This is what a cold does to a CF body. And I’m full of salt crystals because of sweating because of a fever. ♬ Don’t you think we’re better together ♬ ♬ Oh Honey ♬ ♬ I think we are ♬ Good morning guys. Well, I don’t know if we can call it a good morning. It is Good Friday and… But Mary is not feeling great this morning. She just threw up. We kind of just cleaned up a little bit, but… This is what a cold does to a CF body. [Peter] Yeah. It’s just more coughing, more mucus. [Peter] Yeah. And I’ve used like half the box of tissues so far. [Peter] I’m so sorry, honey. Coughing, gagging, all the things. [Peter] Yeah. But uh… I slept. I slept last night. [Peter] That’s good. I did too. Yes. Oh my gosh. [Peter] But it’s kind of a crazy day. Well, number one, Mary’s not feeling good, but… Thankfully I’m doing better. I think I should drink some tea and honey to get my voice ready for tonight. But I’m working on getting the church service ready. I head over to the church soon to get the church finished setting up, but… Yeah. Never a convenient time for sickness, so that’s why we always say… Embrace today, whatever it looks like. That’s what we’re gonna do. Meh. Meh. Let’s say good morning to the bonesy. Say good morning to the peeps. [Peter talking as Ollie] Hey guys. How you doing? I guess I need to get out of this gross bed. Mm. Yeah. But hey, we have another set of sheets now. [Peter] That’s true. It’s so rare that I have contagious things like a cold. Most of the time when I have a fever or coughing obviously, it’s not contagious because it’s all CF related. But this time I actually am contagious, so if I actually had a shirt that said “it’s not contagious” I would not be able to wear it today. My fever is going up so I am gonna stay right here for quite a few hours. [heavy sigh] Ka pewpewpew. I did stop coughing and throwing up. I guess I can’t say I stopped coughing, but it was just a little bit out of control. It was kind of like when I try to get up and get dressed and I start coughing and then I start gagging and I start throwing up, and then it’s like this kind of vicious cycle. It was like that except that I wasn’t trying to do anything. I was just sitting in bed, but that, that has stopped so I’m just sitting here trying to breathe and… Fever and whatever has to happen so I may or may not have said to Peter remind me to never ever fly on an airplane again. Yeah. But how in the world are you supposed to decide… that. Like the research study that I may or may not become, like, be a part of in another state, I would have to fly. Pretty much, I’d have to fly. And is it worth it to risk getting sick to do potentially life-saving, not really, but like life-changing medical research. Is it worth that risk? Yes? Right? I don’t know. This makes me… I should think about it now while I’m sick. But thankfully in a couple days I’m going to see my doctor and he can also help us think through that sort of thing. [coughing] Hey guys, I just got home from the church. I’ve been working on getting things set up for our services and we were doing some cool lighting and that sort of stuff. But our service is like in an hour…well an hour and seven minutes. So I’m only gonna be here for a little bit. I’m heating up some dinner for both of us. It’s a bummer… that Mary is… got this cold and but sometimes… It’s life and you just keep pushing through, and I know she’s feeling pretty crummy so um. She did just email her CF team and let them know what’s going on, that she’s got this cold and kind of making symptoms worse and so we do have an appointment for next… I don’t know if it’s Friday. But I’m wondering if we’ll need to get in there sooner, but we’ll see. I’m excited about our Good Friday service. I feel a little frazzled just from everything, but… That’s okay. Our service tonight is gonna be just kind of a stripped down, we’re doing candles and… Having just kind of a reflective night, and I think it’ll be pretty refreshing to not only lead that and I’m excited to preach tonight, but just to… sit and be still. At the end of the service we’re just gonna have an opportunity for people to just kind of stick around and I feel like there’s not many times that we’re… our culture is so driven by schedules, there’s not very many times where we… just linger and just… So I’m gonna open it up for people to just kind of linger and reflect and pray or whatever after the service and so should be a cool night, but I will be torn not being here for Mary while she’s not feeling good, but we will press on. I’ve got some mozzarella sticks in the toaster oven for her and I need to stick my pizza in the oven. I’m sitting here in tears because I’m so thankful, like, Peter is at the church doing the church service and at the last minute I was like oh, can you FaceTime me? But I knew I had another friend who was gonna come and she also wasn’t able to come and so we decided to livestream it and I’m just seeing like comments come in through the livestream. It’s not on like the Frey Life, it’s on a different platform, but um I’m just feeling so grateful that… technology has made a way that even though I’m not able to be there like I feel a part of it and I’m seeing comments come in from other parts of the country, and um… But I also am like sad because I want to be there with Peter and serving alongside him but um he’s doing an amazing job, and he’s about to start. He’s walking up. And I just thought I’d take a minute to say that and my fever has come down a little bit. Um not a lot, but I definitely made the right choice to stay home. But I’m really thankful. Well that was absolutely awesome. And I can’t wait for Peter to get back so we can talk about it, and I’m just really really proud of him. He pushed through not feeling well this week and prepared for tonight and is continuing to prepare for Sunday, and I know that it gives him a ton of joy, but I do know that doing things even that bring you joy while you’re sick is not easy, so I’m very proud of him and my fever is down to a low-grade fever and I am ecstatic about that and I’m full of salt crystals because of sweating because of a fever and CF patients get salty when they get sweaty, so I’ve got salt crystals all over my forehead and I probably smell like a fever sweat. Hey guys! [Mary] He just started coughing because he was laughing and I was like, yes! [Mary] It’s the best airway clearance. Laughter is the best. [Mary] Look who’s home! [Peter sighs] A little tired. [Mary] I’m so proud of you. Thank you. I had a, I had a good night. [Mary] It was amazing. Thanks, hun. I’m so glad for technology, that you could join us. Did you tell them about that? [Mary] I did. It was awesome. That was really cool. [Mary] And my fever went down to a low-grade and then… [both] Normal. [Mary] Not quite my normal, but I think I’m getting there. [both sigh] Wowsie. What a day. What a week. What a life. I was thinking that too! [Peter chuckling] Ahh. If you guys missed it in yesterday’s vlog, we’ve got a new product on our online store, and it’s a… [both] Pop socket! And so there’s that. [Mary chuckles] [Peter sighs] You have any final words for the people? My fever is gone and… I ate. What are your final words? My final words are as always… [both] We will see you tomorrow. Good night! ♬ Peter turned it off! Gotta end with Ollie boy. Ollie, you ready to say goodnight? Say goodnight to the people. [Peter talking as Ollie] Good night, guys. We’ll see you tomorrow ♬♬

