खीरा, नीम्बू और आलू की मदद से त्वचा बहुत ही गोरी बनाने के आसान असरदार नुस्खे।

Hi guys welcome to my channel simple beauty secrets. Today I will share very interesting remedy. Every one wants to get fair skin and look beautiful and there is nothing wrong in it. It costs a lot to make your skin beautiful but my today’s remedy is very cost effective and easy we will use ingredients which are easily available in your kitchen to make your skin fair. First of all As you can see i have peeled of cucumber, grind it and extracted juice out of it. Cucumber is very good ingredient for the skin, it treats tanning and open pores. cucumber juice removes dark circles and puffiness of your skin. after cucumber juice our next ingredients is potato Peel of potato and extract its juice. There is a common perception that potato has a lot of starch. but we don’t know that it contains vitamin C which is very important to maintain your skin’s health. Potato has an enzyme which is natural bleaching agent. That is why when you apply it on your skin it removes the tanning and brings out milky white skin. Use fresh potato juice and don’t store it because it has starch and it turns black quickly. mix both juices and subscribe to my channel. Now we need tomato pulp. I am crushing it you can grind it as well but do use fresh tomato. Frozen tomato is not much useful. Tomato has a lot of skin benefits. Nutritional experts do recommend it for a good skin. The mean reason is that tomato protects our skin from ultra violet light. it delays aging & wrinkling and also prevents tanning. because it makes an effective layer on our skin because of which ultra violet rays can’t damage our skin. Last ingredient is lemon. Squeeze half lemon in all juices. Lemon’s vitamin C content is very high , that is why its very helpful to lighten our skin. Mix all juices and apply it with the help of cotton on your skin. Apply it for half an hour or an hour before going to bed. you can watch Tv for an hour . This mask is very refreshing as it has all natural ingredients. you guys requested me a lot to teach you a mask with day to day kitchen ingredients. so this mask is for you. Use this mask its very refreshing it will make your skin brighten and milky white in just few days. Us e it regularly it doesn’t have any side effects. it will enrich your skin. Dont forget to like and share my video . I will be back for now Bye Bye.

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