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Hey everyone, welcome back to my channel if you are new here, my name is penny I am a certified advanced esthetician in Portland, Oregon. And today is just gonna be some fun Skincare and makeup favorites. I actually haven’t done a favorites for a hot minute So I just wanted to share with you what I am currently really really enjoying in both skincare and makeup. So let’s get started I am legitimately obsessed with this biologic rush Ayers 1970 this is the p50 lotion It has phenol in it and it also has a bunch of alpha hydroxy acids guys. This is an acid toner obviously, but like nothing else I’ve ever used and I definitely noticed a significant difference in the texture of my skin I started using this after I got back from Colombia to help with my hyperpigmentation just to help with surface exfoliation and I’m noticing Texture changes and I really wasn’t after texture changes. I wasn’t even thinking about that and man I mean, I’m noticing this change in my that my skin looks more fine and refined I think it’s this and I just am super impressed It’s not cheap, but it’s not crazy expensive if you consider how long it lasts I mean it is only down to here and I’m use it every day. I use it every single day now I will tell you that the instructions say to put it in a cotton pad and wipe it up I pour a little in the palm of my hand and I Pat it everywhere in because I don’t waste any of it And so I think it’s gonna last longer for that, but I really love this now I ordered mine from rescue spa in New York City. So I’m gonna link rescue spa It is not affiliate or anything like that But that’s the only place that I see if you’re in the states that you can buy it So if you know if somewhere else then comment down below because I’d love just to shop around a little myself as well next up is Going to be this lightweight moisturizer. I picked this up at the Sephora sale It is the pink juice buy glow recipe. Look at this you guys I mean I am also using this every single day. It is watermelon. It’s super hydrating, but it’s very very very lightweight I’ll show you what it looks like and it looks like this But man, you guys it goes right you can see it almost disappears into water It does smell like candy. So there is a fragrance and obviously that’s not preferable But it is the most beautiful lightweight moisturizer if you have normal to oily or oily skin I think that this could just be straight up your moisturizer for me It is a moisturizing serum and it is just perfect layered in because I am all about layering and layering and layering Serums I could put several on in one day and still feel just nicely hydrated and not overly you know Sticky or that like there’s too much stuff on my face. So I am loving that Next up along similar lines. Is this by this brand cause de Baja now I want you guys to know that there is a review coming of lots and lots from this particular Company because man, I am so impressed. I am so impressed. They’re the ones that have the high ORAC acid That is perfect for micro needling and this is the mispronounce this word Galacta mices Galacta Myiasis 94 serum. It is Galacta mices ferment filtrate 94% which is like sk two that ferment the fermented properties in sk 2 That it’s supposed to be known to rejuvenate your skin It was said with SK 2 that the rice farmers were noticing that their hands were aging us, you know Then the rest of their body and that kind of stuff because their hands were in that ferment all the time And so they bottled it in SK 2, at least that’s the stick from SK 2 But the other thing that is in this you guys is nice and a my 2% I think that this serum is Amazing. It is not expensive when you first put it on it is a little It almost looks shiny. Like oh did I just put on something kind of greasy? It goes away it literally you can see that shine right like that After about three minutes and super slippery I mean it is super super slippery after about three minutes that just dissipates soaks into your skin and your skin looks bright and Hydrated and I just think it’s fantastic that you can get in that price point those Fermented properties plus some nice and a might excellent now the only thing that you want to be Aware of is I wouldn’t use that on the same day that I used vitamin C because niacinamide and vitamin C It’s not that they don’t play well together. It’s just that they make each other a little less effective So if you’re using vitamin C on a daily basis Then I would use this at night niacinamide can help with your Barre repair It can help with pores the fermented properties in here help reinforce your skin It’s just an excellent serum the next thing I did share this I Shared this in my favorites for summer the collab I did with mrs Melissa M Beauty and that that is the Thank You farmer miracle age Repair toner again niacinamide in here, but this one is Gigantic it’s like five point two ounces $40 it’s gonna go forever. It’s a milky serum that is chock full of Good stuff. You see it there. I mean it is an it soaks right in as well I can actually layer this with the pink juice from glow recipe and Together they just really do wonders for my skin. I feel like it’s very radiant, but it’s not heavy I give it another minute or two and then I put on my sunscreen which I’m gonna share with you I have a favorite sunscreen that I’ve known about for a long time I’ve used it kind of off and on but I really decided I got to get a little more serious I’m already serious, but I gotta get even more serious about my sunscreen So I picked up the elastin. This is the hydroton Pro mineral broad-spectrum SPF 36 this is such a beautiful tinted moisturizer tinted sunscreen now guys You could if you are in search of a tinted moisturizer with some SPF this definitely has some tint so it’s