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  • Welp, the inevitable happened. But we will handle it as it comes. And just like always, we will try to figure out how to enjoy bits of our day, no matter what it holds. How are you enjoying today? I’m LOVING seeing the sunshine through my window!!!

  • What is the platform your church is on?

  • Happy Easter The Frey Life xx

  • Hopefully you feel better!

  • ?for Peter what is the name of you church and can we watch service online
    Mary I will be praying you feel better

  • I hope and pray you both feel better very soon. ❤

  • Every day to the best of your ability

  • Feel better Mary!

  • Hope you get better soon Mary sending you some love😘❤️❤️

  • I got a pop socket! I love you guys!

  • feel better soon 👍😄❤️

  • Happy Easter!

    I’m so sorry you are not feeling well Mary! I wish you a speedy recovery!!! I’m also glad that you are feeling much better Peter. Wishing you both a wonderful Easter and Spring!

    Mary unless you could live in a bubble you will always be exposed to germs wherever you go, unfortunately.☹️ Don’t let the germs make you a hostage in your home. Live life to the fullest you can, while still being safe with your C F.

    Get well soon. Love you both❤️💕

  • Hope you both feel better soon! Happy Easter!

  • Mary and Peter you both are always in my prayers. I'm aware that CF is terminal and in some ways it's also a chronic illness. Many people are grateful for the opportunity to get to know you both and for the information you share about CF. I've learned a lot from you about taking life as it comes, moment by moment, day by day. I'm applying it to my own life as a person with severe osteoarthritis in most of my joints, back included. Thank you for the support you unknowingly give me to keep pushing forward. I love you guys!

  • Oh no, I hope your cold goes away quickly. Happy Easter Mary, Peter, & Oliie Boy!

  • As my husband constantly tells me, I have to take care of myself in order to be able to take care(serve/ minister to) of others.

  • I always get sick after a plane ride so I avoid them, I have rheumatoid arthritis which makes me immune system not great. Hope you get well fast.

