🍋D.I.Y Honey & Lemon Face Mask|100% organic🍯

hello everyone so today we’ll be talking
about DIY honey and lemon face mask and what does honey and lemon contains that
could fix your face honey contain antibacterial for acne treatment
antioxidant for slow down your skin aging. and also moisture and soothe your
skin to make it glow. anti-inflammatory it reduce your scars and also increase
the healing and tissue generation on your face. it also contains antiseptic to
get rid of those blackheads. and to remove dirt from your pores. while Lemon
contains antibacterial to treat acne and also antifungal to also treat acne.
vitamin C and citric acid to make your skin brighter a lemon also helps you to
remove blackheads from your pores and here’s how you do it so I hope your face get more brighter sparklier shinier smoother glow skin for you and I
hope it helps you a lot and help you save a lot of money thanks for watching. like n suscribe. hope you try it

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