I would say the coverage is very Sheer but it is there is a little bit. I mean see that and It really protects your skin and it leaves your skin almost feeling like it was primed it kind of glasses it over literally makes it look kind of glassy and great great protection Elastin is a fantastic brand and I feel really confident knowing that I have that as my sunscreen The other thing about that elastin is it’s nice to reapply it’s absolutely beautiful. So it would be perfect for Outings where you wear it alone and you’re not worried about you’re not you’re not full face of makeup But maybe you’re going on a hike or something tossing that in a bag and reapplying it it never gets cakey It just looks nice. It’s a really fantastic Effective sunscreen from elastin moving on to fragrance. I Picked up the orange blossom hair mist and it also picked this up in the cologne from Joe Malone One of the most beautiful cents I have ever smelled if you like honeysuckle if you like orange blossom, oh My gosh it is the most pure not cloying not too heavy. Just beautiful I love it in the hair mist for when you’re going to be in close proximity and you don’t want to be overwhelming It’s just beautiful. It is literally a pretty scent without being overpowering now I do also have it in the Cologne I have it in the Cologne and I noticed that this is sold out because it was limited edition But Jo Malone still does have the orange blossom Cologne It’s just not in this pretty little peach bottle, but it’s the juice the same juice. I’m serious I put it on and it just makes me happy. It is the most beautiful scent So if you like honeysuckle or you like orange blossom, I suggest you check that out And if you work somewhere where you can’t be overly perfumed But you like a little tiny bit of scent that hair mist is just gorgeous. It’s very very pretty Okay, a little bit of makeup first of all M’lip stick I never ever wear mattes. I just don’t and I picked up. I don’t know how this happened, but I picked up this matte from Mac And this one is called Sultriness, it’s number 304 it’s powder kiss lipstick guys. These are not super drying you put them on First of all, they kind of taste like candy and they kind of smell like vanilla So that’s kind of fun, but they almost feel moisturizing. I mean, I don’t like matte lips I feel like they suck but my lips dry it make me look 105 but I actually for the first time feel like I could wear one with this formula and this color in particular to me is Kind of spring it just seems like it’s really springy. It’s bright, but it’s very very wearable It’s pretty sultriness love that now. I also picked up at Mac, which is crazy I never go to Mac, but I picked up at Mac this color Amorous alloy it is a single eyeshadow and it is such a beautiful color I’ve been wearing this a lot of my recent videos and it’s not too copper. It’s not too pink. It’s just Something about it is rip. That’s obviously heavy swatch, but it is really really pretty on the eye and I’ve actually been wearing this and topping it with another favorite that’s been a favorite before and that is by Fenty and This is the kilowatt foil. I have been and you might have seen in some of my recent videos I’ve been taking this I see the minted mojito shade and I just dot my finger in it and get a little on my finger and I’ve been placing it over this in the middle of My eyelid and it gives this kind of duochrome To that Mac shadow, so pretty so unique guys I’ve had this I don’t know since they came out with these so year and a half or whatever I mean this little thing I keep thinking about buying a backup just in case this ever breaks But truly I’ll never be able to go through this amount of product before it goes bad I’m sure it is just a lot of product especially because I pretty much only wear it as an eyeshadow This one is actually super beautiful too. I’ll show that you them actually swatched You see them? they’re both really pretty and if you mix the two you get kind of a show you If you mix the two I just put some of that one on top it almost turns it mob So so pretty I love that product. So my the last three things I’m gonna mention this. I’ve done a video about it I’m gonna link the video, but my favorite foundation currently is definitely the clay 2po radiant cream to powder and again, I can’t believe it because I’m normally not anybody that likes anything with the word powder. I don’t care for Matt I have it on today and you can see it’s not crazy Matt I’ve had it on for a few hours it Just it wears. So beautifully it is so easy to apply I use a great big Sonia Kashuk sponge This is in the color Oh 30 and let’s see if I can get a finger with them It’s very very creamy when you go to use it. And so there it is on my finger It’s just and it guys it blends out into this super Soft matte like barely barely matte a skin finish matte and quickly the oils in your skin Even if you have a tiny bit of oil in your skin Like me, I’m dry. I have very little oil. It starts to meld with your skin and just becomes your skin It doesn’t stay that flat matte So I would say if you’re somebody who loves Matt, Matt Matt This is probably not the one for you because it doesn’t stay that way And if you’re super oily, you may not like it It actually is probably the perfect Matt for somebody with normal skin or normal to dry, which is crazy That’s really hard to find a Matt. That’s good for dry skin And that is this and I am loving it and I think it’s going to be the perfect foundation for the whole summer Because it is travel friendly. It’s SPF 24 it goes on so quickly It reapplies like a dream and it’s just the beautiful perfect amount of Matt for summer weather for sweat and for oil and that kind of stuff love love loving that. Okay last two things guys I can’t remember if I talked about this at some