  • Poor you Mary most likely got what Peter had 😧

  • Also angel flight can make arrangements with you for free transportation for medical needs with a private aircraft they have volunteer staff! I pray for you and your family often🤗

  • i get it mary! i have had fevers on and off for about 2 weeks come to find out i have a port infection. UGH so it comes out tuesday will have weekly blood cultures till i have either 2 or 3 infection free ones and then have it put back in! it just sucks!!

  • I started watching your vlogs recently. I really enjoy them I even ordered a phone case

  • I take airbourne tablets before going into big crowded areas. It does help most of the time. Feel better.

  • Mary, would you feel better if you could raise yourself up to sleep? I have an electric bed which allows me to raise the head and the feet sections and I sleep better in a raised position. It makes me feel more comfortable when I have a cold or flu if I am propped up. It’s just a push of a button to get comfortable. It even gives me a massage at the touch of a button. We shopped around until we got a good deal on our bed so while they are expensive you can still get a good deal. I just wondered if it would be beneficial for you.

  • I hope you feel better:)

  • I'm so glad your feeling better Mary and Peter.

  • Mary flying isn't the only reason you ended up with a cold you traveled you flew you played in the snow seeing your friends was important and you made wonderful memories but in the tail end of flu season you got sick life happens

  • You guys are the sweetest ❤ i hope you feel better soon mary ❤

  • Yes, technology is amazing! Mary, so glad you could share the Good Friday service with Peter and your church family via Livestream. My church Livestreams every Sunday, and it is a gift for everyone! I'm blessed to be going to Easter in person tomorrow. Cheering on from Chicago!!

  • When Peter says "pop socket" it reminds me of Jim Gaffigan's hot pocket

  • Get well soon 💋❤️💕💓

  • Praying You feel better Mary

  • First & foremost you guys are in my prayers. Heavenly Father please touch Mary from the top of her head to the souls of her feet. We praise you and give you the glory & honor for everything that you’re going to do for Mary & Peter as he continues teaching Your living word. I know you’re the great physician, you are the Alpha & Omega. The beginning & the end. We praise you in all things, even when we don’t know your plans, but trust in you. Be with Peter on Aprils fools Day, Happy Easter 🐣🐇🐰 the Stone was moved away and even the grave could not hold him. Thank you Jesus for all you did for us. I can’t wait to I’m into your arms a hug you and thank you bc I’m so undeserving of anything, yet you still leave a trail.

    Have a very blessed Easter Sunday! My love hugs & prayers for team Mary!

  • Your strength and positivity is so inspiring. I hope you and Peter get well soon!

  • Love you so MUCH your family means the world to me

  • I will pary for your Mary my mom said that C.F. patients with the flu or a cold that they are fighting for their life is that ture?

  • Hopefully the both of you fully recover. Have a great Easter tomorrow!

  • Do you suffer from recurrent yeast infections from so many antibiotics? I’m having problems with that. Any tips?

  • Do you have a friend at close by if you are preaching in Mary is in need like someone on call

  • I hope you feel better. HAPPY EASTER!

  • Feel better Mary. I was wondering do y'all have a POBox for fan mail?

  • Mary, your heart is right there serving with Peter and he knows that! I am a chronic pain patient having 13 failed back surgeries and my spine totally fused minus 4 vertebrae levels. I watch our church services live stream so know how grateful you feel for that ability. Hang in there and know that you are loved regardless of where you "serve".

  • Have you ever tried Vogmask? We heard about them on Chronically Jaquie. Might be helpful next time you fly.

  • Hope you feel better soon. Hope you have a great Easter. Just to say He is Risen.

  • You both are amazing. Happy Easter and may God continue to pour out his blessings upon you. 🙏💞

  • Mary you blow me away – even sick you are beautiful and full of positive vibes – you certainly are here to send a message to others about living life with diversity. Bless you!

