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Hello everyone, it’s me Emmi, it’s been a long time since my last “Skincare Class” video I’m so sorry, let’s kickstart it again You read the title, for sure you know what it’s about Thought that all the ances have gone away, they just surprising came back like your ex So complicated, so, what’s the solution? Know it to solve it, subscribe Happy Skin Youtube channel to join our giveaway, all hot prizes are waiting for you I’m kinda energetic recently, let’s get it started Why is acne is all over and over again, how to completely stay away from it? To figure out the cause, take a look at that skin area I’ve prepared a lesson to deliever today, this is a pore containing follicle, sebum, dead cells and even dust 2.5-PM dust can totally break into your pores The pore size depends on gene and age, the older, the bigger, and finally, your skincare routine The bigger it is, the more easily dust goes in For some reasons, the oil production is exceeded, this area is enlarged, and this one is tightened Such tightess causes clogness, dead cells and leftover makeup worsen the situation Oil keeps on being produced but can’t get out so the follicle becomes bigger, and this is the 1st stage of acne Attacked by bacterias, it’s swelling So what is the reason of repetitive acnes A perfect combination of large pores, wrong cleansing and the use of comedogenic I got a severe pore on my lower back, I can’t show it right now, everytime I got a body massage, I had an acned pushed out Basically, it’s because that it’s the body skin that is hard to be well-cleansed What is the solution? Deep cleansing, removing sebum, dust, dead cells I recommend foaming cleanser as it is able to deal wtih large pores and sebum BHA-included one is even better, and finally, weekly exfoliaton The most popular question I’ve received – is it possible to reduce the pore size? The size has been fixed since you were born but at least, you can manage to make it the original size First, micro roller and derma roller It’s really effective on improving skin’s structure and elasticity For those who have tiny and deep scars which are acne-prone areas, try one more step – TCA, then micro roller to fill up the scar Laser somehow is an effective method, also Notice that both methods will leave dark spots after treatment and this is inevitable, we’ll solve it later Prevention is better than cure So if the problem is still not too bad, ice cooler will help, daily application will work on improving our skin Or tightening ingredients like Witch Hazel, red clover,… Second reason, not totally removing acnes from your skin I might as well answer your question whether we should push acnes out? At home? No It’s too risky At spa, if it’s too visible, you should do that, but in a proper way If not, skin peeling is better first, it’s less risky to leave bruises and scars Not that I own Happy Skin Medical Spa that I tell you to go through acne-removing no matter what A proper process of removing acnes is very complex At my spa, for example, we have to follow the steps, first we classify, then aply BHA-included cleanser Then exfoliator, and then soften your acnes by using AHA After taking the acnes out, we germicide your skin by Sulfur then soothe it with Aloe Vera You can totally do it yourself if well-trained, but I advise not to, it’s too risky Then how to prevent it from rising again? Anti-inflammatory ingredients will be used here: Tea tree, Sulfure or Benzoyl peroxide I advise you to cover your swelling acnes by a patch Reason number 3 – Letting your hands touch your face. According to a random survey of 249 persons in Washington People touch their face 3.6 times/hour, so it’s a very common problem By doing that, we help the bacterias to get in our skin more easily Don’t touch it anymore, keep it in mind, once you touch your face, apply your cleanser and exfoliator right after It sounds a bit extreme but prevention is better than cure There’s one thing that is as dirty as our hands – smartphones 4th reason, affected by nearby acnes Like, we didn’t solve the first acne correctly, then the nearby areas are affected Sulfur+BHA fasten the growth of acnes while keeping it anti-inflammatory, Benzoyl Peroxide is another option To avoid the spread of acnes, stronger methods are needed, like tablets Like, antibiotics, but they’re not widely used no more due to side effects Another method is Vitamin A – Isotretinoin, this is an absolute methods that show effects on different aspects Anti-inflammatory, anti-bacteria, oil-control by fasten the formation of dead cells But you might feel headache, dizzy,… as side effects Tablets don’t show instant effect, it takes 6-12 months to see the result 5th reason – hormone, when you’re on period Areas that are easiy affected by this are lower cheeks chin and jaws and neck What’s the solution? Supplying yourself with anti-inflammatory ingredients: Omega 3, vegetables, fish, Olive oil Actually, Omega 6 is good at anti-inflammatory but research show that any higher amount of Omega 6 compared to Omega 3 worsens the swelling So I prefer Omega 3 to Omega 6 In addition to anti-inflammatory, Omega 3 and Omega 6 help to moderate hormones, Zinc is also effective, according to my own experience Some people also said it works on controlling oil production and anti-inflammatory Birth control pills and Spironolactone can also be considered, but it’s for mature female only and shows slow effects It takes about 3 months And there are side effects, like, Spironolactone, while moderating Estrogen, it produces more Kali So always check Kali amount in your body and somehow avoid Kali-included foods like banana and coconut This is an end of this vid, hope that you know why the acnes just keep on rising again and again and have your own solutions And wish you have a good skin, comment below what you want to us to talk about, thank you for watching and see you on the next videos, bye bye

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