Okay, it’s hard but it was good. It was a good kind of hard. ♬ Don’t you think we’re better together ♬ ♬ Oh Honey ♬ ♬ I think we are ♬ Good morning guys. Good morning. [Peter] Just getting up and started for the day. The team just rounded and… Good news. I’m feeling way less angry this morning. [Peter] Oh good. I just, I don’t know… So this is really crazy. [Peter] What? For the first time in over two years… [Peter] Yeah? When I was doing IVIG last night… [Peter] Oh, yeah. So during IVIG because it’s a blood product, it’s… blood donors. It’s part of the blood. [Peter] So it’s, every dose is different. Yeah, so there’s risk for variability and risk for reaction. So that’s why I take my vitals throughout every dose. But it was interesting last night, my nurse hooked me up… and we’re doing IVIG, whatever. I took my pre-meds as always. Oh, that might be different. [Peter] What? I think the tylenol dosing was a little bit less than my home dose. [Peter] Hmm. [clears throat] But anyway, you know, I’m sitting here with the blood pressure cuff and taking my temperature and oxygen and everything and like… testing. Everything’s good. Start the dose. 30 minutes later we check everything again and increasingly my temperature went up two degrees to a low grade and my blood pressure went up pretty significantly. Well, I don’t know. Yeah… And I was just like sitting here in my like, IVIG, like… Whatever. I was awake, but she took my temperature and then she kind of like looked at it and re-did it. And I was like, what is it? And she told me it was low grade fever. Now that I think about it I’m gonna lay back down. Um… Anyway, and then she told me the… [clears throat] blood pressure was up, which was just weird and I was… it never escalated. Like, it was totally fine it and never got bad but I was just like, oh, I’m really glad I’m here. [Peter] Yeah. For that dose that made me… I think it was a fluke. I think the low grade was a fluke. I think the… [Peter] The IVIG was fine. Yeah. But… That happened. [Peter] Yeah. And the plan for today is do blood work. Bet you couldn’t guess that. [Peter chuckles] And my kidneys got better. I think we said that. [Peter] I think so. We’ll check them again today and… We’re gonna do an ultrasound of her spleen just to make sure it’s doing okay. There’s risk with doing neupogen that with Mary’s enlarged spleen her spleen sucking up even more blood cells because neupogen is causing her body to make more blood cells. So… We’re just gonna make sure that her spleen is doing okay. Mary, from time to time over the last couple months has had spleen pain, like random spleen pain, so… it’s good to just make sure that… everything is okay. So she can’t eat or drink. We just stopped her feeds. That was a nurse just popped in and said… they’re gonna try to fit her in the schedule today to get… that done so… Welcome to day 12 in the hospital. [Peter] All right, Ollie and I just got back from a walk and it’s time for Mary to go down to [Peter] ultrasound. Here we go. [Peter] We made it down to ultrasound. Mary got a glimpse through a window in a hallway of… [Peter] of the outside world. What was that like? It was um… taunting. [Peter] Taunting. [chuckles] [Peter] Aw. [Peter] Let’s see how that spleen is doing. ♬ chill music ♬ Would it be inappropriate to climb in that sink and take a bath? [Peter] There’s a big sink in there? Well, I mean it’s not big, but as I was washing my hands… [Peter] You wanted to crawl in? The warm water was like…yes. I’m kind of like curious if I’m gonna be getting another low grade today. I’m starting to feel like… [Peter] Interesting. But I don’t know. I mean, hopefully it was just a fluke but… Fluke but? [Peter chuckles] A fluke but? I had this instinct to grab this wand… and sing a song. [Peter chuckles] Ew… Maybe not. [singing] I need you more than anyone, darling. [singing] You know that I have from the start. [singing] Build me up, buttercup baby. Don’t break my heart. [Peter] Yeah! One benefit of having a super extensive liver ultrasound is that I’ve been out of my room for over an hour [Peter] Whoop whoop. That’s a first. [Peter] Celebrate the little things. There’s always an upside, you know? Oh, what was I thinking, that song? [Peter singing] Celebrate good times. [both singing] Come on! [Peter] Apparently they went with a like, igloo… [Peter] snowflake, penguin theme because it’s so cold in here. Yes! Brr. And then let’s put gel all over your entire abdomen and then let it be in the freezing cold. [Peter] Okay. Yes, let’s do that. [Peter] Maybe that is why they went with the Arctic theme. In my experience… when the ultrasound person goes out to show the doctor and then they don’t come back for a long time, that usually means the doctor is going to come in and say, “we just need to take one more picture.” [Peter] Which means like half hour or more. And it means something didn’t look right. But reality is my guts are just