1 Month on Accutane

All right. Kinda have to do this really, really
quick. What’s up everybody is Cat. Today’s July
19, 2016 and I have a one month on isotretinoin also known as accutane
update for you. Just got literally literally just got back from my checkup
appointment type of thing that I have to do every month and so far it’s working. If you can tell there’s a difference.
There’s certainly a difference on my back and I’ll show you that in a second, but yeah she said there’s a difference. She’s upping my dose to 50 milligrams
instead of the 40 that I’ve been on and what’s really funny is the the whole way
it works is IPledge is a really strict system and one thing I didn’t know is
that the pharmacy needs your IPledge number and then one thing I did know
is you have to answer questions before it can be filled or whatever so i’m
driving home I get a call is like, “we need your IPledge number” so I give it
to them just now I got another call is like, “all
right we’re trying to put the number in but it’s saying you haven’t done your
part” is like I literally just got home. You know you get you gotta give me like
30 minutes or something to do it. But because I have to do this real quick I’m going to show you an update
close-ups. If you don’t like it sorry. Face. This is
my forehead looks better Chin, you know same old same old. Chest is
a lot better. It’s still speckly but it’s not like
bumpy or anything. And then I don’t have a mirror but back
which is obviously really really big difference. And last thing, effect side
effects stuff because that’s the thing. I did have dryness. I got used to that but
like I had a lot of dryness on my neck which and it kind of burned when I put
lotion on it and then not really any peeling or anything
just typical dry skin. My lips were the biggest thing like I
didn’t necessarily get the so dry lips that they’re bleeding but I got the they-feel-so-soft-it’s-uncomfortable and right now this is having a problem where
it’s doing that like joker face thing and it’s really dried out and hurts like a
mother but that’s what’s happened so far. I’m probably going to get a lot more
dried out and it’s gonna suck but you know I’m fixing my face and it’s okay.
See you soon, I gotta go bye.

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