point. I’m sure I did but it is the Giorgio Armani This is the power fabric Concealer best concealer I’ve ever found ever hands down. I love this so much very very thin I think that this is perfect for mature eyes super super-thin high high high coverage Sets down so that you don’t have to powder over the top of it and it’ll stick around at least on my skin But it doesn’t look dry. It’s just perfect. I have a backup I got a backup at the Sephora sale because I was like, you know what this is too good. I got mine in the color 5.25 which has a touch of peach So it is perfect for counteracting those blue under-eye circles, but the color range is really really good So I definitely suggest if you struggle with under-eye circles under eye pigment hyperpigmentation around your eyes This is a great one to check out especially if you are a little bit more mature be coor have dry under eyes Like I do it’s just really a great concealer last thing guys. I pulled back out my cure Weiss blush and This is in the color Embrace it looks like it’s this super bubblegum pink color and it kind of is let’s see if I have a finger free to swatch The Cure Weiss blushes. So there it is. I Have it on today. I bounce it on with my Sonia Kashuk sponge and Sometimes I actually will also wear it with my Westman Atelier PO depeche so pretty of a combo but today I just have it on Here such a fresh pretty color that looks very you know, bubblegummy But when it’s diffused with a Beauty Blender, yeah, it’s just really really pretty. I pulled this out actually because This is an organic line and I don’t want it to go bad. So I thought you know what? I need to start using that and I’m so glad I did because it’s beautiful so I’m gonna try to use this for the summer to kind of get through it because I love it and I don’t want it to go bad. These are super cool if you’ve never seen because they’re refillable this packaging is super super weighty and looks I mean it is seriously bougie and You can pop in and out different blushes. I do have it in one of the color I can’t remember the name and I love that one as well But I definitely won’t buy multiple Because they will go bad So you want to use if you buy cure Weiss? You don’t want to over buy because you want to be able to use it and get through it before it goes bad but man, so beautiful of all of the cure Weiss products I would say the blushes are the thing. They are just beautiful and worth the splurge Definitely. I almost forgot this one product. This is a toothpaste. I actually brought it bought it from my girlfriend I’m gonna link her down below Because I only know how to buy it from her I’m not selling this toothpaste nothing But if you’re interested in trying this out, that’s the only way I know to get ahold of it It’s through my friend, but this is called ap 24. I’m almost out. I literally just ordered another two with this It’s just toothpaste. It’s amazing toothpaste and I Love how white it has make it made my teeth I mean I gave one of these for to my mom for Mother’s Day it is Excellent. It’s $20. So it’s not cheap, but I think it’s lasted me like at least close to two months It’s been really good, but I noticed the whitening of my teeth within two weeks I started to really notice that my teeth were getting whiter and Excellent, really really good, and I didn’t want to leave this out because I have you know, I love to get white teeth I’m just too lazy to do the whitening though all that whitening stuff. But of course I brush my teeth twice a day So this has been the easiest way I’ve ever gotten really nice white teeth I don’t feel like it compromises my enamel or does any of that kind of stuff but I get the white teeth don’t have to Do the trays? Definitely loving this as well. So Those are all my favorites you guys and I hope that you enjoyed this video. Let me know what you’ve been loving lately It’s just spring and summers coming and it’s fun It’s fun to experiment with stuff and I’m telling you as you know, I have been on a skincare mission to you know Get my skin back from all the damage I did on vacation So I have been sticking to my same skincare routine as in my current AM and PM skincare routine video, which I will link But what I’ve been adding in is the hydrators I’ve been switching around my moisturizers and playing with these lightweight serums and playing with you know Other serums that are kind of reinforcing the big guns the acids and the retinoids, but I’m just having fun with it I I just love all this stuff so much. I know you do too. So that’s what you’re here And I will talk to you again very very soon

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  • I just got my Galactomyces serum! So excited! I just notices this is all actives, no water no nothing! Yay…hopeful!

  • My daughter gave me a gift certificate for Christmas to the Rescue Spa here in Philly. I’d never heard of them or Biologique Recherche products. After seeing my glowing, toned skin after the facial, I purchased (with no encouragement from my esthetician) several BR products. I have very congested skin on my cheeks. My cell turnover since I went through menopause is the pits. You can also purchase this from Paul Lebreque in NYC.

  • My daughter gave me a gift certificate to Rescue Spa in Philadelphia for Christmas and that’s when I discovered Biologique Recherche products. P50 1970 is something I use every day. I have been using the Mad Hippie vitamin c and ordered the galactomyces but haven’t started using it yet. So glad I watched this review again because I missed the note about using them separately. Do you think I can use the galactomyces after using my tretinoin? I’m trying to find the right place for the Cos de Baha in my routine.

  • Vicki morov spa in NYC for P50 2-3 day shipping

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