crazy. And so when new people look at my guts… [Peter] Maybe it’s just taking awhile because they’re busy. Who knows? They’re really busy. Hello. I’m about to go to the gym, but my nurse just came in and blood work today was lower like, my, you know, all my whites and… platelets and everything was like dropping which, in my opinion is to be expected, but they might want to do more blood work later. Because we just need to make decisions about if I need to do neupogen again or whatever. So we’ll do whatever we need to do and Ollie and Peter are gonna go on a walk. Oh, Ollie looked at me like, wait, really? Bonesy, are you gonna go on a walk with Peter? You are! Oh yes, oh, the tail wagging. [smooches] I love you. I love you, too. I love you too. Aw, look at all the love. Aw, big happy family. [Mary] Pro-tip, bringing apple juice in case your blood sugar- [both gasp] [Mary] Drops… [Mary] Drops like I just dropped it. [Mary] Also, another pro tip, get your mask on and get ready to go so that the second they’re here you can get out of your room. Okay. We’re at the gym and I’m gonna set you up so you can watch… watch me. Oops. Okay. So last time you just did step-ups. Yes. This time… Face this way. Okay. Sorry. We’re gonna do step up. Kick. Step down. Touch. Good. So let’s do… Yeah, we’ll do thirty seconds on one side. If that feels tolerable. Yes. Then we’ll do thirty seconds on the other side. Good. ♬ upbeat music ♬ Chest up, butt back. Butt back. Yes. Okay. ♬ upbeat music ♬ Feels like way more than ten. Do one more just for good measure. ♬ upbeat music ♬ Perfect. So, from here…hands to opposite shoulders. And then down. Beautiful. It feels like a good amount of hard. Try to keep your hips as neutral as possible. Minimize the movement. [Mary grunting] Good job. ♬♬ Last one each side. Good! Rest. Ah! ♬ upbeat music ♬ Step up, kick. Yep. Down. ♬ upbeat music ♬ I’m gonna see how long you can go. [coughing] Wow. That was… That’s a good look. ♬ upbeat music ♬ Okay, it was hard but it was good. It was a good kind of hard. Thank you, Jenna. I consider that progress. I worked out and when [clears throat] When I needed to decide that it was, that my body was done… I confidently said I’m done and I didn’t even cry, because if you guys remember I was trying to like… listen to my body, but then also not feel like a failure by saying I’m done, a few days ago, maybe like a week ago. My first time in the gym in this admission and it ended in tears, but today… I did my best. I said, yep, that’s all I can do and we moved on. This dose of imipenem, which is hanging right now, I took less nausea meds, and I’m doing okay. The anesthesiologist who comes for acupuncture recommended that I get these Sea Bands. Um…it basically puts pressure on… an acu… pressure…what? A pressure point. Yes, a pressure point to help, potentially help with nausea. So I think… one, my body is getting used to the medications. In the 6 a.m. dose I’m not pre-med-ing with nausea meds anymore. So that’s awesome so I can just sleep. And the nausea doesn’t wake me up. So that’s a, that’s a good progress and that happened last time I was on IVs. I was able to kind of wean off that morning dose of nausea meds. So anyway. Good things are happening. Um, my headache is doing okay. I took tylenol earlier today and it’s helped. It’s better. So I was able to tilt during chest PT today. It put some pressure on my sinuses, but… reasonable pressure, not like outrageous. So good things are happening. My arm is shaking because of my workout. So I’ll see you guys later. I think I take it back. [Peter] What do you take back? I don’t know. I thought I was like feeling all good and great and wonderful but I think I’m feeling like… Maybe it’s just that late afternoon thing. I thought, I was thinking maybe the late afternoon… [Peter] Yeah. Nasty feeling was going away, but… now I’m like, ugh. I just got my blood drawn and… [IV beeping] Wait… [Peter] That’s offensive. I don’t understand. [Peter] Air in line. Grr. Um… She brought me a Looney Tunes band-aid. [Peter] That is cool. That’s really sweet and it takes me back to my childhood. [Peter] Did you show them what you’re trying out on your wrist? I did and um, I’m not sure if they’re working but… Whatever. [Peter] Worth a try. Um, they just had to redraw…I don’t know if we said that earlier. They redrew blood work to see if… my numbers were bad. I’m having a really bad vibe from this camera angle. [Peter] Oh, how about this one? How that? [Peter] Much better. [Peter with Mary repeating everything] What’s your takeaway from today? You trying to speech jam me? Maybe. What’s my take away? Mm-hmm. We did another day! Another day. One day at a time. That’s our take away. [both] As always, we will see you tomorrow. Good night! ♬ And we’ll end it with this little guy. Snuggled up for bedtime. Good night, buddy. We’ll see you tomorrow. ♬♬

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