#1 Sheet Mask for Acne | Klairs Midnight Blue Calming Sheet Mask In Dept Review

Hey guys welcome back to my channel and today I wanted to introduce you to actually two products that is launching from Klairs and I’m super excited and super Stoked about these two because I’ve been really waiting for their sheet masks after the rich more soothing sheet masks discontinued so these are the two arrivals and I love their packaging from the back, too So cute I love the fonts And I love just their new packaging and the new close thing that they’re wearing and I wanted to go over what these sheet masks are all about and There are kind of different situations and skin concerns and skin types a can use these two so this is my first impression so it says that it’s pore care. That’s kind of scaring me just like peeping through, but and this says it has cooling effect Bamboo charcoal sheet And if you look in the back it says for purifying so white willow bark extract gently exfoliates and clears excessive sebum that clog the pores When I immediately thought about Klaris blue line. I thought it would be all about focusing on soothing line and I thought it would have Guaiazulene cuz all the products like the The blue cream the blue drop, they all have Guaiazulene, but this one doesn’t have Guaiazulene stuff But it does help for calming as well But it also has a cooling effect with with that serve as a cooling agent this mask Immediately cools the skin so it’s really great for immediate cooling too and a bamboo charcoal sheet which features a comfortable adherence to the face infuses the skin with long-lasting hydration So I actually tried a sample of this i’m not sure if the formula was Exactly what the completed one is but the one that I tried I just totally and completely fell in love with the sheet mask itself. It was black so I was very surprised, but it just it was so soft And it just stuck to my skin so well for such a long time And I feel like those thin comfortable ones it usually dries out your skin pretty fast so after like 15 minutes You have to take it off, but the hydration lasted for a pretty long time So I’m very excited to try this one out. And as you guys can see right now. I do have little breakouts here and there It is the time of the month where I’m gonna start very soon And I start breaking out I do get breakouts here and there right now. It’s like Kind of going away, but it’s still there, and I can tell that I’m having more sebum than usual so I am gonna use this one because this one kind of focus is more on Acne prone skin or any skin type that really needs a kind of cooling effect And it does contain tea tree oil and it does contain other ingredients that helps to calm acne at the same time but at the same time It’s very mild that it won’t irritate your other Skin that has been irritated from the breakouts or whatever other reasons that may be, all right So let’s shut up and let’s open it up. I’m so excited the packaging is so pretty Okay, so it’s a paper type of Packaging so it rips really easily and It looks like that mm-hm I could instantly Immediately smell the tea tree It smells like Tea tree oil Really like you can kind of smell. It’s not too strong, but It’s perfect and the Sheet mask is black. Oh! and oh you guys you have to be careful when you take it out because it is separated into two types and Klairs did mention that because We have customers all over the world usually they did they do prefer Making the sheet mask into the two Separate ones because we all have different shapes and different Face sizes so the it makes easier if you have the separated sheet masks. But I’m so excited because I feel like this is like the first sheet mask From Klairs that has two separate parts. When I said, I’m still not used to using black sheet masks this is very very interesting I’m so excited Mmm. And it sticks on to your skin really well oh Okay And I love these little slits. I can kind of just adjust it to my face shape and my curves, ooh I like So right now a little difference is usually when I check out these sheet masks I separate from you know the part 1 and part 2 They don’t have kind of curves like this It was usually like just straight, and then it’s cut like in a very straight line But this is kind of in the curvy line where I guess it’ll adhere to your skin And it follows the curves for your nose and for this site to the butterflies oh Nice, and I’m really loving the smell. I love the scent. Definitely it can hint tea tree oil and Then let me get the other side Alrighty… Pop oh Whoa? You can just feel like an instant cooling effect. Oh, it’s very shiny. I actually did not even put this in the fridge Because I know I wanted to try it and I wanted to remember like as soon as I woke up We actually got these on Friday and today is on Sunday And one of the reasons why I chose to do this sheet mask I like the fact that there’s so much of it because some sheet masses like it’s like this if it separates And then you have this space that’s left, but it’s a lot So it doesn’t you can cover a large amount of areas Okay perfect oh I like it You do have to adjust it to that area . Perfect Thumbnail shot right there, and the serum is super light not sticky at all It’s just amazing Everything feels really comfortable Fits really well to my skin very mild as soon as it’s on my face I could tell that it’s mild. I love how the the material of the sheet masks just The charcoal sheet mask adheres to your skin really well One thing that I that I am concerned