मुहासों से Permanently छुटकारा पाएं – Remove Pimples Overnight | Anaysa

Pimples are such a problem for which I got lot of comments how to get rid of these annoying pimples now you thought seeing my clear skin that pimples not occurs to me but I am also like you I also have to travel like in metros or else so struggle with all the dirt & dust so today i’ll tell you what are the things I do to my face also what are the mistakes that we generally make & generally we ignore them so must watch this video till the end so as to get rid of those pimple problem so you’ll also get clear and clean face just like mine so why wait.. Lets start with the video now if you’ve pimples on your face so need to clean your face only with fuller’s earth or gram flour avoid that chemical content products these cleans your face without any harm to your face so done with this cleaning of our face now need to clean your body from inside like to purify our blood so for that you need to take a detoxifying drink empty stomach in the morning face washing just cleans our skin’s outer layer so to clean our skin pores you must use toner soak a cotton in toner and apply it well to your face toner deeply cleans your skin you can store this diy toner for about 15 days in fridge don’t skip moisturising cream after toner apply aloe vera gel whether if you have oily skin whenever a pimple occurs on our face we’ve to stop fast so for this you can try this diy spot treatment & apply this wherever you’ve pimples on your face and after drying wipe it of with a cotton pad or wash your face for getting best results you need to re apply this after every four hour or leave it for overnight most of you complain get pimples after applying sunscreen this occurs either their creams have oil content or they might not be non-comedogenic so need to choose a right sunscreen also apply such a night cream that contains retinol & vitamin C, E that helps to fade pimple marks, spots so stop making mistakes that you generally make & start following all the tips which I’ve shared today this will resolve your pimple problem upto 99% do like and share this video also subscribe to our channel Anaysa also press the bell icon to watch our latest videos at first so me Anishka will see you in my next video till then take care n bye-bye

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