10 Must Know Tips If You Struggle With Whiteheads | How To Effectively Get Rid of Whiteheads

what are whiteheads we are going to
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whiteheads do’s and dont’s what are whiteheads? they are basically pimples
that form when there’s excess sebum and the sebum can’t go out because of the
piled up dead skin on the surface so basically three factors one buildup of
dead skin that blocks pores to excess sebum created due to dry skin is unable
to escape the pores 3 a damaged skin barrier or an imbalanced skin so we’re
going to introduce you guys to five do’s to prevent whiteheads do: gentle and
non-irritating exfoliation for a thorough but gentle exfoliation use AHA
product that has like an essence like texture that melt away the dead skin
essence like exfoliators that contain AHA promotes skin regeneration it also
soothes and prevents inflammatory acne it hydrate the skin post exfoliation and
work to soften the skin they are very effective in Whitehead care do: Thorough
and deep cleansing with the cleansing oil the longer the makeup and various
skin impurity stay on the skin the bigger chance of them being caught
when cleansing the skin go for a deep cleanse using a cleansing oil and a
cleansing sponge after applying a blackhead and sebum melting cleansing
oil to the face massage it into the skin focus especially on areas where pimples
form and where there’s a higher production of oil after that use the
cleansing sponge to remove the whiteheads use an oil cleanser that not
only removes makeup but goes deep into the pores for a deep cleanse and that
emulsifies with water when washing the face with
cleanser using a cleansing sponge or puffs can help for more thorough and
deep cleanse do: maintain balance levels of
water and oil in the skin an imbalance in water and oil levels of the skin can damage the skins barrier
and can lead to the formation of whiteheads while dry skin gets more
flakey and produces more oil immediately reaching for and using a product with
higher oil level contents can actually produce more sebum therefore leading to
whiteheads this is why it’s important to know the specific needs of your skin
before implementing into your routine if you lack moisture rather than wiping away
all of the oil focus on hydrating your skin if your skin lacks oil then deliver
oil and moisture back into your skin as oillyness is caused by damaged skin
barrier that can’t prevent moisture from leaving the skin if you have dry skin
then use cream types that delivers deep hydration and moisturization to
your skin look for hydrating ingredients such as glycerin which helps keep the
moisture within the skin and also helps maintain water oil balance if you have
oily skin and use a gel type and well absorbing creams that doesn’t leave a
sticky or uncomfortable feeling on the skin look for antioxidants like vitamin
E for a brightening purified complexion Do: ingredients that relieve
dehydration and prevent whiteheads Aloe vera hyaluronic acid and baobab are some
of the ingredients that relieve dehydration and prevents the formation
of whiteheads. these ingredients control the production of sebum while they’re also
very good at hydrating if you want to care for your pimples at home that we
recommend you look out for these 3 ingredients that I just mentioned try
hydrating serums with aloe vera like textures to pull down the skins
temperature and calm soothe puffiness overall keep the skin hydrated with
ingredients such as hyaluronic acid to relieve irritation caused by dryness do: extraction using proper methods For pimples that have already formed you can prevent further infection by getting rid
of the white bump inside the skin also the time people tend to pick and squeeze
their pimples but an improper way of extraction can lead to bacteria going
into the skin causing inflammatory acne and inflammatory acne then leads to
hyperpigmentation and scarring so it’s very important to properly extract your
pimples before extraction use an AHA toner to melt away the dead skin surface
prep you skin with a toner with mild AHA such as mandelic acid to melt away the
dead skin and also hydrate it before using your hands which have bacteria and
can cause inflammatory acne like I mentioned use a sterilized needle to pop
the Whitehead and then use sterilized tool to gently extract the spot this
reduces the chance of breaking your skin preventing pigmentation and irritation
on the area that has been extracted use a spot serum to help repair the skin
surface and improve acne prone skin Now we are going to give you guys five don’ts
on preventing and removing whiteheads Don’t: cleansing three times a day leaving your
skin squeaky clean if you frequently use a cleanser three times a day that leaves
your skin feeling squeaky clean this could actually lead to more whiteheads
this is because cleansing the face with a harsh cleanser can actually strip your
face of natural protective oils which can lead to dryness this leaves the skin
sensitive and exposed to further irritation the skin also starts to
produce more oil and sebum to counteract the dryness so yeah not all oils are bad
so don’t wash your face that much Don’t: using nose strips to remove whiteheads
many of us use nose strips to get rid of the sebum on our noses but this could
actually irritate your skin more because it sticks to the skin surface trying to
pull the sebum out. unlike blackheads where the sebum is exposed the
whiteheads actually protected by the epidermis so frequently using a no strip
to get rid of these whiteheads could actually lead to skin ripping and
tearing and getting irritated so yeah this is a definite don’t for whiteheads don’t: applying oily skin care products
and makeup applying large portions of products with high oil content can make
it difficult to absorb hence blocking the pores this goes for skincare and
makeup products that have direct contact with your skin and pores so yeah make
sure to use a product with adequate oil content or oil free Don’t: ingredients that
promote formation of whiteheads these include ingredients such as
coconut oil shea butter and Vaseline these ingredients cause more whiteheads
due to higher levels of sebum being produced so make sure to double-check
your products that you’re currently using to see if they form whiteheads
after use but if these ingredients are included in small amount to help deliver
hydration there is no problem so for those of you with oily skin or whitehead
prone skin can still use it Don’t: Thick makeup to cover whiteheads it is
common to try and cover up whiteheads with thick makeup but the chemicals
inside the makeup product can actually clog up and block the pores even more
which could lead to whiteheads becoming acne this is why it’s important to avoid
thick makeup and use lightweight layers and remove makeup as soon as you go home
to relieve your pores our next video is going to be a new
episode of four reviewers created especially for self-proclaimed
lazy people thank you for watching and remember you’re beautiful just as you are
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