what’s up guys welcome back to today’s
video can you believe it has been 10 months since I started a retin-a if
you’ve already seen the title of this video if you were searching for retin-a
before and after how to apply retin-a you have landed in the right place guys
I’ve been doing an entire retin-a update journey literally you can follow this
entire experience from day one I actually logged going to the
dermatologist to get this prescription it did a one-month retin-a update I did
a 3 month retin-a update a 6 month retin-a update an eight-month retin-a
update haha motive breath and today here we are at my 10 month retin-a update in
today’s video we’re gonna cover the why the how the one I have got so much to
share with you guys I’m gonna cover all of the mistakes that I’ve made while
using retin-a because and listen you guys have let me know in the comments
down below especially of my 3 month retin-a update all the mistakes I made
trust me I heard you I’ve corrected them and I’ve learned so much on this retin-a
journey I’m gonna show you guys exactly how much product I used because I’ve
definitely self-corrected since my first three-month retin-a update trust me I’m
also going to show you guys the technique I use the products I use how I
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alright let’s dive right into today’s video talking all about retinol retinal
retinoic acid my experience I mean listen I’m basically bubbling over with
information at this point so let’s do it alright so I guess the easiest place to
start is at the very beginning and explaining exactly why you should be
using a retin-a product now retina is the brand name of a treta knowing cream
which is also vitamin A it can be kind of confusing when it comes to retinol
retinyl retina tretinoin all of these terms are you is kind of interchangeably
and that’s definitely something I learned while filming these videos trust
me you guys let me know in the comments down below so I’ve been using a retin-a
which is a treta knowing cream call to stieva a and all of this is a vitamin A
now the difference with retinol is retinol is often mixed with creams
emollients moisturizers and when you apply it to the skin it takes the body
an additional step to turn it into that retinoic acid so essentially it does the
same thing in the end however tretinoin is a very potent because tretinion is so potent you actually a prescription from your dermatologist
from your doctor I honestly wanted to skip retinol altogether I wanted to go
straight for retin-a because I wanted to see real results speaking of results
there’s so many reasons why you should be using a treta knowing cream or a
retin-a cream and one of the most obvious and one of the most talked about
also one of the biggest side effects is increased cell turnover so retina is
gonna go on the skin and help to speed up that process of turning the skin over
so it’s gonna reveal youthful skin smoother skin it’s gonna get rid of
those top fine lines that kind of like not the deep wrinkles or crinkles but if
you have any kind of like built-up light or wrinkles the retina is gonna help
them vanish because the skin is turning over a lot more quickly than natural
retina also increases blood flow to the face it increases circulation it brings
blood to the surface of the skin it makes it so much healthier luminous
glowing it also helps to produce collagen deep within the skin collagen
that’s gonna help to plump your skin lift your skin you’re gonna look at
younger smoother brighter I mean it’s like a no-brainer
obviously retin a is definitely a wonder cream and has so many amazing anti-aging
benefits discoloration smoothing pores smoothing fine lines smoothing wrinkles
increasing collagen I mean it’s the only scientifically proven anti-aging
ingredient so I don’t even know why I need to talk about this it’s just like
so amazing so initially that is why I went on retin-a a lot of people also go
on retin-a for acne control so if you’re suffering from acne speak to your
dermatologist about retin-a there’s so many benefits retin-a was actually made
for acne back in on in a way before my time but it was originally for acne and
they found out that it had so many anti-aging benefits that people use it
for both so you should definitely speak to your doctor if you have acne or if
you just want to improve the tone texture I mean if you just want to get
snatched skin speak to your dermatologist so this is my tretinoin prescription
for stieva a and what I like to do so I’m almost done a year now and I’ve been
through three tubes of this now trust me I’ve heard your guys’s comments in the
comment section down below of my three months retinol video that I was using
way too much and listen the beauty of going on this retin-a journey with me is
you’re learning with me I’m not a dermatologist I don’t know what I’m
doing I’m just testing I’m trying I’m seeing what works seeing what doesn’t so
since I first started what I learned is you really only need a
pea size amount and the thing is oh we’re getting a little empty here I might
almost have to crack open a new tube so you just take a little pea-sized amount
and what I learned is that retin-a activates the cells all over your skin
so you don’t need to totally coat the skin it kind of triggers everything like
I’m like a change all over the skin all your cells know that there’s a retin-a
is on there so Oh a shelf dimension that I wash my face before this video my skin
is clean so I take a little pea-sized amount of retin-a literally I feel like
the haters are already gonna tell me that I’m still using too much but guys
I’m almost on a year and this is what works for me so if your skin is really
sensitive I would avoid the cracks around your nose in the cracks around
your mouth because you’re talking so much and your nose flares when you
breathe that’s where your skin can get extra irritated and crack and peel and
in my experience you know the whole face cracks and peels so there’s really not a
difference now literally it’s just that easy to apply just a little pea-sized
amount spread it all over the skin now I like most people do my retin-a at the
end of the night because retin-a is photosensitive you don’t want to be
using too retin-a in the morning and then going out in the Sun because your
