【Saya Scarlet】✩ Deal with the Devil

Rising and Falling are constant in this world Even if I draw garbage, I won’t let it show You Gotta have a strong mind Gotta break through and survive Where are we headed: Heaven or hell? This world has only one rule: “The Winner is always right” Being a woman is all about guts I’m gonna keep him guessing I’ll do anything if i have to I’m a compulsive gambling queen! I can see right to through you ,” you doubt me” Reading all the signs Let’s have a showdown Deal with the devil I’ll see right through you And make you all mine Down to the very last hair on your Head A million dollars i’d say raise I’m Simply trembling my boy I won’t let you drop out Deal with the devil Uhhhhnn, this thrill Bring endless excitement I won’t let you touch this money A million dollars i’d say raise So come on and make up your mind Tremble and go wild,my heart Only ever Wishing means you’re still my baby So make me feel like no one else Like no one else can love me honey!

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