Матти и истории как не надо вести себя детям. Сборник серий. Поучительные видео для детей для детей

Matti! Matti! Thumbs up! Subscribe to my channel! You got a pimple? And you need to go to the party? Oooohhh…. And what we gonna do? I’ve got a good idea! Matti the Wizard is ready tou treat your acne Our potion is ready! I brought you some potion, Creeper Matti! Matti! That’s the ointment that will help Creeper Hey, Creeper! Creeper, creeper I have a good remedy for you! That’s the ointment that i’ve bought Let’s use it! Hurray! We did it! Children, remember, use only good well-known remedies That you can buy in the pharmacy Don’t use something unheard! Good luck! Now it’s clean! Cool! Ough! I’m so tired of washing my car. I’ll go get some rest E-he-he-he What is he doing there? Matti! Matti! Stop! Hey, I got you! Go with me, go, you will wash my car You’ve messed my car, wash it! Where are you going? Go, go! Matti! Cool! PJ Masks! Wooow! It’s Lego! I want my own real and big car so much…. How to make some money for it? Ah! I have an idea! My dream will soon come true! Who needs my help? Hey, boy! A? Do you want some money? Yes, I want! What should I do? I need my pool cleaned I’ll pay for it… A lot! Ok! I agree! That’s what i need! Well… So, there’s a lot of work to do! But that’s it, let’s do it! Ok, I did my job and cleaned this pool! Well, well, you deserved it Take it! Thank you very much! Bye! Good luck! Who else can I help? Oh! I need some help… Hey! I’m there! I’m ready to help you! What do you want me to do? Take birdseed and feed these chickens Ok And then you get your money Well, i got it! Chick, chick, chick, my chickens! Chick, chick, chick, my chickens! Chick, chick, chick! Eat it, my pretties! Ok! I did it! Thank you for your help! Good job Take it! Thanks a lot! Yeah! Excellent I have enough money How much! That’s time to buy a car Here we are in the car dealership ! Let’s choose the car like this! Yes, they are similar But that’s also a fancy one! So expensive! That’s not for us! It’s our choice! And they are very similar! With my lego car We take it! Follow your dreams like me, kids! So, I had a toy car And now I have a real and big car! That’s awesome! Goodbye!

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