  • Happy Easter 💕

  • You are both so inspiring! I am 70 and I take care of my 88 yr old Mom who has COPD. Mom has COPD not from smoking but because she survived double pneumonia when she was 4 years old in 1933. Back then her doctor’s treatment was to have her parents bundle her up in covers but open the windows in the middle of a NYC winter to help her breathe. She survived but if you have a trauma to your lungs before 10 years old and your lungs are fully developed you have compromised lungs and are susceptible to lung infections, bronchitis, and pneumonia. Mom has gone through many episodes of bronchitis and pneumonia throughout her life which leaves scare tissue and lung damage. So at this point just a simple cold is life threatening because it will turn into bronchitis and the pneumonia which is 10 days in the hospital with IV antibiotics. And pneumonia is tough to recover from at any age but at 88?! So I wear a mask when I am in crowds or elevators or going to the store. I ask everyone who I come in contact with if they have a cough or a cold especially buying groceries but I ask anybody waiting on me. I’d like to ask them if their kids are sick or they came in contact with anyone that was sick:)) But most people are either annoyed or hostile when asked if they have a cold so I am explaining all day why I am asking and believe it or not most people still are annoyed but lots of very sweet people too who understand. If I gave blood it would probably come out antibacterial fluid I use so much of it. And this year the flu was so bad that my doctor’s office when I went there two of the doctors had to leave the office because they had the flu. The ER nurse and a doctor who treated us when Mom’s COPD got out of control two weeks ago got huge flu even though they had the shot. People don’t realize how dangerous a simple co,d can be to some people. So the general population is so careless when they are sick. I think that as a society we should take colds and the flu much more seriously and people who are sick if they have to go out or work should wear masks and use hand sanitizer and keep their hands away from their faces. If you blow your nose throw the tissue away and the sanitize your hand. I see very sick people hold the tissue that they are blowing their nose with and hand money to the cashier at the grocery store. Next couple of days all the cashiers in the supermarket are sick! Wish it was more widely known that spreading colds can have dreadful consequences for many people in our society. So many children and young people died this year from the flu! Would be a different story if people were careful.. We would cut down on the rate of contamination significantly. God Bless you guys! Love Kathy

  • Hi Mary, Happy Easter to you, Peter and Ollie.

  • Hey! So I’m an EMT and have followed your story for a while in order to better understand CF and better be able to help CF patients. I know it’s a kinda obvious solution but have you thought about wearing a medical fluid face shield? I saw that you wear something but I’m not sure how much of a shield it is. We wear them with contagious patients and they prevent us from catching it! Also maybe bring Lysol wipes and wipe down the seat and arms rests etc?! If that doesn’t work maybe even wear gloves and the mask at all times in the airport and have both of you do it instead of just Mary so that you can’t just accidentally spend it to her. Let me know 😊❤️

  • GOOD JOB !!!! At getting your life on your OWN path. If we always at least try to push through, we can pat ourselves on the back. And the most important thing is: working together, with love, strength, god, patience, you can conquer those barriers that gets in our way.

  • Awe, Mary, I'm so sorry your sick. I hope you feel better quickly. I'm so glad you got to watch the service live. You are both so inspiring. Happy Easter, the cutest couple ever!!

  • Prayers for a speedy recovery. I don't know what is worse, the sinus congestion and pressure or the body aches. Hopefully Peter is recovered enough for Easter service and taking care of you. I love the part of the wedding ceremony where the priest says"what God has put together….". You two together are one of God's masterpieces. Put together to inspire and encourage others and all to His Glory. Love you both.

  • Feel better soon Mary

  • love you guys

  • On the bright side…yes you got sick, BUT the IvIg seems to have done a little to help you not get sick AS quickly after being exposed, and hopefully it helps keep things short lived. Feel better!

  • thats not good sweetie I hope you feel better soon hugs

  • I loved woaching your shows a lot your dog is soo sweet that very nice of your hasbend helping you

  • I’m so sorry you guys have been so ill, I’ll be praying for you both. Thank you again for the work you put into your channel. Hope things improve for you soon. God bless, and Happy Easter!

  • Feel better you guys!

  • I can empathize with your illness and wish a speedy recovery. I have MS and many other autoimmune diseases and I have had a bug for a month now. Every day I cycle from a high fever to low grade. It does wear one out and never mind all the coughing! You (and your hubby too) have such powerful and strong spirits. It emminates from your videos and I am
    sure I am not the only one gathering strength and the will to keep going on, no matter what. Thank you for such a wonderful gift!
    Both of you get better now, kick that bug to the curb! lol

  • Your amazing sweetheart! And your lucky to have such a great guy. Love and hugs to you both! 💞

  • Oh Mary… I'm so sorry you're sick!!! Had an ear infection gone wild… The coughing, mucus and not feeling well sucks. Praying for you!!!

