oil or with . . . geranium oil with Manuka honey, rubbing
it on the area, letting it sit there for a time as well, maybe an hour or two and then
washing it off. It’s a great thing to do there. Or you can mix a little Manuka honey in with
something like a shea butter, beeswax and olive oil and actually rub it in the area
and just leave it on there permanently. But Manuka honey is often found in different
types of wound treatments or wound ointments that are good for treating wounds. Number three, it is great for staph infection. I mentioned Staph aureus which is a bacteria
that can often cause acne. Well, staph infections are especially infections
on your skin. Now one of the things they would do in New
Zealand as well as Australia is they do a natural remedy where they mix things like
tea tree oil or eucalyptus oil. They mix that in with Manuka honey and put
it on an area to treat burns, and wounds and cuts specifically staph infection, and you
will see our next one here, burns, wounds and ulcers. Again it is one of the most powerful natural
remedies in the world for, I think, it’s a natural antiseptic in keeping things from
getting infected there as well. So again burns, wounds and ulcers, great reason
to use Manuka honey there. Number five, tooth decay and gingivitis. It is the sugar that doesn’t cause tooth decay
really, or one of the foods that has high amounts of sugar that doesn’t cause tooth
decay because of the very unique compounds that are found in Manuka honey. Now when you buy Manuka honey, typically there’s
a grade on there. It will say anywhere from 10 plus, to 12 plus,
to 16, to 24 plus to even 30 plus. When I’m consuming this as a food, I tend
to do it in between the 10 and 16 plus. Sometimes I’ve done as much as 24 plus. The 24 plus is typically used even more as
medicine or just the maximum of a teaspoon at a time. But again, Manuka honey can be great for even
fighting tooth decay and gingivitis which could make it your go-to natural sweetener. IBS and IBD. One of the big causes of stomach ulcers are
ulcers that can actually line your intestinal wall and contribute to things like IBS and
inflammatory bowel disease are these ulcers and ulcers almost like a burn. Imagine you have a big burn on your skin or
a burn. And just touching it, doing things, it aggravates
it. Well, ulcers you can get those in your stomach. You can also get those in your colon and your
intestines. And specifically, Manuka honey has been shown
to be fantastic for naturally helping calm those ulcers and again H. pylori and certain
types of bad bacteria are what cause stomach ulcers. Manuka honey, those compounds kill off the
bacteria that cause stomach ulcers allowing it to fully heal removing that in interference. Number seven, wore throats and immunity. Again when you have a sore throat and you
have that virus or bacteria that’s in your throat lining and in your chest and even in
your upper neck area, you want something that can sit there for a while. What I love is doing a remedy of lemon essential
oil mixed with Manuka honey and just sort of swallowing that and letting it kind of
sit in your throat, doing it every hour or so, getting a little bit of Manuka honey with
lemon oil. Sometimes I’ll make some ginger essential
oil in there as well, so ginger, lemon and honey and maybe some cinnamon powder or oil. But doing those oils together really, really
good for sore throat and naturally supporting your immune system by balancing out the good
bacteria in your gut microbiome. Number eight, allergies and sinusitis. Now we’ve all heard that consuming honey can
actually help fight allergies. Now Manuka honey does it in a different way
than raw local honey. Now raw local honey is something you definitely
want to do for allergies. But you want to be taking it year-round. What happens is that if you get raw local
honey and you’re consuming it year-round, your body is being exposed to that type of
pollen. And you’re building up a natural immunity
over time. Now right when you get allergies for the first
time they come on, doing raw local honey isn’t as beneficial as Manuka honey. Manuka honey is the most beneficial to take
the day of or if you’re in the middle of fighting something. So again year-round or building up your immunity
year-round especially to your local immunity, the best thing to do is raw local honey. When you’re sick in the middle of it, Manuka
honey is one of best to do because it will actually help kill off any bad bacteria in
your body that is there as well. So great for allergies and sinusitis, great
for beauty treatment and a natural health booster. So especially for scarring, one of the natural
treatments for scars is doing certain types of oils like tallow or emu oil and other oils
that reduce scarring such as Helichrysum oil and mixing those with Manuka honey and letting
them sit there on a scar. Again if you ever have a cut and you are worried
that it’s going to turn into a scar, what I would do is take a mixture of Manuka honey,
Helichrysum essential oil, pretty large amount and maybe even a little bit of, well . . . start
with that, just the honey and essential oils. And then once it’s fully formed then I would
put on some other things to keep it hydrated like a tallow which is a beef fat or an emu
oil, things like that to keep it really hydrated along with the essential oils afterwards. But again, it’s great especially to heal cuts. And if you ever get a cut or burn, I would
do Manuka honey mixed with lavender essential oil immediately. And listen if you burn your hand, you will
immediately want to put something on it. You rinse it with cold water and within that
first minute, you immediately want to douse it with lavender oil and then with Manuka
honey and keep it on it for the next 24 hours. And number 10, improve sleep. By the way, if you’re enjoying this live training
right now, take a minute help me spread the word that Manuka oil is part of nature’s cabinet,
punch that Share button, click that Like button. Millions of people today are using unhealthy
sweeteners without real benefit. Manuka honey tastes amazing. It’s honey and it can be used as medicine
as it has been for hundreds of years now. It’s also great for improving sleep. Some of those scents in Manuka honey, there’s
also a Manuka essential oil, but it’s very invigorating in uplifting. It’s actually been shown to or used historically
to naturally fight anxiety and depression there as well and to calm the body as you
improve sleep. Doing a mixture of Manuka honey or a Manuka
oil mixed with lavender, chamomile and ylang ylang is a great blend to support a healthy
night’s sleep. So look at all of these incredible benefits
of Manuka essential oil. It actually is good for SIBO and acid reflux,
great for acne and eczema, great for your sinuses and allergies, great for treating
burns and wounds and ulcers. It has sugar in it, but still helps fight
tooth decay and gingivitis, it is good for IBS and inflammatory bowel disease, can help
soothe a sore throat, fight allergies, be used for beauty treatments and relax the body
and improve sleep. As you can see, Manuka honey, it should be
an absolute must in everybody’s at-home medicine cabinet and food cabinet and pantry for that
matter as well. And hey, if you’ve enjoyed this live training,
I want to say thanks for all of you right now who have shared this video here on Facebook
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