【Saya Scarlet】LOLOLOL☆笑笑笑

The first very important thing Flower offered My body all of it will go back to the earth Even if I live a life that will shrivel away never to return If in your heart I could be resplendent and beautiful like a flower, it’d be so lovely Everyone takes a dear flower to engorge it whole Scattered Defiled hred to pieces To be perished? Even if a life that will shrivel away, never to return, quashes me with time The flowers blooming over my body, these poison blossoms into you. With them, I shall infect you Ha ha Ha ha HA HA / You never lay an eye on anything. / / I’m just a well-tempered, repetitive marionette. / / Laugh! Laugh! Laugh! / It’s all yours. Ha ha. All yours. Ha ha.

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