  • I too being asthmatic have to be careful being around people who are sick otherwise I am in the hospital

  • I adore you both so much, Oliver too! Hope you 3 have a happy and healthy Easter 💕

  • I have c.f too. And your videos make me cry and be happy. You show me that I can grow up and live a good life…And you show me how you cope and live…

  • Oh crappio! I'm so poor but now I NEED to get a pop socket! ahahah

  • Hi how are you both and Ollie hope you feel better soon. Hope you feeling better Peter x

  • My morning is coughing and gaging but I don't have CF

  • 🌼🌼🌼Get well soon Mary.🌼🌼🌼

  • Hi my family has some changes with my sister because she is in a weelchair but when I watch your videos it makes me feel better so thank you

  • Mary keep fighting and shout out to Olly for how amazing he is

  • Feel better y’all!!!!

  • I hope you feel better soon. Do you ever follow any natural treatments to manage CF? These for example? It seems to be based on some research. https://www.life-saving-naturalcures-and-naturalremedies.com/wow-a-natural-cure-for-cystic-fibrosis-you-must-consider.html

  • Feel better and be blessed

  • My asthma is really kicking my butt for the past week, horrible continuous coughing not able to catch my breath.. in a way similiar to you mary, but not hahah. I think i have a fever also but my temp says 97 but i feel much hotter than that.. and laughter is the best this past week whenever ive laughed i would have a coughing fit! Lol

  • Get well soon! Lots of love from big fan!!

  • I am so getting one of your Pop Sockets when I get the money. I need one. Anyway, hope you two feel better soon.

  • Fever makes one feel miserable, but here are a few different ways to view that situation: 1. the body is trying to heal itself by raising its temp to kill off pathogens within; 2. folks who have a minimal or no measureable immune system rarely run fevers even when they are ill. I went decades with no measureable [via traditional thermometer] fever when very ill, and mainstream doctors did not take me seriously [nor did my parents]. Not until I nearly died in 1983 and finally received the first appropriate care from a team of specialists who understand these things [EHC-Dallas] did I get the situation addressed and improved. It's a daily struggle but still alive after all these years.

  • hang in there kiddo! I hope you feel better!

  • Whats a pop socket?

  • T-shirt idea "my smile is contagious, my coughing is not"

  • Hope you're feeling better. Hope you enjoyed your Easter weekend. Take care.

  • Hope you're feeling better, Mary! Thank you to you & Peter for sharing your faith. You're such an encouragement…praying that you get well soon!

  • Mary I don’t fly not allowed cause of my tank and all. Which stinks. You’re not alone @thefreylife

  • Matching IPhone case is next, 😁

  • 202K WOW!!!

  • Get a hazmat suit if you are involved in the study you would get ware more stares, but it would be worth it

  • You might of said this in a video but is she on the lung transplant list?

  • I wish you guys would make it live on youtube:(

  • Get well soon

  • It is less work if you keep a zip lock bag with you it's easier to vomit into no splash back

  • Mary it was the Lord he made you fill better as you watched Peter at church on the computer

  • You're so pretty

  • Can CF people have children or is it dangerous?

  • My cousin that has CF is in the hospital tonight because he has pneumonia. So please pray for him, it would make him happy. P.S. He is 14 and awesome.

  • My cousin that has CF is in the hospital tonight because he has pneumonia. So please pray for him, it would make him happy. P.S. He is 14 and awesome.

  • I have an idea for t-shirt (I don't know if this already a thing) "To Breath is to Achieve

  • Fell better

  • I have a shirt that says, "I'm not drunk, I have spina bifida." I bought it one day because I was so irritated with people looking at me like I'm drunk because of the way I walk & sometimes fall in public. But now I rarely even walk in public anyway. I don't really wear the shirt but when I bought it I thought it was funny because I was angry and tired of the looks of strangers.

  • Maybe oxygen will help her thru this cold. Sounds like influenza, she has a fever! my daughter is in the medical field and told me a fever fights infection. Why antibiotics, they always say not to take them for colds. Antifungle? I am praying for you for a beautiful 2019!

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