Как сделать гомункула (Homunculus)

Hello. Today we are going to do an experiment on creating a homunculus. A homunculus is an artificial living creature. The creation of a homunculus is described in the medieval treatises by the scientist Paracelsus. So we need a container, I took this plastic container. If you want you can chose a glass container, but it’s important to be able to close it tightly. This is seminal fluid. Basically human sperm. And an egg. For creating a homunculus It is necessary to make a hole in the egg. I’m using a needle file for that Basically it’s OK if you find other method to make a hole in the egg. But it’s important that you make the hole careful enough. And don’t make it too big. The smaller you make it, the bigger is the chance of a success in the experiment Now, In the hole we made we have to… wait a second… We have to inject the sperm. Try to hold the needle straight. It is important to prevent damage to the yolk. The injection should be made exactly into the egg yolk. Now we put the egg into the plastic container. But firstly we have to seal the hole. It’s not so necessary to do it very hermetically. But it’s important, because the chance of penetration of microorganisms in the egg should be minimal It’s not so necessary to reach the full hermeticity. Because the egg has got its own immunity. So, some small openings do not matter. The main thing is, that the openings should not be too big. But because our egg cracked. We just seal the crack. So, I think it’s enough. Now we place the egg into our plastic container. So, and now… And now we wrap the container in a warm tissue. I’m using my sports cap. I do it to keep that thing in a warm and dark place. And now I place it in a dark closet. It can be also placed in any other enough dark place. And the main thing is, the place should be not disturbed by anone. Because it is NECESSARY to keep it in a dark place you should not touch or even looked at. In the course of 10 days the whole thing will be in a dark and silent place. And then we will see what’ll come out. So, 10 days have passed. We took it back from our dark place. And we can see that the plaster became dark. Apparently an infection appeared. It rotted. Yes, an unpleasant smell. In principle Paracelsus wrote, that a small rotting is acceptable. But it should not be very intensive Let’s see the result. So So There is something. It seems he is in a bad condition. But he is still alive. Because there were some movements. So, what can I say now Alchemical recipe is actually true. But this creature can not have any highly developed intellect. At its best it’s like an amoebae or jellyfish. It’s hard to say why the experiment has not turned succesfully Perhaps because of the infection. Besides that, Paracelsus was a medieval scientist. And of course he described the experiment very roughly. For example :” Put it in a warm place”. The place should be dark” So, there are no detailed and exact instructions. And of course it could somehow have influence. And that’s why our exeperiment is not completely successful. But it is very interesting. Maybe we will repeat this experiment in the future. I will make a new attempt. There will be other interesting experiments. Bye.

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