skin is turning over a lot more frequently your skin is very sensitive
so you want to make sure that you’re using a sunscreen every morning without
cause I always make sure using sunscreen or a hat cover yourself your skin is
sensitive you also don’t want to enflame any of that pigmentation that you’re
working to get rid of so it’s just kind of counteractive to go in the Sun now
originally my dermatologist told me to wash my skin for my nighttime skincare
routine wait an hour for my skin to dry apply my retin-a product and then wait
another hour and apply a nighttime moisturizer what she told me was is
applying a moisturizer which I have learned to be totally true really
minimizes irritation and it hydrates the skin because the skin is turning over so
much more quickly it’s getting dry it’s getting irritated and if you’ve been on
a retin-a you know that your skin is gonna crack in those crazy areas so
moisturizing is so important and using a heavy nighttime moisturizer was the key
to my success now two things that I learned on my read and a journey first
one this is the best nighttime moisturizer a not only ever but B to
pair with a retin-a this is the Clinique turnaround overnight revitalizing
moisturizer let me tell you guys if you combine this moisturizer this overnight
moisturizer with your retin-a products when I wake up in the morning my skin is
like my skin feels like a stick of butter like it feels so so so so so so
so so so smooth I literally can’t even tell you how smooth it is and the second
thing that I learned is that it’s not always realistic to wait a full hour
after applying your retin-a before you apply your nighttime moisturizer after
doing this for a year most times now I just wait about 20 minutes
I let the retinas sit on the skin so can do its magic and then I just apply my
nighttime moisturizer because I’m going to bed I’m not up lounging around all
night long so what I do is after I wash my face I do wait the full hour for my
skin to dry down before I apply my retin-a then I wait about 20 minutes
throw this on go to sleep and wake up with baby smooth skin so again I just
like to take a little scoop of my nighttime moisturizer or swirl it around
do any of you guys like mixture moisturizers and your fingertips a
little bit to warm them up before you put them on the skin there’s nothing
worse than a cold moisturizer on your nice warm skin oh I can’t bear the
thought I’m telling you this combination of the retin-a and Clinique over night
cream if anyone out there uses this Clinique over night cream when I use it
without the retin-a it does make my skin pretty soft but with the retin-a holy
Toledo if any of you guys out there have this nighttime moisturizer and have a
retin-a mix them together let me know what you think ooh speaking of mixing
them together sometimes when I’m really in a pinch I will take my nighttime
moisturizer and just apply the pea-sized amount of retin-a right into the
moisturizer mix it together this was okayed by my dermatologist and then I
just apply it all over the skin bing-bang-boom go to bed oh my goodness
welcome are you looking more snatch Abul already the skin hello if only I could
tell you guys exactly how old I am you would be amazed now because it’s still
daytime out there and I’ve got big windows here I’ve got lights all around
me I’m gonna go ahead and apply a little bit of sunscreen guys this is the color
science Sun forgettable loose mineral sunscreen SPF 30 it’s actually a powder
and it’s just really easy to apply just like to coat this all over the skin
because I don’t want to induce any hyperpigmentation also I don’t want any
fine lines wrinkles mainly I don’t want dark spots so I like to get the sides of
my face here make sure you get your oh I hit the camera come on back sweetie
there we go I like to make sure that I’m covered in this area here and don’t
forget your because if you have to lose part of your
ear to skin cancer honey you’re gonna look a little bit oh I don’t want that
to happen I’m putting extra on my ear honestly
I’ve seen so many amazing benefits in choosing a retin-a for almost an entire
year ten months that is a long time to commit to one product when it says that
it produces collagen deep within the skin to help kind of like lift your skin
plump your skin honestly that’s the only way that I can explain it my skin just
looks a little bit more full all over it definitely looks way more smooth and
what I love most about retin-a is that it helps to control any of that build-up
of skin it really helps to maintain my pores it keeps my skin smooth and it has
totally alleviated any top fine lines and wrinkles like snatcher ball going
through the entire retin a process was a little bit of a nightmare
I did experience really extreme peeling in my chin around my nose even my
forehead around my eyes your skin kind of basically just like falls off when
you first start a retin-a but what it reveals is that really glowing skin
underneath that’s plumped from within and smooth and healthy and shiny I mean
it’s just incredible make sure that you check out this entire retin-a before and
after series I’ll have it linked down below so that you can follow along
almost month-to-month kind of what I was going through while I was on retin-a
that way you’ll get a really detailed look at exactly what went down almost
week by week I would say that I started seeing the best results when my skin
really started to acclimatize around month 7 I would say the first three
months were absolutely crazy four five and six were kind of like normalizing
and then into the seventh until now my skin’s totally normalized I’ve
experienced basically zero this alright I guess that’s my 10 month retin-a
update the mistakes I’ve made I’ve addressed those the tips I picked up the
hacks so that is it guys I’m signing off of my 10 month retin-a journey if you
made it to the end of this video if you’ve seen all of these video updates
you are so so so special to me I say this at the end of every video because
if you make it to the end literally you are so special to me I’m gonna keep
going you guys I’m gonna make this channel bigger better we’re gonna test
new things we’re gonna try new things until the next video guys I can’t wait
to see you then bye guys

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