about is the spaces that’s left And if I am gonna do this for 15 to 20 minutes, I don’t want my skin to be bare for 20 minutes even if the leftover essence or Saram of it is around there it is still open compared to the other parts, so I’m just gonna use This is like the thing that I reached for maybe the blue cream or an aloe gel just to be Really light about it. I don’t want to put anything heavy around that area It’s gonna a light layer of the aloe. Gel just a place that She make sure that they’re not not being getting any hydration for 15 to 20 minutes And I’m done, so I’ll see you guys in how many minutes 15 to 20 minutes all right Nice, I want the leftover serum. Let’s see how much of serum that’s leftover, I don’t think it’s gonna be like dripping with um Serum cuz I as I saw when I first opened it. I don’t think there was that much left, but I do see them I Will have to scoop it out Like this, but there is Pretty good amount of serum Yeah, there’s not too much serum there that You can put it all over your body or anything, but I do feel like the material of the sheet mask was holding a lot of the ampoule itself so this is good All right, so I’ll see you guys in fifteen to twenty minutes Okay, so it’s been exactly 20 minutes And I can kind of feel that it’s getting a bit dry on the like the edges the mouth area I’m right here, so I’m gonna take it off. Oh Feels really nice Well first of all I really liked it because it did not feel sticky even the Leftover serum like I put it on my hands first And I put it on my neck so I did twice or three times like triple layers of it But it just still didn’t feel sticky on my skin, which is really nice. I feel like it has calmed my skin really well especially with the redness around my pore and cheek area and Overall on around my pimples too even pimples That was kind of open meaning the popped pimples that I mean to pop it but it pops naturally So it’s done a little bit when I put the toner on I think when I put the sheet mask on it didn’t stink So even if I do have more breakouts it will be very very mild It feels so nice guys I do want to mention that it did an excellent job and just cooling my skin Calming my skin, which I expected it to and excuse me for the noise in the back I think my mom or my dad’s doing the dishes right now But anyways I love this so much and comparing it to the other Newly launched sheet mask which this is a rich moist soothing on tencil sheet mask this is kind of like an upgraded version of the rich moist soothing Serum that we used to use right that we used to love so much and if you compare these to The times that you want to reach out for this one is more of I will review it in another video But this is more of if you have a slight sunburn if you have extremely sensitive skin if your skin Is just in a really extremely sensitive condition because of other reasons, certain reasons and You want to just calm and cool your skin And that’s the main thing you want to do then reach for this one And I totally forgot to mention even if you have rosacea you can use this one so it’s very mild For this one like I’ve mentioned It’s a little bit of ofcourse the calming and cooling effect of it But thanks to the ingredients like tea tree oil and also What was the thing talked about white willow bark and other ingredients that’s in here It’s really good to control sebum and balance out the You know oil and moisture level of your skin if you are having breakout if you do have extremely oily skin or if you feel like these days your skin needs some kind of controlling of the sebum This is definitely something that you want to reach out for and I’m so excited about this one cause sometimes I do feel like I have oily skin, or I wanna cool or caml my acne and my breakouts But the products out there for those purposes are so Strong so I kind of end up regretting that I use the product for example like I’m from volcanic masks I love it so much but sometimes It’s just too strong for me, so I think this is something that I can reach out first like daily even if I have Breakouts, and yeah, I’m so excited about this one and of course this one, too So I’m actually gonna try out this one And I have extremely sensitive skin too to let you guys know how it went for me, okay alright so hope you guys enjoyed my first time review of the Midnight Blue Calming sheet mask from Klairs and I definitely want to highly recommend for all skin types I don’t know if I’m saying that right, but that is an ingredient to give it that extra cooling effect, too I hope that you guys get to try this one out and I think I still love this and Klairs definitely does not disappoint and once again none of my Videos on EuniUnni is sponsored. I was just very Privileged because I am one of the staff that Wishtrend so I get one of this and they did not pay me to talk About it I just wanted to be the first one to kind of share with you guys So this video will probably go up like as soon as it launches I can’t do it beforehand, but I think you guys will love this one Okay guys So thank you guys so much for tuning in and I really hope that you like these first time reviews from me This is once again Klairs Midnight Blue Calming sheet mask if you want more information Just to make sure to check in the description below and I’m just gonna finish off with maybe a light layer of The blue cream and then just gonna go on with my day all right. Thank you guys, and I’ll see you guys next time.

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