【Saya Scarlet】 ☆ Glow

The cold, incessant rain melts away my blue wounds. In a corner of the twilight sky I used to look at in the past, someone was smiling. I’ve grown up before I knew it and I’ve become able to tell more elaborate lies I’ve experienced many pains and yet, this still hurts. The twilight is so red, it makes my tears want to fall please melt away your image inside of me. My whole body is so overrun with scars left by you that I can’t go on anymore. Please go away erase yourself from my mind that’s what I wished for, and yet How come you’re still holding me so tightly? Your voice becomes fainter and fainter in the engulfing red. I’m sure it will simply go on, melting you away and turn into night. The red seems as if it could fall down in drops on my faintly soaked fingertips. Taking away your image inside my mind. My tears pour out from the cracks between the pieces of clouds. And I held on tightly as your vision slowly blurs in my sight.

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