यसरी चम्काउनुहोस घरमै बनाएको फेस प्याकले आफनो अनुहार Face Pack & Face Scrub for Glowing Skin

Hello & Welcome to our channel, Health & Beauty Secret. We will be presenting tips & tricks related to health & beauty. Today we’ll be making face brightening face scrub & face mask. So, let’s get started. Before we use face scrub, face mask or any other remedy, we need to remove our make-up and cleanse our face. We need to do double cleansing. To prepare the face scrub we need, 2 tbsp rice flour & 2 tbsp aloevera gel. Apply it on your face Gently scrub it on your face upto 3 miutes. After 3 minutes wash your face. Now, we’ll be making face pack. To make this face pack, we’ll need, 2 tbsp rice flour & 2 tbsp milk add half tbsp honey mix it properly to make a fine paste. Now, with a help of a brush or your fingers apply this paste on your face. Apply the mask in an upward stroke. Leave it for 20 minutes. After washing your face, do moisturize it.

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